News: Caribbean Beach Resort Restaurants Closing this Spring for Refurbishment

Last week we broke the exciting news about new dining updates coming to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Now we’re learning that the upcoming construction projects mean the temporary closure of the restaurants at Caribbean Beach Resort.

Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort

Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort

Guests with reservations at Caribbean Beach Resort this spring – with arrival dates beginning  around May 1 – have been receiving emails from Disney notifying them that a resort refurbishment is taking place during their stay and that Old Port Royale Food Court, Shutters, Banana Cabana Pool Bar, and the Calypso Trading Post will be closed.

The email also states that during the closure breakfast and dinner will be served at Centertown, and grab-and-go options will be available at three “island markets” located in Aruba, Jamaica, and Martinique.

Banana Cabana is closing during refurbishment this spring.

Banana Cabana is closing during refurbishment this spring

The construction project at Caribbean Beach will bring waterfront dining and more retail outlets to the resort.

Updated February 25: According to the an email guests are receiving, during the closure a Caribbean-style breakfast buffet will be served in Centertown, with a la carte options available for dinner. As mentioned above, grab-and-go meals will be available in three “island markets” in Aruba, Jamaica, and Martinique (however, Martinique and Barbados villages will be unavailable for rooms beginning in May). In-room pizza delivery will also be available. Freestyle Coke machines will be available at the resort for refillable mugs. And, a new quick service walk-up window is slated to open in Trinidad this summer. Additionally, Disney is reportedly providing guests with a $25 Disney Gift Card (per room) for each night of their stay.

Updated February 28: Disney has posted additional information regarding the restaurant closures at Caribbean Beach Resort. The closures begin in May and during the closures Centertown will serve a Caribbean-style buffet at breakfast and a la carte options at dinner. Grab-and-go meals will be available in the island markets located in Aruba, Jamaica, and Martinique. In-room resort dining will also be available, and the Disney Dining Plan will be accepted for all of these options. Guests staying at Caribbean Beach during this refurbishment will receive a $75 Disney Gift Card per room for each night of their stay at check in (this is more than the amount stated above). The gift cards can be used at participating food and merchandise locations at Walt Disney World.

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Caribbean Beach Resort Restaurants Closing this Spring for Refurbishment

Do you have an upcoming reservation at Caribbean Beach Resort that will be impacted by these closures? Let us know in the comments.


  1. MIke V says

    Hey now!!!! Now they are throwing $75 PER NIGHT at you to stay here?
    Goodness people certainly need to clam down and i laugh at those that haphazardly switched so quickly….As I posted in my original post THIS IS DISNEY. They do not go about it the wrong way.
    So while you sleep at night with your eyes closed, think about how you can spend that $75 per…..
    Well done Disney, well played, you probably got alot of those that need reasons to whine out of your way….

  2. Brenda h says

    Have booked two rooms in October 2017 for two weeks. Was only going to have breakfast at the hotel which we can still have in another part of the hotel on the dining plan so getting 75 dollars per day compensation for each room. Well let’s just say will be gettin lots of souvenirs. Wouldn’t have been happy if pools were all shut like when a lot of the Disney hotels were refurbished back a few years ago but I can certainly live with a few food places being shut for the compensation!

  3. Jeff says

    Disney is “throwing” $75 per night at people to stay at CBR because they know darn well it will be an vastly inferior product during the massive construction project.
    More power to the park commandos who genuinely won’t be affected by the work being done, enjoy the extra $$$, have fun with it.
    But for those of us who value & cherish our Disney vacations & spend tons of time around the resort, even $100/night wouldn’t be enough to compromise our vacation.
    I do however look forward to returning to Caribbean Beach Resort in 2019 or 2020.

  4. Rob says

    Is the compensation paid onto a gift card or cash? If a gift card I do not see this as compensation as we have the Dining Plan and there is only so much you can spend on souvenirs, it’ll be going straight back into Disney’s pocket! I do not want to be sitting round a pool hearing machinery or being covered in dust even if it’s pixie dust

  5. simon says

    ok, so if im part of a couple travelling, I or we would get 75 dollars between us, if however Im part of a family of 4 I still get 75 dollars between 4 how can this be fair ?? Im being penalised for travelling as a family to a family destination. how about 25 dollers per person.

  6. Heidi says

    Does anyone know if Disney will still give these gift cards to people who are there during the free dining promotion??

  7. Retta says

    Aimie and Stacey –

    I agree with both of your comments. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I wrote them myself.

