Limited Time! “Beauty and the Beast” Dining and Snacks — and The Grey Stuff! — Coming to Disneyland

Do you have March 17th circled in rose-red for the premiere of the live-action Beauty and the Beast film?

Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Rose

If you’re among those eagerly awaiting the movie’s release (like us!), and you happen to have an upcoming trip to Disneyland planned, too, then you’ll definitely want to know about some limited-time eats and treats coming to Disneyland soon!

Make your way over to Fantasyland, where in coming days you’ll find Village Haus Restaurant transformed (for a limited time) into the Red Rose Taverne!

Village Haus Restaurant

Village Haus Restaurant

Look for the Village Haus to be changed into the Taverne with draped curtains and Beauty and the Beast-themed murals, all telling different chapters of Belle and Beast’s story in the rooms throughout the restaurant.

This French taverne will serve an updated Quick Service menu featuring meals with a French twist — including THE GREY STUFF! — along with signature beverages to mark the occasion.

And speaking of twists… the Twists at Maurice’s Treats will soon be enhanced with Dipping Sauces!

Maurice's Treats

Maurice’s Treats

Marinara and strawberry will be available. And, YES, so will The Grey Stuff!! And you know what they say, it’s… pretty darn tasty ;) .

Try The Grey Stuff!

Try The Grey Stuff!

Keep your eyes peeled, too, for special merchandise and some charmer by the name of Gaston said to be making plans to roam around Fantasyland soon, too.

No dates have been revealed for these transformations and additions just yet. But we’ll be sharing all the BEAUTY-ful details with you the minute we find out!

Would you like to visit the Red Rose Taverne, or try some Grey Stuff on the west coast? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Adrienne says

    I am going the 17th of February so I hope I will be able to try the grey stuff and see Gaston! Cross your fingers!!

  2. Tricia says

    Awesome! I’ll be there March 10th for the Food and Wine Fest so hopefully this will roll out while I’m there!

  3. Irene says

    We were served the cutest chocolate-covered strawberries dressed like Belle and the Beast at Steakhouse 55 when we went for afternoon tea today!

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