News: Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Packages Available for Disneyland Park

The Main Street Electrical Parade is returning to Disneyland Park — after a 20-year hiatus — for a limited run starting January 20, 2017, and running through June 18, 2017! Two Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Packages are available that include preferred viewing for the parade.

First, the Blue Bayou Restaurant will offer a three-course prix fixe meal (appetizer, entree, and dessert) that includes admission to a preferred viewing area for a designated performance of the parade that evening. Reservations for dates starting January 20th may be booked up to 60 days in advance by visiting or calling (714) 781-3463.

Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou

Second, the Main Street Electrical Parade On-the-Go Package at Aladdin’s Oasis includes a Grab & Go meal featuring the guest’s choice of three entrees and a voucher for a preferred viewing area for a designated performance of the parade that evening. Meal pick-up time may be reserved on or by calling (714) 781-3463 for dates starting January 20th for as early as 12:00 Noon up to 60 days in advance.

Similar to the current Paint the Night Parade Dining Packages for these locations, prepayment is not required. However, there is a Credit Card Guarantee required, which means that $10 per guest will be charged for no-shows (guests who have not cancelled their Dining Reservation 24 hours in advance).

Are you excited for the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland? Please let us know with a comment!



  1. Michelle P says

    If the viewing locations are the same as the Paint the Night dining options, the Aladdin’s Oasis viewing location is a far superior experience! When I did the Blue Bayou last summer for PtN, we were squeezed into a small strip on Main Street (across from Starbucks). Despite arriving early, I ended up behind a trashcan with a lamppost in my view. The Aladdin’s Oasis location was across from Small World with plenty of room and a fantastic, clear view of the parade.

  2. Kristen Wist says

    Thank you that helped a lot! I couldn’t decide between the two and I haven’t found what is on the Blue Bayou prefix menu. We are going to try the Aladdin’s Oasis deal during Spring Break ’17.

  3. Barbara Ruesche says

    I hope the Main Street Electrical Parade is always performed somewhere. It is such a wonderful family parade. Thank you Disney

  4. Danielle says

    Does anyone happen to know prices for these? We will be at Disneyland in April and want to do the dinner/parade package. Thanks in advance!

  5. Tami Jean says

    The Blue Bayou is $65 per person, I just got off the phone with them. I am not sure what the menu selections are so if anyone finds out, please let me know.

  6. Grace says

    I booked Aladdin’s Oasis pick up for 6:45 pm on February 3rd. For those of you that have done the grab and go for PTN, are you able to get reserved seating for the 8:30 parade (which would be our first pick)? TIA

  7. Shannon says

    I too would like to know the menu at Blue Bayou, also would like to know the price point on the Alladin pick up and the menu choice on that one
    Thank you

  8. Jesse says

    $65 lots of good options on the menu which was listed on the reservation page.

    The viewing area is right accords from the train station near the flag pole and is standing room. Kind of frustrating seeing other reserved areas with seating and you’re standing to watch the parade.

  9. sean says

    planning a tip in March, 50th anniversary of Pirates. anyone know if they are having a tribute to the best ride?

  10. T. Thomas says

    I just called and Blue Bayou is $65 a person and Aladdin’s Oasis is $25.99 for adults and $14.99 for children (3-9). The person on the phone said both viewing areas are standing room only. She said that there isn’t seat options (standing only). I didn’t ask but maybe if you are staying at one of the Disney Hotels they might have additional parade viewing packages. The viewing area for both is NOT where your dining area is located. There is a good free cancellation policy of at least 24 hours in advance or $10 for same day cancellation. They take a credit card to hold the reservation but you pay at the time of food pickup for Aladdin’s Oasis.

  11. Casey says

    Rebecca, the only sit down areas that Disneyland has for parades are really for special guests, and extra reservations for things that have gone wrong. My husband and I once had a crap time finding a place to stand for the parade after 3 different cast members treated us poorly and a manager gave me special seats. Otherwise, no, it’s standing room only…

  12. MICHELLE says

    I was on hold for 14 minutes (which isn’t bad actualy) and the cast member could not tell me how to get the seated reserved bench areas. She said it’s PROBABLY the VIP tour, where we pay $300 per hour, for 6 hours. Yeah right. A bunch of benches and you’re telling me 30+ people are paying that? Beyonce, maybe.

    So the Small World area is better eh?

  13. Vanessa says

    I had the dinner package for the main street electrical parade yesterday. It was fantastic. For those interested, here are a few things to help you out. You get one starter (I recommend the salad with caramelized walnuts. Super yummy. And the cherry vinaigrette was amazing) one entree (I suggest the fillet mignon, be warned the au gratin is rather spicy) and then dessert! My father had the one they do special for the parade, it’s super tasty. Rich chocolate, cherry center. Would recommend over the 8 layer cake, it’s not that complex or rich. It’s 65 a person for having starter, dinner, dessert. AFTER you’ll get a fastpass to the parade. You’ll go to the flagpole near the front of main street. They have a sectioned off area for premium seating. You’ll end up seeing the end of the parade. Get there a little early if you want to sit, otherwise you’ll end up standing.

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