    I realize that many guests have never stayed at CBR and aren’t familiar with the layout; so I can understand their feeling and hope that, anyone who chooses to switch resorts has a wonderful Disney vacation. Also, anyone who chooses to stay at CBR, think positively and remember that the resort is huge and the island atmosphere and feeling is still there. Everyone – remember that you’re on vacation, your at Walt Disney World, and you’re with your family.

    We have 2 rooms booked for 2 weeks in August (we’ve been repeat guests at CBR since 1989 – to date, we’ve spend 20 plus stays at the resort), and we never considered switching resorts. Contrary to some comments, the construction isn’t in the center of the resort , there won’t be dust everywhere, and the island atmosphere will still be there. We’ll miss our usual afternoons relaxing in OPR, but the closure will give us the opportunity to have afternoon breaks at many of our favorite resorts.

  8. Chris says

    did’ent like the idea of us goin in Oct to all this disruption . got a good deal and now going to animal kingdom . no mess here

  9. Traci says

    For reference, I just received the email and Disney is offering us $75 GIFT cards per night… not money back. This can be valuable for some guests. Unfortunately for us, we get the dining plan and really pay no other money towards Disney. We’re not ones for souvenirs.

  10. Maureen Robins says

    We have booked 2 rooms at CBR for October 2017. This is our first visit to Disney. Will the pools be open?
    The 75 dollars per day will come in handy
    With the dinning plan can we eat at other Disney hotels ?

  11. says

    I’m staying at the CBH in August 2017 and have asked for a room in Martinique. Now I know that can’t happen due to the refurbishment work being carried out . Will I still get a beach view room which I have paid for? Will it be close to Centretown as were both in our 60s and don’t want long walks for our meals It’s also my wife’s birthday during our stay.

  12. Heather says

    FYI The giftcards can be used towards payment for your room when you check out, was just on line with a cast member today

  13. Susan says

    If gift card not used in full during stay can it be used on future visits or will it expire after stay?

  14. Kelly Frank says

    I just got off of the phone with a cast member and here’s what I learned:

    The gift cards can be applied to room rates, food/beverage, and merchandise.

    The dining that is available at Centertown will use a quickservice entitlement for the breakfast buffet and a sit down entitlement for the a la carte dinner options. The grab and go stations in three locations will offer a mix of snack and quick service options.

    Finally, I inquired about the resort mug and there will refreshment stations (coffee, hot chocolate, soda) at each of the grab an go locations throughout the resort.

    We are excited about the accommodations that Disney is making to provide a good experience during the construction. We will gladly take the $75/day to cover any additional food costs associated with the disruption, plus use it to cover the kid’s souvenirs! Thanks Disney – can’t wait for our visit in September!

  15. MIke V says

    Simon, that has to be the most ridiculous comment I’ve read about this whole scenario…
    Tell me Simon, your family of 4, how much are you paying for your room, $150 let’s say for your FAMILY OF 4?
    Now what is that couple paying for their room, $150 also…..So is that side of it “fair” per you?

  16. Amy says

    I agree Mike V.. about Simon’s statement.. as a family of two, my daughter and myself we pay the same per room as a family of four always have. Even when she was a child we were still charged for two adults. The price you pay to be a small family ..We booked this hotel a long time ago and the $75 per day it’s going to buy a lot of Disney cupcakes character meals and every little piece of food we desire… I’m so looking forward to it. It’s like a present from Disney to us . THE TWO OF US.

  17. Berley says

    Hello. Does anyone know what the options will be for an alcoholic beverage at the pool with the banana cabana being closed?

  18. Matt says

    I have a reservation in the middle of September… will this all still be happening during that time? It says it’s starting in May… not sure how long this construction is planned for. Can’t seem to find any details… will I get an email regarding the $75 per night or do I need to call…? Just curious if others have any more details… Thanks!

  19. says

    Matt — Disney has given no details on the duration of the construction, but it seems that it will take some time. According to Disney’s website, the $75 per day gift cards are provided at checkin. I would give Disney a call to see what else they can tell you in the meantime.

