News! Refillable Mugs WITH HANDLES are BACK at Walt Disney World!

Remember when we told you about the move by Disney to streamline their Refillable Resort Mugs by making them handle-free?

JUST KIDDING! Well..sort of.

Refillable Mugs -- WITH HANDLES -- Are BACK!

Refillable Mugs — WITH HANDLES — Are BACK!

We don’t know if it’s due to the massive and passionate outcry to the original news (100+ comments and counting!), or if this was always the master plan. But for whatever reason, it appears that Mugs WITH HANDLES are making their way back to Walt Disney World Resorts.

We spotted the new handled (handle-ful? handle-y?) mugs at the Polynesian in Captain Cook’s, where they were available for pick up (if you have a Disney Dining Plan) or purchase (if you really enjoy your daily allotment of unlimited fountain drinks, coffee, tea, etc.) But we understand that they’ll soon be available at all Disney-owned resorts. The colors available today were Red, Blue, Pink, and Purple.

Captain Cook's Ordering Area

We Spied the Mugs at Captain Cook’s

And here’s the really cool part — going forward, we’re hearing through the grapevine that Disney will stock both handled and handle-free mugs! So fans of a particular style have options. And options are always good.

Walt Disney World Refillable Mugs Are Now Available with Handles Once Again

Walt Disney World Refillable Mugs Are Now Available with Handles Once Again

For all the lo-down on how the Disney Refillable Mug Program works, be sure to check our our Refillable Mug FAQ Page.

So let’s hear it! Who’s PUMPED to find the return of Refillable Mugs that feature Handles? Leave a comment and let us know if you’re on Team Handle — or Not! :-D


  1. Carol says

    Thanks Disney for bringing the mugs back with handles..They are definitely much easier to carry. Very good move !!!
    Disney always listens and PLEASES…

  2. nursejackie says

    Yay, the listened to the masses at last! 4 weeks until I will be purchasing the pink mug WITH HANDLES

  3. Mike's Princess says

    Ugh! We will be at POP in three weeks. I was looking forward to a mug that will fit into my car’s cup holder. We have bunches of the handled cups but rarely use them at home because the handle always gets in the way. Please Disney, give us a choice for a handle-less mug – and while your at it, how ’bout a caffeine free diet Coke or Dr. Pepper. There are no fountain choices for a dark, caffeine free, diet drink.

  4. Gail says

    We were happy to see the mugs without handles. They fit in the cup holder on the strollers and in the car. Also fit in my crossbody purse when it is empty.

  5. Vanessa says

    Last week, my husband and parents both got theirs at the Boardwalk Bakery. There were only handled ones when my parents went in the morning and non-handled ones when my husband went in the afternoon. So weird.

  6. Catherine says

    So thankful they are going to stock both as much to our surprise we loved the ones without handles when we were there in September. Great move Disney!!

  7. Monette Gardner says

    Team Handle! Hooray! Will be there in 3 days and reattaching my stroller clips to hold the mugs via the handles!!!! Now, if only they would bring back the delicious elephant cupcakes at Animal Kingdom!

  8. Janelle says

    We saw the mugs with handles at the Contempo Cafe last week at the Contemporary. I was quite surprised to see mugs with handles. When we got there they only had pink with no handles then a guy brought out boxes with purple and blue with handles. People thought I was crazy making a big deal about the handles. Lol

  9. Richard says

    At first I was all for the switch to the no handle cups but after thinking about it I fell Disney should either have both or make a version that the handle can be removed when needed.

  10. Rebecca B says

    There’s room for everyone on the nice list. My husband and I were at the Polynesian last week. When it was time to get refillable mugs, I was so excited to get a pink one WITHOUT a handle because it will fit in the cupholder in my car. Meanwhile, my husband thought no-handle was insane and immediately went for a blue one WITH handle. Lucky for us, Captain Cooks had both. For him, the handle is great and makes it easy to carry. For me, no handle is better. We were just happy they had both. There is room for all of us on the nice list. ;)

  11. barbara fitzgerald says

    Thank you for listening to those of us who wanted mugs with handles Glad they are back

  12. Juliet says

    Hello! Can anyone tell me if the current rapid refill mugs are with or without handles, or are both choices available? TIA :D

  13. Lorina Adkins says

    Yes I am pumped that the handles are back. Do you know how hard it is to carry 4 mugs back to the table with no handles. And everyone has their hands full at the resorts, so handles are perfect. THANK YOU DISNEY.

  14. Gloria Paulsen says

    Thanks for bringing back the mugs with handles !!! They are much easier to carry and I can carry 2 in one hand

  15. Jan Fasone says

    SO glad to hear that they’re bringing back the handled mugs! It makes things a lot easier when you’ve already got a lot of things to carry. I’ve got a bag that has a hanging strap on it and the handle makes it a lot easier to attach it to my bag when not in use. Thanks, Guys!

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