Review: Falafel at Mr. Kamal’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Today, we’re heading into Disney’s Animal Kingdom to do what we always do…

A little exploring, accompanied by a little snacking!

And once again, we’re going vegetarian, because that’s a particularly easy thing to do when it comes to snacking at Animal Kingdom. We’ve already learned, in fact , that the focus on providing above par vegetarian options will continue in Animal Kingdom’s upcoming land, Pandora — The World of AVATAR, thanks to a look at the full menu for Satu’li Canteen (the land’s primary dining establishment).

But today we’re winding down a well-traveled path heading from the Africa section of Animal Kingdom into Asia, with a visit to Mr. Kamal’s, which remains one of our favorite kiosks in the park.

Mr. Kamal's Kiosk

Mr. Kamal’s Kiosk

Mr. Kamal’s kiosk has proven itself time and time again as a great (and convenient) spot to grab something quick, portable, and vegetarian. The current menu features Hummus served with mini pitas and veggies, Samosa, and falafel, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Since we’ve already noshed on the Hummus and Samosa, this time we grabbed the Falafel, which comes to you in this handy little paper box. (You might remember some time ago when it was served as part of the Falafel Sandwich).

Falafel and Tzatiziki -- In the Box

Falafel and Tzatiziki — In the Box

So here they are, all ready to eat!

Falafel and Tzatziki

Falafel and Tzatziki

The order comes with five pieces, which are accompanied with a side of Tzatziki Sauce. The texture was spot on, nice and firm outside.

Falafel -- Up Close

Falafel — Up Close

The soft middle was packed with the usual chickpeas, parsley, and red pepper. They carried very minimal spice (cumin is traditionally used in Falafel, and I detected a few hints of it), and I could taste some garlic as well.

Mr. Kamal's Falafel Inside

Mr. Kamal’s Falafel Inside

The tzatziki sauce was a smooth yogurt with tiny flecks of herbs. It didn’t provide much flavor, but it was a creamy, cool foil to the crunchy and savory falafel.

Tzatziki -- Up Close

Tzatziki — Up Close

Overall, this dish is a decent size for the $4.99 pricetag (or a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan). The Falafel hit all the right flavor and textural notes, and the tzatziki was a solid (though not overly potent) accompaniment.

So let’s give one more nod of appreciation to our friend, Mr. Kamal. Don’t worry, buddy… even when Pandora opens (on May 27th!! WE CAN’T WAIT!!!), you can rest assured that we’ll keep stopping by to pay you a visit.

Is Mr. Kamal’s one of your favorite snack stops? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Tracy says

    Mr. Kamal’s Kiosk is my go to spot whenever I am at the Animal Kingdom. I get all three items, Falafel, Humus and Samosas. Everything is fresh. The Humus is served with carrot sticks and celery. The Samosas with the mango chutney is delicious and the Falafel is done to perfection.

  2. Amy says

    I had these just last week- they were very yummy, my only minor complaint was that I had a very strong parsley/garlic taste in my mouth for hours afterwards, which if you like that kinda thing is fine, but it lingered a little too long for me!

  3. Sara says

    Unfortunately no more Samosas, they just started selling these Sriracha fries with a Cole slaw salad thing on top. Very delicious, but miss the samosa!

  4. says

    My husband and I love Mr. Kamal’s! We are vegetarian and it is our favorite stop for food in Animal Kingdom. Used to be Tusker House, but we weren’t able to get in the past couple trips.

  5. Andrew says

    I am sorry to report that there has been a drastic change to this menu that was quite upsetting to encounter during my visit today to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The incredibly delightful, rare, unique Samosas (with mango salsa) have been removed from the menu in place of another delightful vegetarian asian-inspired favorite….. FRENCH FIRES! That’s right – seasoned french fries with Tzatziki sauce and a sriracha ketchup.

    Here’s the deal. They are okay, thought the sriracha ketchup is overpowering. The main point is this: why replace a unique delicious snack known as the samosa for FRENCH FRIES!??? Us vegetarians are quite tired of fries and many other starches. It’s a cheap and easy way out of the unique items known as samosas. Secondly, there is a reason why french fries are only found in Dinoland – not the main item of any other restaurant other than Dinoland – because fries are an american staple. Fries are not common in Asia, but here they are! And lastly, I think it’s a problem when the CM has to ask “do you want the toppings or plain?” – like of course I want the toppings – nobody should be able to order plain fries at this kiosk!

    All in all – I am just highly disappointed in this move. The CM working the location said many have missed the samosas during this holiday week and they were only given one days notice that the menu was changing.

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