  20. says

    I just received a letter from my tour operator today about the $75 per room per day. My reservation is end of August – September so I guess the refurbishment is due to continue for a while.
    In saying that, I won’t let it bother me, I spend most of my days at the parks or shopping. I’m just excited and looking forward to my well deserved holiday :))

  21. Claire walker says

    I had my letter from Thomas Cook about the refurbishment. They are renovating from May 2017 to 1st July 2018. It’s exciting that we get that $75 per night but as part of our deal we we’re already getting $200 gift card in our holiday package. That’s over $1200 in gift cards for the holiday. Surely there’s only so much Disney memorabilia my son will want! Still it’s great to be offered the gift card and we were planning to spend time out at parks. My sister went to the same resort last year and she said it was manic around breakfast times so she gave me the tip of getting snacks later in the day and put them in the mini fridge in the room so you don’t have to queue around the food courts and use the snacks for breakfast. It’s sounding like a good plan.

  22. Jackie says

    Just read somewhere last night that they will no longer offer the $75 gift cards for vacations booked after march 20 for the stays during the refurbishment times. Not sure if that is correct just read it on one of the didn’t blogs I saw.

  23. Amyr says

    I see where the 75 dollar a night has been removed from their website. Hope those of us promised it with early reservations still get it.

  24. says

    Amyr — From what we understand, the $75 per night credit is only good for guests who booked prior to March 19 for reservation dates between May 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.

  25. Dana says

    If we received the email notification stating that we would receive a $75 gift card per night, do you think that Disney will honor that email? We are arriving the week before May 1 but still received that email.

  26. Paula says

    Hi. We booked Caribbean Beach for the last week in September. At first I read on multiple (non-disney) webpages that we would be eligible for the free dining along with the $75 gc per nt. Now I see that it’s questionable. I wonder if a lot of people will cancel the res for CB if they are not given the free dining?

    Do the Gift Cards expire?
    Thank you!

  27. says

    Paula — I would give Disney a call directly with your questions. They are your best source for information around this situation. Best of luck!

  28. Marie perlis says

    We have reservations for December 2017 at Caribbean Beach Resorts. What phase of construction will be completed by December? Will the pool remain open ?

  29. says

    Marie — We don’t really have that information. I would recommend a call to Disney directly. Hopefully they can share those details with you.

  30. Sheila says

    If I’ve already paid for my resort stay in full through my travel agent before check in, how can I use my $75.00 per night credit from CBR to pay down my total resort expense?

  31. Rosa says

    How long this project it will take?

    I am very disappointed because they don’t said anything to me when I made the reservation. I think it is unfair.

    I call to see if I can change the resort and they want me to send to a cheaper one.

  32. Tracy says

    I’m staying at CBR in late June 2017. It’s my daughters first time at Disney World. Im hoping the pools are all open and refreshing. I would love tips on eating ideas while I am there, but my daughter and I see the $75 a night gift card as a bonus.

  33. says

    I just booked today for October 13th to the 21st. My cast member told me about the construction going on but failed to mention that the restaurant would be closed. I wasn’t offered any gift cards. I may cancel CBR and go into a different hotel.

  34. AmyrA says

    I booked a while back and therefore qualify for the $75 a night gift cards at the Caribbean Beach resort.. since then the prices have dropped on the room at this point I still come out ahead if I just keep the $75 gift a night card.. but does anyone know if I could modify my reservation and take advantage of the discount and still get my $75 a night gift card??

  35. Jackie says

    I too booked early and got the $75 a night and when I saw the price lowered I had my agent check into modifying and it would actually cost me more you have to redo and will no longer the $75 and with the discount it was actually more than I even paid without the $75 AND you no longer get the $75 so of course I did not do it.

  36. Jackie says

    I heard that any booking after march 20 for stays during the refurbishment will not be offered gift cards.

  37. Lindsey says

    I booked 2 rooms at CBR on March 03, 2017 for 7 nights beginning June 09, 2017. I received the email confirmation that I would receive the $75 gift card per night per room. For my family, that will be a total of $1050.00 in gift cards.

    I also noticed the price dropped on the same room that I have. I have 2 standard rooms and originally booked at $199.98 per night. My total for the two rooms for the 7 nights with tax is $3,126.00. That price was the “Fun and Sun” offer. Now they’re offering a Summer Fun room only rate of $169.00/night. I got so excited when I saw the new price thinking that I was going to save $420.00 plus tax on my reservation. However, since that’s a room only rate, the tickets cost more than the Fun and Sun offer. So, after checking and double checking with the cast member on the phone that my $75 gift card promo would not be cancelled out for modifying, I went ahead and got the cheaper rate and saved only $100.00. Even though it’s not what I originally expected to save, it’s still $100.00.. I called back later in the day with my call recorder app on and confirmed once again with a cast member that my $75 promo would not be affected. They indeed confirmed that since I booked on March 03 and only modified my reservation that I do still get the $75/room/night gift card. They informed me that only if I cancel my original reservation and re-book would I lose that promo. So I feel comfortable.

