Review: Plaza Ice Cream Parlor’s New Breakfast Menu

The Main Street Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is a Magic Kingdom landmark.

Located at the end of Main Street, USA, right before the turn-off into Tomorrowland, this place is an ice cream lover’s dream.

We love it so much, we recently created a Video Review so even when we’re miles away, we can still imagine we’re dipping into a hand-scooped sundae or enjoying an ice cream cookie sandwich.

But there’s more than just ice cream on the menu these days. Now that the Magic Kingdom opening show has been moved into the park itself, there’s plenty of time for milling about and noshing on breakfast before the rides officially open.

So the Ice Cream Parlor has graciously stepped in to add some morning fare to its standard list of eats. The additions include a long-awaited treat in the Magic Kingdom; and a sweet and tasty “event” that’s really more dessert than breakfast. But we never judge!

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Variety is the name of the game at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. There are several permanent flavors from which to choose as well as an occasional specialty flavor that rotates in and out of the line-up.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Menu

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Menu

And those with allergies or food preferences can find sugar-free and dairy-free varieties here as well.  There’s something for everyone!

But lets get back to the big news: this is one the Magic Kindgom’s newest breakfast locations!

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Breakfast Menu

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Breakfast Menu

Even better: the full menu is also available all day.  So now the only problem is convincing yourself that ice cream is a breakfast food. (Um….done.)

Donut Sundae

We took a look at the Donut Sundae before it made its way onto the official menu, and, unsurprisingly, it was a huge hit. We are so happy to see it solidly on the menu now!

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Donut Sundae

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Donut Sundae

The Donut Sundae features apple pie filling, hot fudge, whipped cream, a giant scoop of ice cream, a glazed donut, and peanut butter and chocolate chips.

I’m not sure how Disney passes this off as breakfast, but I don’t really care. This thing is epic, and completely unique in the world of Disney food. So dive in, y’all!!

Donut Sundae Close-Up: Donut

Donut Sundae Close-Up: Donut

This would be an incredibly decadent way to start a Disney day, but when in Disney, anything goes!

Glazed Donut

The Glazed Donut that forms the foundation of the sundae is now available on its own on the breakfast menu.

This is essentially a krispy kreme glazed donut, so it’s more airy and spongey than cake-like. And while it’s not house-made (I’m preeeeeeety sure they actually do have these delivered by Krispy Kreme), it’s still relatively fresh.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Glazed Donut Close-Up

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Glazed Donut Close-Up

For $1.99 or a Dining Plan snack credit, it is a great start to the day for a donut fan.

Mickey Waffle Platter

A new addition to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor breakfast menu is the Mickey Waffle Platter. That’s right, folks. We’ve finally got Mickey waffles at a counter-service spot in the Magic Kingdom!

Mickey Waffles with Strawberries and Bacon

Mickey Waffles with Strawberries and Bacon

Rejoice! The Mickey Waffle Platter comes with three Mickey waffles topped with powdered sugar and a terrific strawberry sauce. We had ours with a side of bacon.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Waffles

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Waffles

At $8.49, this is the quintessential Disney World breakfast, and we can finally eat it whilst in the shade of Cinderella Castle. Dreams do come true!


If Donut Sundaes and giant plates of Mickey Waffles aren’t your thing, you can also pick up Assorted Cereal options at the parlor. A little box will set you back $3.69.

BUT, if you want some SUPER EXPENSIVE CEREAL, for $13.69, you get your cereal poured into the souvenir Mickey Kitchen Sink pants that are used for the Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae.

(But, really, if it were us, we’d probably just go for the Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae — and not just because we love ice cream. The sundae is $14.99, and for that extra money, you get a lot more bang for the buck in those Mickey pants.)


We are so excited to see new breakfast options in the Magic Kingdom, especially when they are as creative as a Donut Sundae and as wonderful as Mickey waffles.

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Will our ice cream lovers give Plaza Ice Cream Parlor a try for breakfast?  Chime in below!


  1. Rebecca says

    Is the strawberry topping cold? Do you think it’s the same topping used at Sleepy Hollow?

  2. Sandra G says

    I can see my family going for the Mickey waffles platter but the overly sweet ice cream and doughnuts makes me gag just thinking of eating that in the morning. My son is addicted to Mickey waffles so we usually eat breakfast in the food court, but maybe this would motivate him to get to MK earlier.

  3. Megan says

    They do have GF waffles but they’re not Mickey shaped. Also the strawberry topping is cold as well.

  4. tkcanada says

    Thanks for this review AJ and team— I’m glad to see Mickey waffles are back at a quick serve in the MK. I miss being able to have a large Mickey waffle at Sleepy Hollow.
    I wish Disney would offer real little butter packets , instead of margarine and the option to buy individual real maple syrup (since I realize this would be too expensive to just leave out at the condiment area).
    It’d also be great to see a restaurant in the MK that serves a sit down non-character breakfast. Tony’s Town square used to offer one. I like character meals but it would be great to have more options.

  5. Mandy says

    Thanks for the preview! In the picture of the Disney menu, the description for the Donut Sundae mentions chocolate Mickey ears, but it does not look like those were included in the sundae you sampled. Did I miss them? Are they sprinkles?

  6. Kelly M says

    Oh oh oh all that is good and pure look at that donut sundae.
    I need it… in my life… now.
    (Except I have to wait til August)
    That’s what breakfast dreams are made of.

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