Walt Disney World Club 33 Lounges May Be Opening Soon

Club 33 is the stuff of legend — not only to Disneyland visitors, but to Disney fans EVERYWHERE.

Club 33 Seating

Club 33 Seating

This members-only restaurant, located in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, was originally designed by Walt Disney and used as a space to entertain friends and VIPs. These days, access is gained via a hefty initial membership fee in addition to annual dues. Though the location itself has seen changes over the years, a dining experience at Club 33 remains elusive to most Disneyland guests.

For some time now, rumors have been swirling that Walt Disney World may be getting a Club 33 of its own, and those rumors are starting to pick up more steam.

Club 33 Inside Entrance

Club 33 Inside Entrance

In fact, Disney World will indeed be getting its own location. It will, in fact, be getting FOUR.

Each Disney World park — Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios — will be getting its own Club 33 location. And it’s anticipated that these will be lounges, not restaurants — similar to 1901 Lounge in Disney California Adventure, or Club 33’s own Nouveau Lounge. (Though these locations feature food menus that could easily provide a meal.)

Magic Kingdom

Where will Club 33 be located in Magic Kingdom?

Currently, it seems that this will be an entirely exclusive membership from those of other Club 33 locations worldwide. So, if you’re a Disneyland Club 33 member, you’ll need to purchase a separate Disney World Club 33 membership…and vice versa.

We’re hearing that the cost will be as high — or higher — than Disneyland’s Club 33 (so, we’re talking at least $10-30K for initial membership, plus thousands for annual dues), but nothing’s confirmed.

And now, for the final question: WHEN will all of this take place? You might want to start feeding ol’ piggy bank ASAP, because the locations could be opening as early as this fall.

Soooo… whaddya think?

Would you like to see Disney World get its own Club 33? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Steve says

    This type of thing is just so far beyond the reach of the average WDW fan it’s just disgusting!! More evidence that WDW is catering more and more to the 1% and casting aside us normal people who love Disney and what it used to stand for. Sad.

  2. Lea says

    Agree with Steve comments… That is just disappointing that Disney is getting so Expensive….
    Between the park entrance fee, the parking and these restaurants……. We USED to be a passholder.
    Not anymore… There is just not enough benefits to go to Disney anymore… I am limiting my family to only the hotels and ignoring the parks and restaurants that are so expensive and out of reach for your regular person…..
    Disney, PLEASE, do not ignore your regular customer that were always faithful to you…..

  3. stefan says

    this is nothing but a money grab and I agree with the other posts, disgusting. TDO must really be desperate. I can’t see this going over well here, it may out in California, but only those who live in Golden Oak could afford the astronomical outrageous fees and for what exactly? a nice bar? TDO has turned into nothing but a booze business for the company. rip off.

  4. says

    Doesn’t interest me. It’s fine fior those who want it. If I was going to spend that much money I would only want disneyland’s. That is where the history of walt is connected to it. I don’t think it will have the same appeal.

  5. Roz says

    Is the membership fee and annual dues a joke? OMG!!!! As if hard working, everyday people that bring their families and children to WDW can afford THAT !!!! Disney, get real…… I LOVE WDW, but come on !!!!!!! What a slap in the face to people who save for years to bring their children there. Now all the “Hollywood Crowd” will be taking over and getting all catering to because they have fat wallets… Sad,Sad, Keep it in California, we don’t want it at WDW !!!!!

  6. Roz says

    Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but I had to post what I thought about this… I apologize if I did offend anyone !!! But WOW , ridiculous !!! You could probably eat with the Queen of England for much less than that price !!

  7. Dru says

    Wow. I’m really shocked at these comments. Disney World is completely available to anyone who wants to come and millions of “every day” people do it. How does a very small club, open only to a few hugely lucky Disney fans, prevent everyone else from enjoying their vacation?

  8. MIke V says

    Well said Dru….
    Why does it bother people if they do this in WDW?
    Were you bothered before that it is in WDL?
    It’s some nose in the air posh club that I have no interest in entering and it won’t bother me as I walk by it.
    Fact remains there are people with that much to spend and if Disney would like to market towards them, then so be it.
    I’ll go to Disney for what I am there for, being in the parks and enjoying myself, not for some yuppity lounge.

  9. Cheryl says

    $$$$$ ? I think I’ ll rub noses elsewhere and save to spend where I think I’ll get a better money’s worth.