    The only thing I would like to get a definite answer on is the breakfast and dinner buffet at Centertown. I hear from some sources that it will be a quick service credit, and a few others that it would be a table-service credit. I can’t seem to get a definite answer on that. When I call the resort to ask, I can never get a clear answer. I actually get attitude from them.

  38. Lindsey says

    Finally got to speak to guest services myself today about CBR. It has been confirmed to me from guest relations that the breakfast and dinner buffet at CBR Centertown during refurbishment period will indeed be a QUICK SERVICE CREDIT!!! As a matter of fact, they say during the refurbishment period, they are not offering anything that would be a table service credit at all!

    Please note: This breakfast and dinner buffet offered at CBR will only be offered to guests staying at CBR. Your Magic Band will be scanned before you eat and if you’re not a CBR guest, you will be turned away. The buffet is all-you-care-to-eat but you will not have a server. You will get your own food and your own drinks.

    You’re welcome :)

  39. Tricia says

    Since I’m one of those people who do not spend much time in the resort, I JUMPED on this deal as soon as I heard about the $75 in gift cards. It’s really a great value for me, since I am alone and have no family… then today, I “updated” my reservation when the 25% off resorts deal was added to save even more on my resort. Normally I stay at value resorts, but with the compensation and the 25% off, I’m getting back MORE than what I would have saved at a value resort… Free Dining was just announced today, but having to upgrade from the free quick service to get the regular dining AND having to get park hopper tickets was also going to be more than what I was going to be “saving” on food at restaurants (I did the math based on what I would be ordering at restaurants and it comes out cheaper out of pocket in the long run…) but here’s the biggest question… will this Centertown Buffet have Mickey Waffles? ;)

  40. Angela says

    After trying to get a hold of someone for 3 days and being on hold for over an hour i am being told that i am now not getting the gift cards for my stay in Oct. When making the reservation i was told i was. Dont understand and may change reservation

  41. Jackie says

    Angela-when did you make the reservation? I believe after mar 20 bookings were NOT getting the gift cards anymore but if you were told you were you need to get that person and hold them to it even if they miss spoke.

  42. Lindsey says

    If you did not receive an email within 2-3 weeks of booking that confirmed your gift card, then you are not getting it. If you booked after March 19, 2017, you are not getting it. I’ve also been told that the GC offer is for stays from May 01, 2017 – June 30, 2017. I don’t know how true that is… but everything else I’m sure of.

    MiCkEy WaFfLeS are on the buffet!!! I asked ;) That would have been a deal breaker if they weren’t!

    It will be traditional breakfast/dinner offerings along with Caribbean foods!!

  43. Julie says

    Hi, I’ve just read all of the above with interest as my family & I are booked into the CBR in Aug this year. I’m a little bit confused by the differing opinions about re-booking at the cheaper rates. Does anyone know for sure if we can re-book at a cheaper rate & still get the dollars? We have the dining-plan included and wouldn’t want to lose that, as we thought it was great last time we visited.
    I agree about the $75 being a lot to spend on souvenirs (especially as we’ve got teens who’ve grown out of toys etc) but a bit of research has shown we can use it in Disney Springs (Superdry store etc) and other things we’ve never done before, such as hiring boats, crazy-golf and tickets to shows. For once we won’t feel we’ve spent enough and so refuse to pay any more. We will also have money to spend on places like Rainforest, which the kids love & obviously isn’t included in our dining plan.
    I’ve got faith in Disney doing the right thing by its guests. Fingers crossed I’m not being naive.

  44. Nancy says

    Love CBR. Wouldn’t stay anywhere else. We are coming at the end of November. Purchased the Full Dining Plan and are planning to spend the $450 at the Shops at Disney Springs…Merry Christmas to Us…Thank you Disney!!!

  45. Elizabeth says

    Can anyone confirm that the Centertowne buffet will only be open to guests at CBR? Disney website doesn’t mention that at all; just advertises the buffet and gives the menu. It sounds like a good value even if not staying at the resort! Anyone know how it’s set up or what it looks like? Pics? Thanks!

  46. Jackie says

    Elizabeth I don’t recall seeing any pics but I do recall reading that you will have to scan your band saying you are staying at CBR or you will get turned away sorry :(

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