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  1. Don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed there.
    Just one of those fun restaurants.

  2. This is everything I love about Magic Kingdom to the bottom of my inner-9-year-old heart. Columbia Harbor House’s second floor–the soul of MK’s remaining, hard-core 1970’s vibe–and the fried shrimp platter. Everyone has their one, off-beat dining thing at WDW. This post just totally captured mine. Thanks!

  3. This is truly one of our favorites at WDW. We look forward to the Anchors Away and Lighthouse sandwiches, our son loves the chicken and fish with fries, and I am also a fan of that shrimp platter. I agree that the cobbler has been somewhat brick-like the past couple of times, a bit dried out and hard. If only you could get to the second floor without those stairs; I got stuck halfway up last time and had to be helped by a CM and another guest. Old knees!

  4. Never miss a visit to this place on any trip I make. I just love this spot and it’s great food!

  5. Mmmm, the shrimp mac & cheese is SO amazing!! And I know this doesn’t really qualify as “shrimp fest,” but the chicken pot pie here is absolutely perfect. It’s probably one of the best pot pies I’ve ever had. On the glorious occasions when I eat here, I find myself struggling to choose between the shrimp mac & cheese, lobster roll, and pot pie.

  6. We used to eat at the Columbia Harbor House on every visit to WDW..sometimes twice! They used to have wonderful fish and chips, and the portion size was good for Disney. We could even split one meal between two kids when they were young. On our last few visits, however, the fish was dry and chewy, and the portion sizes had decreased. Now it looks like they don’t even offer a fish only option but pair it with chicken. If you want to get your fish and chips fix, head over to the U.K. Pavilion at Epcot. There is a little kiosk at the water’s edge that still does it right!

  7. Pat — Thanks for sharing your experience! We also really love Cookes of Dublin in Disney Springs for their amazing fish and chips!

  8. We are here recently during Spring Break! We are from Louisiana so we are pretty spoiled when it comes to seafood- However, we loved our meal! I had the lobster roll and my husband had fish and shrimp! Delicious and good portion size! We definitely will eat there again on our next visit!

  9. Don’t know how I missed this place all the times I’ve been to the MK!
    I won’t make this mistake next time!!!!

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