  10. BJ says

    I have to admit, I’m torn. Steve & Dru are right actually. BUT….Disney has been raising prices on the parks, the resorts and memorabilia for the last 2 to 3 years; to the point that an average person has to spend $$$$$ to come and stay. Look at Disney Springs. It’s beautiful and the restaurants are amazing. Too bad we can’t eat at some of them due to the prices. The parks are the only thing left to wonder and get away from it all. Even then some are paying monthly to have an annual pass. Doesn’t that tell you something?

  11. MJ Heart says

    I agree that it’s an outrageous amount of money, that being said – Hey if you have nothing better to do with your money and feel like you have to have a special place then PLEASE spend your money frivolously in this!!!!

  12. Rod says

    As much as I love Disney … this will be way beyond my ability to enjoy. I just hope they do not remove something else that is enjoyable for this exclusive club.

  13. Mark says

    If soaking the rich helps Disney keep down prices for the rest of us, then sounds good to me. Hey, they already have Golden Oak, so it’s already at WDW.

  14. Marty P says

    The jealousy spewing from some people on this topic is very entertaining. It’s quite laughable how people say that things are “disgusting” when they just can’t afford a certain luxury. If you want what other’s have, learn to do what they do and stop complaining. The real “slap in the face” is the overall price of food and entrance into the the parks. It’s not the small country club that is set to open for the 1%. Besides…what is so bad about it when it creates jobs? Who do you think will wait on the 1%? Those who need a job will benefit.

    Try not to drool on the glass or fog it up as you look in the windows.

  15. Vince W says

    Many of the Club 33 memberships in CA are used as a business expense for companies to wine and dine potential clients. Given that the over water bungalows at the Poly are always full (at about $2k a night) I am sure there are plenty of people willing to pay for this….I say if you got it and love Disney…why not go for it? If I lived in the Orlando area I might consider doing it through my business as well. Besides…there’s always Powerball right?

  16. Roz says

    Jealousy ? Hardly that, it’s just that it seems that Disney is getting so greedy and it’s just all about the money. I agree, if U can afford it then it’s your money , spend it where you want to. But everything is continuously going up. Tickets, food..I guess the next thing will be that we have to pay for the buses from the resort to the parks.
    It is sad but I’m a die hard WDW fan and I will continue to go as long as I can, but they are truly out pricing themselves for average families that work very hard for their money and want to treat their children and families to the wonder of WDW…..

  17. Lisa says

    I too won’t be one of the ones who can afford this but it is smart marketing as there are many who will want to pay for this exclusivity. Maybe having their funds put into the company’s coffers will help prevent some cost increases for the rest of us.

  18. Mike V says

    What does that mean – I guess Disney is getting greedy its all about the money???
    While we all love our Disney and wish it is some entity out there that is special and different the bottom line people is that IT IS A BUSINESS……Last time I checked businesses are in it TO MAKE MONEY.

  19. Patricia says

    No! It should be exclusive to Disneyland (and I live 45 minutes from Walt Disney World).

  20. Thomas H says

    I see it as a way for Disney to grow their clientele into the upper class that currently do not feel comfortable socializing with us normal folk.
    Oh… and to anyone who actually becomes a member, could I tag along sometime ? ;-)

  21. Geerry says

    As a long time guest at Disney World and a former cast member I have some thoughts on the matter. Yes the Club 33 is out of the reach of the average guest but it has always been that way. So if they put them in Disney World it affects me not. I would be more concerned about the fact that Disney is trying to keep certain groups of people out of the park by raising ticket prices out of the reach of a lot of folks. Next time there just look at the make up of the crowd (with the exception of the people from brazil) and it becomes obvious that the policy works.

  22. Jackie says

    I think this is great marketing to those who can afford it.
    I do not resent them.
    It does not affect me in the least.
    I spend my money how and when I choose is best for my family. I think others should do the same. I think all the resentment is sad.
    This will not prevent any other family from experiencing the Theme Parks at all.

  23. Jayne says

    If I had the money I would join. But since I don’t, I can’t. That being said I wish they would take break from raising costs every few months.

  24. says

    A little out of my price range, especially considering I live on Social Security. I agree with some of the other comments that it is just too bad Disney is catering to the well-off instead of the average devoted Disney Traveler, people who scrimp and save in order to afford a trip! $30,000 to buy in and thousands a year to keep-up indeed. If I had that type of money I certainly wouldn’t be living in an apartment driving a seven-year old car and wearing clothes until they wear completely out *rolls eyes*

  25. Don Keegan says

    how about something for the middle class,a little more comfortable rate for us as we are the people that keep your doors open,or does disneyland club 33 keep your doors open,most of us dont mind paying extra for good service & food!!!!!

  26. Eeyore says

    So most of us average people can not afford it – so what? There is a market for it and people will pay for it. Why grudge them just because you can’t afford it? There are plenty of restaurants and food options for the rest of us, and the food is GOOD.

