News: Disneyland Introduces New Fine Dining Experience, 21 Royal

Disneyland Resort has recently introduced a new and exclusive fine dining experience, 21 Royal. If you thought dining at Club 33 was the pinnacle of fine dining at Disneyland, this new experience takes it to another level.

The 21 Royal experience includes dinner for 12 guests inside 21 Royal Street, a space that was meant to be Walt and Lillian’s private apartment overlooking New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park.

Inside 21 Royal at Disneyland ©CorderoStudios

Inside 21 Royal at Disneyland ©CorderoStudios

The evening begins at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, where valets will give you and your guests a VIP escort to 21 Royal Street. Diners will enjoy signature cocktails served by professional butlers in the salon, followed by a reception on the patio. Guests will also have a chance to explore the rooms in the apartment, in addition to learning the history of the space from guides including sommelier Matt Ellingson.

Cocktails on the patio are part of the experience ©CorderoStudios

Cocktails on the patio are part of the experience ©CorderoStudios

Dinner is a seven-course meal prepared by executive chef Andrew Sutton and chef de cuisine Justin Monson. Sutton is the culinary director for Disneyland’s signature restaurants. The dinner is meant to reflect the type of dinner party Walt and Lillian might have hosted, and Ellingson and Sutton introduce each course and wine pairing with stories about the inspiration behind the dish.

After dinner guests enjoy coffee and desserts in the dining room or on the private balcony.

21 Royal features a seven-course dinner ©CorderoStudios

21 Royal features a seven-course dinner ©CorderoStudios

21 Royal is available for a single party of 12 once per evening. The cost is $15,000 and includes tax, gratuity, valet, and park admission. Reservations can be made by calling the 21 Royal Concierge at (714) 300-7749.

Are you adding dining at 21 Royal to your Disney dining bucket list? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Disneyland and Robb Report


  1. says

    I won’t be on my bucket list simply because there are too many other things I would want to spend $15,000 on if I even happened to have that much! I hope somebody does it who blogs so I can read about it and live vicariously through them ;)

  2. Leslie says

    This sounds amazing, but I think it would be very difficult to find 11 friends willing to spend $1250 each on one meal (at least in my middle class world). I’ll be curious to see if they later break it up so that’s it’s not on the diners to organize 12 people. Of course if I were in California and looking for fine dining, I’d probably spend my money at The French Laundry first anyway.

  3. NicoleM says

    I could see spending this for a small exclusive wedding diner reception. This resembles the Victoria and Alberts 12 course meal in WDW, the the price tag is double of course due to the apartment. I do feel the price is a bit excessive though, but if you rich or a die hard Walt fan this is probably a bucket list item.

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