News and Photo Tour: Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Dining Options During Construction

Editor’s Note: We’ve confirmed that all options — grab and go, the buffet, and the food truck options, are all considered to be quick service credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

Thanks to the huge brouhaha that it caused, most of us know that Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World is undergoing a massive renovation starting — well, now.

Contruction at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Contruction is Underway at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

While the resort undergoes what is from all accounts going to be a gigantic, transformative makeover, dining options are obviously going to be impacted. In fact, Caribbean Beach Resort’s only bar, Banana Cabana, and its only sit-down restaurant, Shutters, are closing to make way for the overhaul.

Shutters Entrance

Shutters Entrance Last Week

Obviously, people still need to eat, though. So we’ve been monitoring the situation closely. As part of that, we’ve visited the resort a couple of times over the last two weeks to bring you descriptions and photos of everything, as the transitional plans shape up.

As of press time, Banana Cabana is still open, but will close in the near future.

Banana Cabana is closing during refurbishment this spring.

Banana Cabana is Still Opened as of Press Time

The updated buffet area is now open for breakfast and dinner. We’ll take a closer peak at the set up there in just a moment.

Let’s take a look at it all — what you can expect if you’re visiting or staying at Caribbean Beach Resort sometime in the foreseeable future.

Martinique Island Market

During our first visit last week, we were able to get a first look at the new Martinique Island Market.

Martinique Island Market Sign

Martinique Island Market Sign

Martinique Island Market Sign

Martinique Island Market Sign

Yep. Your eyes do not deceive you. The Martinique Island Market is a repurposed hotel room.

They’ve added a window in the door to make it look a little less…hotel room-y?

Martinique Island Market

Martinique Island Market

Inside, the set up is similar to many grab and go areas in other resorts.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

A bookcase held an assortment of refillable mugs, Mickey krispies, fresh fruit, and assorted chips.

Grab and Go and Refillable Mugs for Purchase

Grab and Go and Refillable Mugs for Purchase

A cooler was stocked with additional items, including fresh fruit, Uncrustables, desserts, wine, beer, and more.

Cooler with Grab and Go Options

Cooler with Grab and Go Options

There are some actual meals here. The day we visited, there were chicken Caesar wraps, Cobb salads, and pre-made sandwiches, all ready to go.

Grab and Go Wrap

Grab and Go Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grab and Go Cobb Salad

Grab and Go Cobb Salad

Grab and Go Sandwiches

Grab and Go Sandwiches

A separate cooler held additional bottled drinks, like water, juice, soda, and milk.

Grab and Go Drinks

Grab and Go Drinks

There was also a microwave for warming purchases. We found a selection of Twinings tea, Nutri Grain bars, and Pop Tarts as well.

Microwave for Warming Foods

Microwave for Warming Foods

A coffee station dispenses java as well as hot water, and condiments are available for customizing your hot drink.

Beverage Station

Beverage Station

A tiny pastry case shares counter space with the coffee station, and offers up assorted bakery items like muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and cookies.

Bakery Items

Bakery Items

Updates About Refillable Mugs Stations, a Bar, and More

You might be wondering where the refillable mug station is, since it wasn’t in the makeshift Martinique Market. We were, too.

According to cast members that we talked to, refillable mug stations will be by the small rooms where ice is dispensed. They were scheduled to be available possibly as early as Friday, May 5, but we have not seen them yet.

Construction and New Dining Set Up

Construction and New Dining Set Up

Because a bar is pretty much a requirement for a vacation for lots of us, we also asked if there would be a bar opened to replace Banana Cabana. We were told that there will be a bar constructed in the Old Port Royale parking area. Think “pop up” bar, like you often see around Disney during special events or extra busy times.

Sign Showing Access to Banana Cabana -- For Now

Sign Showing Access to Banana Cabana — For Now

For now, though, guests can still access Banana Cabana through the pool gates.

New Caribbean Beach Resort Dining Area and Construction Area Photos

We were back again this week so that we could share with you the very latest updates to the area.

Old Port Royale Centertown and its restaurant, Shutters, is now, well, shuttered.

