Details: Breakfast at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

A few weeks ago, we shared some welcome news — Sanaa is testing a quickservice breakfast offering! We had so many comments and questions that we decided to head back there to get a few more details.

First up, we have to caution you: we could not get a definite answer about how long breakfast at Sanaa will stick around. For now, Cast Members continue to tell us that it’s in a “testing phase.” We did note, however, that breakfast had not been added to the Sanaa signs outside of the restaurant.

Sign -- Still Not Updated with Breakfast Service

Sign — Still Not Updated with Breakfast Service

Basically, this is a makeshift breakfast situation. Nothing points to this being a permanent offering. But for now, here are your options for Grab and Go and Quick Service. And yes — they are accepting the Disney Dining Plan. A meal here will set you back one quick service meal credit.

In addition to the normal Disney breakfast fare, we definitely spotted some notables, like African Breakfast Cereal, Banana Bread with African Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, and Boerewors Sausage and Egg Bobotie Pie.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

Our intrepid DFB reporter had this to share:

They essentially just set up a couple of the dining room tables with grab and go items, and have warming plates with Bobotie and Cinnamon Rolls. You can order hot breakfast at the register. Breakfast hours are 7-10. The Cast Member couldn’t give me any details on how long they will be serving breakfast here, but it is definitely still in a testing period.

The Set Up

The Set Up

There are Bottled Drinks on ice and Cereal for guests in a hurry.

Grab and Go Station

Grab and Go Station

Grab and Go -- Up Close

Grab and Go — Up Close

Cereals and Jelly

Cereals and Jelly

A Pasty Case holds an assortment of Bagels, Muffins, and Croissants.



We LOVE the idea of fresh Banana Bread slathered with African Chocolate Hazelnut Spread!

Banana Bread with House Made Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Banana Bread with African Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

It’s also pretty awesome that you have another spot to get your on-the-go Bobotie fix, besides The Mara. (You’ll also find the quiche-like dish at Tusker House and Boma.)

Hot Station with Bobotie

Hot Station with Bobotie

Kidani Village has needed more food options for, well, basically forever. So we super hope that Sanaa breakfast sticks around and becomes an official thing!

What do you think? Are you anxious to try breakfast at Sanaa? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Sherry says

    My family vacationed at Kidani Village several times and will be there in December. Breakfast at Sanaa will be a welcomed addition to our trips. We hope that the breakfast will continue. Kidani does need more food options, especially at breakfast.

  2. Jefferson says

    If Disney wants to serve breakfast at Sanaa, I don’t understand why they don’t just bring in servers and create a breakfast menu at Sanaa. Servers do not make minimum wage, so the labor cost can’t be the issue. I guess they are thinking that guests at this particular resort just dont want table service for breakfast?

  3. Lisa says

    We were there last week and had breakfast at Sanaa a few times. It was very convenient and delicious. I hope they continue it.

  4. Leigh says

    Please go over to the Jumbo House and breakfast there. Far superior and Terrific value. I know it’s expensive if you have a family but so very worth it!

  5. Tarantula says

    Do you get to sit in the regular Sanaa dining area, or is strictly a grab n go thing? Like could we order and pay for our meals, then sit and watch the animals on the savanna while we eat? TIA if anyone knows!

  6. Courtney Alyssa says

    @Tarantula We stayed at Kidani at the beginning of October. If you order from the Quick Service menu, a server will deliver your food to the table, so you definitely can sit and watch the animals while you eat. You could also buy grab & go items and sit at a table. Although we found that there are not usually too many animals out in the morning, we still had a great time watching several large bird species!

  7. Paula says

    Do you know if they accept TIW for breakfast? Or the AP discount?
    Also is this actually still a thing?!?


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