News: Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk Opening Soon in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland

You can spot a Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk just about anywhere in Disney World these days… which is VERY good news for coffee and tea lovers!

Joffrey's Coffee in Disney World

Joffrey’s Coffee in Disney World

From Animal Kingdom’s Royal Anandapur Tea Company to spots at Epcot featuring Specialty Beverages for the park’s many and varying Festivals and beyond, it seems you’re never too far from a cup of Joffrey’s coffee, tea, or Seasonal Espresso Drink.

In fact, just about the only place without a Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk is Magic Kingdom. Sure, you can find kiosks nearby at both the Ticket and Transportation Center and the Contemporary Resort, but not at Disney World’s original park.

Joffrey's kiosk at the TTC

Joffrey’s kiosk at the TTC

But that’s all about to change when Magic Kingdom gets its very own Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk in Tomorrowland!  It will be especially fun to see how it will be themed to Tomorrowland’s retro-vision-of-the-future, knowing the propensity for Joffrey’s Kiosks to blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Here is an example of one of my favorites, found just outside the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios.

Tower of Terror Coffee Stand

Tower of Terror Coffee Stand

While the exact opening date has yet to be announced, we’ll be looking for it to open soon (most likely in early March). And even better? The new spot will even offer an espresso beverage that you won’t be able to find anywhere else: the More S’mores Latte, a cup of Joffrey’s artisan roasted espresso mixed with chocolate sauce and marshmallow syrup, and topped with whipped cream, graham cracker crumbs, and marshmallows.

Joffrey's S'mores Latte

Joffrey’s S’mores Latte

This news is especially welcome in light of the fact that we can all get into Magic Kingdom even earlier these days. Tomorrowland is open right after the new morning welcome show — “Let the Magic Begin” — officially kicks off the day, so the new Kiosk should be a perfect place for a pick-me-up after setting your alarm that much earlier!

Are you looking forward to this new java spot in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland? Please let us know with a comment!

source: Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co.


  1. Paul says

    This is wonderful news! I like Joffrey’s coffee better than Starbucks. I hope they will serve some breakfast pastries, too, as the other kiosks do.

  2. Sandra G says

    Yes! We are not Starbucks fans so this is a welcome addition to an area of the park that lacks adult amenities…like decent coffee.

  3. says

    Do you think Joffrey’s will eventually phase out Starbucks and take over the pavilion at Epcot? Also, you normally post menus. I am curious to see the price points for specialty Ice coffee drinks as compared to Starbucks on Disney property.

  4. melissa hunt says

    Very excited for Joffrey’s in Magic Kingdom. I’ve never been a fan of Starbucks but always need a morning fix or an afternoon pick me up. Also glad to know it won’t just be pre-mixed offerings. Those of us with food allergies need items as simple as possible.

  5. NENolan says

    One kiosk Disney! That’s the best you can do! There should be at least one kiosk as you come into the park. I really pray they stop serving that crap on Main Street and bring in some more Joffrey’s kiosks. Ever since Disney put Star#%*@, yes I want to call it something else, in the Main Street Bakery and recently also closing down Starring Rolls at DHS in favor of that gasoline at Starbucks, I’ve become very bitter but still not as bitter as that Starbucks poison.

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