Construction Sign

Construction Sign



Even the circle leading up to the building is closed.



The new food area is set up by the Fuentes Del Morro Pool, which is the main pool for the resort with the fort and play area. It’s located directly behind Old Port Royale Centertown.

Fuentes Del Morro Pool Area

Fuentes Del Morro Pool Area

The makeshift dining area is comprised of a tent that houses a buffet as well as a Disney Food Truck for guests seeking a la carte options.

Enter this covered area, and you’ll find ordering areas and cashiers on the right hand side. There, you can either pay for the buffet, or if you prefer, you can go to the left and place your food truck order.

Covered Food Area

Covered Ordering Area

We snagged a copy of the buffet menus, complete with pricing, for you to see.

Buffet Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Buffet Menu — Click to Enlarge

The Superstar Catering Food Truck (usually parked in Disney Springs) was on duty the day we visited. No word yet on whether the food truck options will change or expand.

Food Truck in New Food Area

Food Truck in New Food Area

Food truck options include some hot grilled items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Note that food truck breakfast options are available 7:00-11:30AM, and lunch and dinner are available 11:30AM-9:00PM.

Food Truck Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Food Truck Menu — Click to Enlarge

Randomly, there’s also a coffee station outside the tent as well.

Drink Station

Coffee Station

Once you pay for the buffet, you’ll be given a wristband, which gives you access to the actual buffet line.

Temporary Food Area

Ordering Area

Both seating and the buffet itself are located inside the air-conditioned tent, and we were happy to see culinary staff preparing some food right there on the line.

Seating in Temporary Food Area

Buffet Inside the Tent

Items on the buffet are labeled directly on the glass so that you know what you’re getting. There was a selection of cut fruit, and containers of butter and cream cheese were available for toast and bagels.


Fruit, Butter, and Cream Cheese

We found standard Disney breakfast buffet items the day we visited, including these guys!


Mickey Waffles and Toppings

Freshly made Mickey waffles always bring smiles to our faces. :-)

Mickey Waffles on the Breakfast Buffet

Mickey Waffles on the Breakfast Buffet

Toppings for the waffles included blueberry and strawberry compote as well as warm syrup.

More Buffet Items

Blueberry and Strawberry Toppings

Savory hot items included potato casserole, link sausage, and scrambled eggs.

Buffet Items

Buffet Items

There were also island crepes and individual veggie fritattas.

Buffet Items

Buffet Items

Of course, guests could also take advantage of all the bacon and ham they could eat.

Buffet Items

Buffet Items

Buffet Items

Buffet Items

A separate section held breads and pastries, and included bagels, muffins, and danish.



A beverage station was located to one side of the tent.

Drink Station

Drink Station

If you’ve visited Caribbean Beach Resort before, then the lanterns, tables, and chairs in the dining area will probably look familiar to you.

Seating in Temporary Food Area

Seating in Temporary Food Area

It’s important to note that you can use this seating area whether you’re dining from the buffet, or you’re purchasing your meal from the food truck.



Well, that’s all we have so far! We know that these closures and changes impact quite a large number of you, so we’ll continue to monitor the situation and update you with news and photos as the story continues to develop!

But for now, what do you think of the dining and drinking changes happening at Caribbean Beach Resort during this massive construction period? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Bethan milton says

    We are visiting the resort from the UK with our 2 children for our honeymoon/familymoon at the end of the month and are very excited. The changes look awesome and I must say I am very impressed. Just wondering tho: we have the Disney ‘quick service’ dining plan included in our package and we’re wondering what our options for food at the resort would be. Eg. Would the buffet be included? Many thanks, Beth Milton

  2. Rebecca says

    I’m hearing conflicting information about wether or not the buffet is for Caribbean Beach Resort guests only or not.
    The seating you picture looks very limited and if people from all over come to take advantage of a cheap buffet, it’s going to leave us CBR guests very frustrated if we can’t get in to eat.
    I know Disney is compensating us by offering the $75 gift card per room per night, but this buffet is also a compensation. It wouldn’t be fair for people from other resorts and even non-Disney guests to flood the tent where CBR guests whom are already dealing with refurbishments and no food court to have another problem added to our plate.
    I hope Disney gets the kinks worked out before I arrive in mid June. I got quick-service dining plan because my boys can hopefully fill up on a buffet, still.
    Please DFB, tell me your experience was CBR resort guests only!

