News: Jiko Filet with Mac and Cheese Back on the Menu Starting Tomorrow (With a Twist!)

There are two things that are high on the list of things we LOVE here at the DFB.

One: Jiko — The Cooking Place in Animal Kingdom Lodge. And two: MAC AND CHEESE!!

Once upon a time, these two things together made for a magical combination, as Jiko’s flavorful, rich, 4-cheese Mac and Cheese used to be served with the Oak-grilled Filet Mignon. However, times change. And for some time now, the signature Filet has instead been served with a rotating side, changing every couple of months or so (which is the reason I always recommended working the system a bit and ordering the Kids’ Macaroni and Cheese to go alongside your dish). For instance, the Filet is currently served with Pumpkin Pap “Isidudu,” Grilled Delta Asparagus, and South African Red Wine Sauce.

Until tomorrow. Because — and we are SO PUMPED to tell you this — starting tomorrow (April 7th), the Filet Mignon will once again be served with the Mac and Cheese! With a twist, that is…

Oak Grilled Filet with Mac and Cheese

Oak Grilled Filet with Mac and Cheese

The Mac and Cheese will be made with the same four cheese sauce, but will also feature many of the ingredients that can be incorporated into a Bobotie (just click here to read a bit more about this dish as it’s served at Boma, also located in Animal Kingdom Lodge).

South Africa Bobotie with turkey and Mushrooms

South Africa Bobotie with Turkey and Mushrooms

For this new Mac and Cheese at Jiko, think ingredients like beef, elk, curry spice, onions, dried apricots, golden raisins, and Marcona almonds folded into the Mac and Cheese.

By the by, if you would prefer the standard Mac and Cheese… the answer is yes, you will still be able to order the Kids’s version (without the Bobotie elements) to accompany your filet!

But, hey, when in Jiko… and really, you should be sure you ARE in Jiko at some point. It’s one of my favorites, and with the Mac and Cheese on the way back TOMORROW, it might be high time to visit for yourself if you haven’t already!

What do you think of the return of the Mac and Cheese? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Connie Roznovsky says

    Going to Disney in a few yrs and would love to go to Jikos for their filet mignon but do not like cheese at all.What are my options

  2. Michelle says

    They are very accommodating. I’m sure they would be happy to switch out the mac and cheese for something more to your taste.

  3. Joanna Vamplew says

    I ate there last night and it was fabulous. I love bobotie anyway. It had a little while since I ate at Jiko and even better than I remembered. Taste of Africa is a must. Possibly even better than the bread service at Sanaa.

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