Review: Warm Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn in Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion

Disney World Counter Service locations typically offer a few standard desserts.

You may be familiar… at places like Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and Pinocchio Village Haus in Magic Kingdom you’ll often find Chocolate Cake on the dessert menu. Over in Hollywood Studios, Fairfax Fare, Backlot Express, and more serve a Chocolate Mousse. Chocolate Mousse is an Animal Kingdom Counter Service dessert staple, too, at Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe.

They’re all fine, if not particularly remarkable. (Okay, we DO dig that Chocolate Cake). But there is another Counter Service dessert that you’ll only find in one spot. Oddly, it’s found in a place not exactly known for unique choices: Epcot’s  Liberty Inn, located in the the American Adventure Pavilion.

You know the drill: Liberty Inn is the place to go if you (or your kiddos in tow) want simple classics like Burgers, Chicken Breast Nuggets, and the like — plenty of fried food to fuel your continued continental adventure.

Liberty Inn Sign

Liberty Inn Sign

But we’re here today to put the spotlight once more on an item that is surprisingly unique to Liberty Inn: the Warm Peach Cobbler.

Liberty Inn Menu

Liberty Inn Menu

This option is served with a bit of history. You’ll see under the menu listing that the Cobbler is “inspired by Mrs. Fisher’s Cookbook of the Kinsey Collection.” The American Heritage Gallery (also located in the Pavilion) hosts the Kinsey Collection, an exhibit of African-American art and history. And Mrs. Fisher’s Cookbook is the oldest known African-American cookbook, published in 1881.

Warm Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn

Warm Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn

Some items designated as Cobbler are topped with a biscuit topper or something resembling a bread crust (a la the Seasonal Cobbler at Columbia Harbour House). Here, though, you get a good old-fashioned crumble. Which just so happens to be my favorite kind.

Liberty Inn Peach Cobbler

Liberty Inn Peach Cobbler

That dark brown color and considerable texture signal the richness of flavor of the crumble (you can literally see the sweet spices tucked in with the oats and bits of brown sugar). Which brings to mind the question: Is it possible to order just a big tray of crumble?

Warm Peach Cobbler from Liberty Inn

Warm Peach Cobbler from Liberty Inn

No? Well, that’s okay, because underneath that top layer are plenty of juicy peaches.

Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn

Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn

Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn

Peach Cobbler at Liberty Inn

I’d say the dish has changed a teeny bit from when we tried the Warm Peach Cobbler a few years ago. There seems to be even more of that crumble topping (hooray!), but I also think it’s a little less buttery and gooey (awww). Still, it’s retained that close-to-homemade quality at counter service convenience.

More than anything, I’m glad that the Warm Peach Cobbler returned to the menu at Liberty Inn. This spot has made strides in the past to offer more variety with dishes representing various regions of America, but as of late it seems to be playing it safe again. So having a little slice — or ramekin! — of American history is a good thing to have in the American Adventure Pavilion.

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  1. Steve says

    The Peach Cobbler looks really good! Is there any way to get a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top of it??? That’s the way I remember Peach Cobbler from my childhood.

  2. Randi says

    Oh my goodness, that cobbler looks amazing! I think a bit of fresh whipped cream would make it perfect! But, oh, how I want that cobbler right now….

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