Giveaway! Enter to Win The Elusive Beauty and the Beast Light-Up Rose Tumbler!

Editor’s Note: The winner has been picked at random, and was announced in our April 8th Newsletter. Tha you to all who entered!

You’ve seen it. You know you want it. And now, it can be YOURS.

The Beauty and the Beast Rose Cup is All. The. Things. And if you’re as over the moon about it as we are, then you better get yours FAST before they sell out! Again! Because you know they will. 

Welllllllll…we’ve got some GREAT news. We’re actually GIVING ONE AWAY! 

Enchanted Rose Cup

Enchanted Rose Cup

Shut up!! But it’s truuue!

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Okay — enough from me! You have important buttons to push!

The winner will be contacted by email on April 1st. Fingers crossed it’s YOU!

So let’s hear from you guys! Will you be entering to win the Beauty and the Beast Rose Tumbler? Leave a comment and let us know if you plan to add this baby to your Disney drink vessel collection!


  1. Beth says

    Obsessively checking to make sure that I am subscribed (even though I know that I am). This would be amazing to have to add to the rest of my Beauty and the Beast collectibles :-D

  2. Gramma Nancy says

    My Disney Princess grand daughter Vivian lovvvves Belle! It would be the perfect gift to have her come to visit Gramma and visit WDW!

  3. Emilyn says

    Yes Yes Yes! I would love this! It’s absolutely beautiful. I adore Beauty and the Beast and I can’t wait to watch the movie. :)

  4. Diane says

    Our daughter has been a Beauty & the Beast fan since the animated version first appeared in theaters. (We must have gone to see it 6-7 times) She danced to the theme song at her wedding. She purchased the book “Beauty” on her last trip to WDW because her first book had become so worn. Now, she and her family watch the movie every Valentines Day. And she’ll be among the first to see the live-action version.
    NO ONE is a bigger fan than our Amanda. We really should have named her Belle. I’d like to win the Rose Cup for her.

  5. says

    I definitely want this for my collection and I will be at Disney World next week I hope they will still have some .

  6. Courtney says

    I hope I’m the winner, my birthday is April 9th so that would be an excellent birthday present! Every trip to Magic Kingdom includes a meal at Be Our Guest, my husband and I love it so much. I had my hubby buy me a Beauty and the Beast popcorn bucket at our local Cinemark theater. It’s child size but I didn’t care, my inner 8 year old was beyond thrilled. This cup was made for me.

  7. Chelsey says

    Always been a huge fan of beauty and the beast :D, now my daughter is a huge fan would love to win this for her!

  8. Emilee says

    My Fiance and I are huge fans of Beauty and the Beast- it’s literally his favorite film of all time. We’re spending our Honeymoon in Disney World and this would be a great surprise gift for him! :)

  9. Essie says

    This would cheer me on to have the scary surgery I have coming up. Oh, I hope luck is with me. I don’t usually get excited over give always and I’m never scared of any of the many surgeries I’ve already had, but this time is different on both counts.

  10. Shirley says

    I would love to win this rare beauty. Our family have already seen the new movie twice. I have not had any luck buying one of these tumblers in the park. Btw, it was awesome meeting you both last Saturday at the DCA Food & Wine Festival.

  11. Sandy says

    I will be there in Nov with 3 of my 7 grandchildren. I told everyone I will do whatever they like, but we had to have dinner 1 night at Be Our Guest. So it has been my son-in law mission that we will eat there. Can’t wait . Even at 62 can’t wait to see and feel the Magic.

  12. Cynthia Melton says

    OMG this tumbler is a must have, my daughter would love it!! Everything is Beauty and the Beast for her!

  13. Debbie says

    My daughter would love this cup!! We were in Disney last week but didn’t know about the cup until we were down there and we couldn’t get a reservation. My daughter was so upset. She loves Beauty and the Beast!!

  14. says

    Friends have been trying to get it at the park…my birthday is the 26th & these are hard to get ahold of, just like the poison apple from Halloween!!! Super cute :)

  15. Kayleigh Wolf says

    Would love this! Husband says I have too many cups but I think a girl can never have too many lol

  16. Sarah Lee says

    I would love to get this cup for my best friend as a parting gift before moving. It’s Beautiful and enchanting… and what better way to define our friendship?

  17. Erin says

    We visited Disney World at the beginning of March and were bummed that the cup was not available :( would love one for my daughter

  18. Maria Farfan says

    Since the first time I saw the cup I knew I had to have it, unfortunately I’m not able to go to Disney, because I’m a newlywed, lol. I’m obsessed with the film Beauty and the Beast probably my favorite disney movie so far, Tale as old as time, was the entrance song on my wedding day, and others elements as the enchanted rose around my wedding cake. I think no one is obsessed with disney as I am, it Would be the perfect gift for my birthday. Thank you!!!

  19. Gabriela says

    This cup is so pretty!! I’ve seen it on lots of Disney accounts and I’ve wanted to buy it ever since I first saw it! Sadly, I can’t go to Disneyland or Disney World until vacation, and I’m not sure if they’ll still be there by the time I go. I really hope I win this cup, it would be my dream come true to win it!!

  20. Barbara says

    Beauty and the Beast is the first Disney movie my oldest daughter. She just had her first baby (and my first grandchild!) who was born March 16th and is still in the NICU. I would love to win this to give to her!

  21. Beth says

    We had an ADR this past Saturday and they were all sold out and had signs up indicating they were gone :( :( :(

  22. Roe says

    Just celebrated being 3/4 century young and winning the rose cup would make for a wonderful belated birthday gift from The Disney Food Blog.

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