  3. Heidi says

    Thank you for the information but the biggest question I have is whether quick service dining credits will be accepted for the breakfast buffet. If you find that out definitively, please share. Thanks.

  4. Tammy says

    We were thinking about staying at Caribbean Beach the first week of May 2018, will it still be a full on construction site?

  5. says

    Tammy — Disney hasn’t released an anticipated completion date for the construction at this time. You may want to give them a call and see if they have any ideas about the duration.

  6. Neil says

    I would be SO ANGRY if I paid for Caribbean Beach and got THIS. I could see if something like a fire happened and unexpectedly damaged the resort that this is what they would have to do in the mean time. But for a planned construction project to just say “we’ll throw some food in a tent in the parking lot” and still ask people to pay moderate resort prices for it is just reprehensible. Shame on Disney for this bit of poor show…and I’m usually one of their staunchest defenders.

  7. Neil says

    Rebecca: Who in their right mind is going to travel from another resort for this? It’s a tent in a parking lot!

  8. says

    Heidi — Both the buffet and the food truck options are considered as quick service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. The post has been updated to reflect this information. Thanks!

  9. says

    Rebecca — On the day we visited, we didn’t receive any information that the buffet is exclusively for Caribbean Beach Resort guests. Having said that, I would hope that Disney has plans in place to limit access to the resort, especially during times of such upheaval. With limited and shopping and food choices, I’m not sure there’s much justification for guests of other resorts to come onto CBR property. We’ll keep an eye on it, though, and let you know if there’s an update to the situation.

  10. Louise says

    Really hope they get the re-fillable mug situation sorted….. that’s one of the best perks of the dining plan I use the most…..
    I am staying at CBR in sept but don’t think the pools/beaches will be at all relaxing with the work going on. Will we be able to use the pools at the other resorts?

  11. V No Privacy says

    The CBR renovation is brought to you by Ja Rule and the creators of the #FyreFestival.

  12. Joyce James says

    We are going to Disney at the end of October .. the pop-ups, etc., look pretty decent and I’m sure will be adequate for the amount of time we will actually be at the CBR.

  13. Phaedra Klein says

    I feel that CBR is doing the best they can in the situation. It was most likely close the entire resort, which would even further limit room availability across the board effectively ensuring that prices would rise as a result (supply vs demand) or make the choices that they did. I am positive the cast members that have to work through this time are going to be as helpful and accommodating as possible. Having a buffet as a QS is unheard of elsewhere at other resorts, that in itself is a perk and a way of Disney saying Thank you for your support as they remodel to better accommodate you and your family’s in the future. Monetary incentives, in form of gift cards, food truck, buffet, micro-marts, multiple refillable drink stations planned, I see no reason to complain. We all have choices on how we are going to deal with this, I am choosing to remain positive, and keep the whole picture in mind. The majority of my family’s time is spent at the parks, and if I truly felt put out or as if this was going to “ruin” or inconvenience me as much as it is seeming to others, I’d choose to change my resort.

  14. Kim says

    Rebecca – Can you tell me how you were able to get a gift card? We booked our trip but we were not told about the renovations. I’m concerned that this will be a huge inconvenience for us.

  15. Rebecca says

    Thank you for yonur reply. This is very disappointing. I received information in early March that the buffet would be quick service and available only to resort guests staying at CBR. A cast member told me this.

    Looks like Disney changed their mind or the cast member went out on a limb and told me what they thought to be true.

    I really hope I have a pleasant stay. I was aware of the refurbishments at the time of booking, but the gift cards and buffet made it worth-while to me. Now i’m finding out that this quick-service buffet is right near the main pool where everyone and their mama is welcome to come to.

    Guest relations, be ready if i’m not satisfied, I will let you know!!!! I didn’t pay $7,500.00 to be disappointed!!!