  27. Sherri says

    Club 33 is worth the money, if you’ve ever gone or understand what that hefty price tag includes.
    Each membership in CA comes with 4 (Gold Passes) per year, all the fast passes you could use per trip, extra family & friend passes, plus invites to special events with great seating & exclusive Disney gifts.
    I’m not in the club, but some of my family are, and they generously share their good fortune with several people all year long.
    It’s a real treat.
    Is it expensive, yes. But, if you can afford it, it doesn’t mean you should be called a snob.
    If you have the money, but feel it isn’t for you, then don’t join the club.
    Everyone should have the option. And, you do get what you pay for.

  28. Geoff Salt says

    Two things –
    I’ve dined at Club 33 as an invited guest and it was the most wonderful experience – one I will never forget. It will beyond many people’s pockets but that is corporate business for you. Certainly not what Walt would have wanted.

    Elizabeth II is not the Queen of England. She is Queen of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the Commonwealth! It’s rather like saying Trump is President of Washington DC.

  29. Kathy says

    I would rather spend that kind of money on DVC points. I will revisit this when I win the lottery.

  30. Lisa P says

    While it’s true that these restaurants are for a wealthy and business clientele, It’s also true that you have to have a lot more money to book a Disney holiday now than you did a few years ago. We used to be pass holders and go all the time, and I can still afford it but there is less value in it. And yes, I know it is a business, but the model they now utilize is very aggressive. They don’t have to court my business anymore because they market to wealthier clients now, who want “33”s.
    Last year, after they’ve removed the World showcase-appropriate Maelstrom for the culturally devoid
    Frozen attraction, we felt let down and missed the connection with Norway. We loved the pavilion which is now been overrun with princesses, who sell much more merch. So I searched the net and booked us an 11 day trip to Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm in June for less than the cost of the one-week park hopper package in a moderate resort for the same time period. We still go to WDW, but mostly to the resorts or the Springs for a meal and some atmosphere, on the way to somewhere else.

  31. Keith says

    Marty nailed it….it seems that most on here have no comprehension of the free market or economics. Alas, the comment board appears to be a representative sample of our society where too many are only passionate about perceived “offenses” or “injustices” rather than truth and personal responsibility.

    I may join one of these clubs if it offers a superior experience to what is available now. It should be a nice supplement to those that want a more indulgent experience, which seems to only be available currently at Victoria & Alberts. I may just need to work a little harder to cover the dues…fortunately, we are in the greatest country on earth (for now) and we all have the same opportunity to earn the wherewithal for such luxuries.

  32. tammra daugherty says

    Disney, if you’re listening please don’t appropriate the Nomad Lounge for your elitist Club 33 agenda!

  33. MemaKa says

    THIS LONG TIME DISNEY VISITER is having a hard time pulling the DISNEY PIRATE SWORD outta my back. OUCH …. CLUB 33 …… REALLY ??!! …… What …… I don’t count anymore ? My MONEY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH for you ?! FINE …… I’ll go a more overlooked Orlando local business instead. AT LEAST THERE MY MONEY WILL BE MORE APPRECIATED !

  34. Mick says

    I went to Disneyland Orlando for the first time ever last May 2017. I’m glad to have had the experience but you really don’t get much bang for the buck. Food overpriced at all the parks and the taste not worth writing home about. I’m 61 yrs in age and a Florida resident.

  35. Thomas J says

    Disney is a publicly traded corporation and it is the duty of the board of directors to make as much money for the shareholders as possible. That’s why they have three levels of hotel accommodations as well as dining options.
    My family visits the World 2-3 times per year thanks to DVC ownership and there is no way I could afford this club however, if I could, I would,because I love vacations there and while I know that it’s a bit expensive, for what Disney offers, we find it to be worth the price, and for everyone who says that the common person can no longer afford to travel there, it always seems crowded with common average people just like us every time we go.
    And by the way, Walts been dead for over 50 years, so no one knows what he would think.

  36. Patricia says

    There have always been places and experiences at Disney that are affordable for some and out of reach for others. Just like in the rest of life, you do what you can afford. Life is too short to waste time lamenting over what others have that you don’t. I just hope they don’t take the Nomad Lounge, but rather utilize somewhere that doesn’t take away a great location that is open to any guests.

  37. Sonya McMahon says

    I’m sure Walt is so sad to see what is happening. He wanted a place parents could enjoy with their children. Its almost impossible anymore……

  38. Jayne says

    I am a DVC member for years. I would love information on joining Club .
    Thank you. Lee And Jayne Hoskin.

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