Review: Croissant Donuts and Breakfast Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom

Just when you thought Casey’s Corner couldn’t get any better (rotating Specialty Hot Dogs!), now our favorite Disney World hot dog spot is open for breakfast!

Recently, Walt Disney World announced that its beloved “Welcome Show” would move from its familiar location atop the train station to its new home on the stage in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Casey’s Corner, with its perfect Main Street location and iconic design, is one of a few Main Street, USA, locations that will be opening for the breakfast crowd. We love Casey’s classic decor so much, we might stop for breakfast just to spend more time checking it out!

Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner

While the relocation of the Welcome Show was a downer for those who have grown to love watching it at the train station, the introduction of new breakfast options is pretty exciting!

Casey"s Corner Breakfast Menu

Casey”s Corner Breakfast Menu

In case the new options weren’t cool enough, Casey’s will also be serving its full menu starting at park opening — including the awesome toppings bar!

Casey's Toppings Bar

Casey’s Toppings Bar

Croissant Donuts

Editor’s Note: This menu item goes on and off the menu with alarming frequency. We’ve seen them come and go about three times since January 1st. They may not be available on your visit.

We had to jump in feet first and get the Croissant Donuts that have been popping up in several locations in the Parks.

Casey's Corner Croissant Donuts

Casey’s Corner Croissant Donuts

You’ll get three decent sized donuts (very slightly smaller than an average sized donut) for the reasonable price of $3.70 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Casey's Corner Croissant Donut

Casey’s Corner Croissant Donut

The Croissant Donut is sort of a next-level donut. It’s got the delicious buttery, chewy layers of a croissant with the body of a donut.

Casey's Corner Croissant Donut Interior

Casey’s Corner Croissant Donut Interior

The Croissant Donut at Casey’s is covered completely in cinnamon sugar, quite different from the Trio of Savory Croissant Doughnuts that appeared at the Epcot Festival of the Arts recently.

Casey's Corner Croissant Donut Close-Up

Casey’s Corner Croissant Donut Close-Up

And in case you were worried they might not be sweet enough, they are also dusted with powdered sugar upon serving.

Casey's Corner Croissant Donut

Casey’s Corner Croissant Donut

We think the Croissant Donuts are a must-grab at some point during a visit to the Magic Kingdom.  Whether you prefer them for breakfast or as a snack or side, we don’t think you can possibly be disappointed.

45th Anniversary Hot Dog

For those who think no trip to Casey’s is complete without a hot dog, there’s good news.  Casey’s has also introduced a Breakfast Hot Dog, which they are calling the 45th Anniversary Celebration Hot Dog.

Casey's Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

Casey’s Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

This dog is multi-layered and pretty epic — in size and taste.

Casey's Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

Casey’s Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

This baby starts with a traditional Casey’s Corner hot dog.  The buns will vary depending on what size you get.  We bought a foot-long this time, and it comes in a traditional bun. The regular sized hot dog comes on a potato roll.

Casey's Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

Casey’s Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

On top of the hot dog you’ll find shredded hash browns (the only really breakfasty thing about it), shredded cheddar cheese, bacon pieces (well, I guess that’s kind of breakfasty?), and fried onion straws. It’s drizzled with a tasty chipotle ranch sauce (totally not breakfasty, IMO).

Casey's Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

Casey’s Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

While we are loving the combination of flavors, we are sort of questioning the breakfast designation a little. But, honestly, we aren’t so worried about that. Because it’s so yummy!

Casey's Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

Casey’s Corner 45th Anniversary Hot Dog

The regular sized meal (served with fries or apple slices) is $10.79.  For the foot-long version, the meal runs $12.29; the dog without a side is only $10.29.

Casey's Corner 45th Anniversary Celebration  Dog Signage

Casey’s Corner 45th Anniversary Celebration Dog Signage

We really enjoyed the foot-long because that traditional bun does a better job of wrangling the toppings than the potato roll we got with the Mac and Cheese Hot Dog recently. And like the Mac and Cheese Dog, the 45th Anniversary Dog is also a specialty hot dog. We will keep an eye on that rotating menu and let you know the changes.

Other Casey’s Breakfast Offerings

In addition to the Croissant Donuts and the 45th Anniversary Celebration Dog, Casey’s is also serving up more expected breakfast items. Muffins run $3.29 or a DDP snack credit, while Bagels will cost you $2.79 or a snack credit.


We love that we have new breakfast options in the Magic Kingdom and that they are so conveniently located.  The breakfast items will be available from park open until 11AM, so consider that when you plan your next Magic Kingdom excursion.

What’s your Magic Kingdom breakfast style?  Let us know! 


  1. Dana says

    Live the cronut from Refreshment Port at Epcot. If these at Casey’s Corner are as tasty as thos2 they’ll be a big hit! As far as the breakfast hot dog goes, that one isn’t for me.

  2. Frankie says

    I’m just imagining someone having one of those dogs for breakfast at 8am and then going on Space Mountain, heart attack central!

  3. Pam TX says

    Where else are the croissant doughnuts popping up (besides possibly at MKs Caseys Corner)? I need to know (lol)! Because the ones at Epcot’s Refreshment Port are one of my favorite foods in all of WDW!

  4. Kimberly H. says

    That hot dog looks delicious! I love shredded hash brown anything though. I don’t think I’ll be trying the doughnut. My sweet calories are usually allotted to the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s!

  5. Mike V says

    Gimme this beauty at any time of day.
    I’m on vacation and will walk it off anyway…..

  6. says

    That hot dog looks soo good but at the same time I know I’ll never try it… Too heavy of a meal for a theme park morning :/ Not to mention that paying $10/$12 for a hotdog makes me cringe. I’m sure many people will buy it and love it though!

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