Review: The NEW Cookie Cupcake at Sprinkles in Disney World and Disneyland

Heeeeeeyyyyy! As all of you know, I just returned to from a fantastic visit to Disneyland for the opening of the 2017 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival! But I also had a blast checking into all of my favorite spots.



I made a point to get to one place especially — the new Sprinkles located in the Downtown Disney District in Disneyland Resort!

You guys — I make NO secret about my deep and abiding love for Sprinkles. Well, my love for cupcakes in general goes deep. After all, Disney Cupcakes are some of my favorite things ever.

And there’s something well, magical, frankly, about having Disney and Sprinkles located in the same place.

And now, I can enjoy that Disney Sprinkles fun whether I’m in Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

Close Up of Sign

Close Up of Sign

As I entered the store, a glance at the menu showed me that many of my favorites were available on the day of my visit. This outlet is much smaller than the Disney Springs store, however. 

It doesn’t offer ice cream or coffee drinks like its sister location in Walt Disney World. Alas, no Cupcake ATM, either.



Since there’s no ice cream, you can’t order one of those amazing Cupcake Sundaes or an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.



But no bother…there’s still plenty of delicious available. And while I looked through the case, I spied a brand new item!

Display Cases

Display Cases

This guy caught my eye: the Cookie Cupcake. This guy is being tested at most of the Sprinkles stores across the country right now. (So that means you can get it in Disney World’s Disney Springs location, too!)

Cookie Cupcake in the Display Case

Cookie Cupcake in the Display Case

After reading the description — Chocolate Chip Yellow Cake, lined with a Crust made of Cookie Crumbs, and topped with Brown Sugar Frosting — I knew I had to make it my own.

Cookie Cupcake Description

Cookie Cupcake Description

But the proof is always in the pudding, right? I mean, description aside, I need to judge for MYSELF. And that’s just what I did. Here’s my very own Cookie Cupcake, for your consideration.

MY Cookie Cupcake

MY Cookie Cupcake

I seriously LOVE the garnish of Cookie Crumbs and Chocolate Chips pressed into the icing. Because I totally believe that a cupcake called a Cookie Cupcake should look like a cookie. And it does, right?

Cookie Cupcake -- Up Close

Cookie Cupcake — Up Close

But I had to investigate those claims of Chocolate Chips and a Cookie Crumb Base. And they were there. It’s all there.

If you know me at all, you know that graham cracker crusts are some of my favorite things in the world. So a Cookie Crust?! Yes puh-lease.

Cookie Cupcake -- Out of the Wrapper

Cookie Cupcake — Out of the Wrapper

When I cut into the cake, I found a good balance of Cake to Crust to Frosting to Garnish.

Cookie Cupcake -- Cross Section

Cookie Cupcake — Cross Section

The cake was moist and — this is going to sound bad, but IMO it’s actually wonderful — the cake reminded me of a chocolate chip mini muffin. Ba ha ha ha! It was so yum.

And the rich Brown Sugar Frosting was seriously crazy. It MADE the cupcake. You know when you’re making cookies and you mix the brown sugar with the soft butter first…and then you eat all of that and have to start over again? Wait…that’s just me? Well, anyway, if you WERE like me and HAD tasted that insanely rich combo of salted butter and brown sugar…yeah, that’s what this tastes like.

Cookie Cupcake -- Cross Section -- Up Close

Cookie Cupcake — Cross Section — Up Close

Seriously — I need this to be a regular thing, because I’m thinking it would make an amazing Cupcake Sundae.

And that’s just it. The flavor is being tested, so there’s no telling how long it will hang around (although the Cupcake Powers That Be said you should be able to find it at least through May). But Sprinkles, if you’re listening, Please keep it. And Readers, if this looks good to you, go get it now!

So — I want to hear from all of you now. Is the Cookie Cupcake on your list? Leave a comment and let me know below!


  1. Jennifer says

    RE: butter and brown sugar during baking of cookies: no, it is NOT just you. Crossing fingers that cupcake finds a permanent home on the menu!!!!

  2. Amanda says

    I was wildly disappointed in Sprinkles when I tried it in December. The cupcake was so-so and there was a paper think layer of frosting. For the price, I’d rather have a Disney cupcake.

  3. Mary Beth says

    We also were also very disappointed in Sprinkles. We were at Disney Springs and the cupcake was very dry had no flavor and way more frosting than cake. We will sadly not go back to Sprinkles. We really love Disney cupcakes and will continue to enjoy them.

  4. Doreen Renee says

    Thank you for the great review! We use to get Sprinkles Cupcakes when we visited NYC. We’d even bring them on board the plane (TSA always wanted to confiscate them LOL) to bring home with us. Sprinkles does such a good job with the blending of flavors. Can’t wait to visit Sprinkles in WDW! We’ll be there soon!!

  5. Kelly says

    I hope this is still there when I go in June!! I’ve never had a Sprinkles cupcake, and I’m thinking this would be a great one to start with!

  6. says

    Oh no… now there’s yet ANOTHER cupcake I need to try. I think I may need to order 3 or 4 at a time, I can’t go and not get a salted caramel!

  7. Leslie says

    I am really surprised at how many people say they love Sprinkles. I went to their shop in Disney Springs, looking forward to tasting what made these cupcakes so wonderful. I was completely disappointed. We each got a different flavor so we could share. They were all awful. I guess many people haven’t had a really great cupcake before… how sad.

  8. Tiffany says

    The cookie cupcake is so good!!! It’s expected to be around until May 31st!!! I wish it was a permanent cupcake as well!

  9. Joan says

    Loved it!!
    Thinking all day how I can duplicate this in my kitchen.
    Should I put cookie dough at the bottom and pour batter on top, or should I crush up Oreo cookies and add melted butter and press that in the cookie cup.
    It was really good

  10. DFB Sarah says

    Joan, those are fun ideas to replicate the cupcake! If it were me, I’d probably stick some cookie dough in the bottom, like you said. Or bake some cookies to crumble and put in the bottom of the tin. Whatever you choose, enjoy!

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