  16. Katie says

    We’ll be visiting next week, and though we were very disappointed to have this sprung on us all of a sudden, I think they’ve handled it pretty well. It could be a lot worse, anyway. At least they are trying to provide a close to the original option for guests, and the credits that were offered helped a lot too! Thanks for the updates, it’s nice to know what to expect.

  17. William says

    Neil I was refunded £900 from Disney for the inconvenience during my stay at CBR in July so I don’t think I will mind grabbing the odd meal in a big tent.

  18. Kim peacock says

    There are quick service options every where! I won’t be eating there. If you look at the maps there are other pools in the resort like 5. You have so many options downtown Disney. Quick service in the parks, Boardwalk room service. I’m staying here for the first time we have yogurt and fruit in the room. Breakfast or lunch where ever our days plans take us. You can change your resort if this makes you unhappy folks it’s Disney

  19. says

    I am sooooooo disappointed with Disney regarding the temporary food offerings at CBR……surely they could use just a 10th of a percent of the imagination that they use elsewhere in the Disney empire to come up with something more imaginative than a tent in a car park and some pre prepared sandwiches and salads. How about a few more food trucks offering a range of offerings – fresh pizza, Caribbean food. They could even employ external ‘pop up’ catering companies who specialise in high level served food and task them with organising an actual restaurant rather than just a canteen. And as for a room becoming a grab & go store…..well I just have no words as to how shoddy this is. I hope it is all rectified by the time we arrive in October and I feel really sorry for all of those currently there or arriving soon who have to put up with this. Shame on Disney!!

  20. says

    Kim — Immediately after these construction updates were announced, Disney began offering giftcards to guests who booked at Caribbean Beach Resort as compensation for inconvenience and as incentive to stay. In order to take advantage of the offer, guests had to book their stay prior to March 19, 2017, for arrival May 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.

  21. Kim says

    Thanks for the reply. We’re not going until December, so I’m hoping this situation improves by then. I contacted Disney and they basically told me my agent should have known about this and did not seem very accommodating about my concerns. Big disappointment from Disney on that.

    Also, as an FYI, I contacted Disney about the package pick-up option since the Outpost is closed. They informed me that the resort will still participate in package pickup, but did not tell me exactly how they would be doing it. Turns out I was the very first person who asked about this.

  22. says

    Kim — Thank you so much for sharing what you learned. Every little bit of information that we can all gather hopefully will help CBR guests navigate the choppy construction waters.

  23. says

    Michelle — I just called guest services, and they said yes, they would continue to have delivery of pizza, subs, etc.

  24. Lindsay says

    Aside from those that booked at CBR unaware of the construction going on, I am honestly quite surprised at the negativity surrounding this set up. I booked my November vacation specifically for this reason as the $600 in gift cards that I have coming my way will be used to pay for a couple of character dining experiences that I otherwise would have had difficulty budgeting for.
    My husband and I were at CBR in February and the offerings at the buffet seem to be on par with what was available in the food court. Since we will be bringing two very picky children with us in the fall, I am thrilled that there is a reasonably priced buffet offered that will allow everyone to fill up and prepare for a day at the parks.
    Add to that the fact that the pool is still open and I am really looking forward to our fall stay here, construction or not!
    Thank you for the inside look at the dining options. I am able to book ADR’s as of tomorrow and it is nice to know details as to what is available at the resort when planning meals.

  25. Mike V says

    Goodness I agree!
    My gosh people I do not know what you’re down there for but when I visit it sure isn’t to have a luxurious 3 hour breakfast taking in the surroundings.
    Eat and get to the parks!!!!!
    You knew of the situation when you booked. They are giving you $75 per day as a perk if you did not change or would still like to book.
    Stop complaining!!!!

  26. Sarah says

    Just reading through the comments, and honestly, I’m not quite sure what anyone was expecting. I was actually pretty surprised to see a buffet option being offered. Several resorts have had their food courts overhauled recently, and the only alternatives I recall from that was a food truck on site, some grab-and-go items, and the recommendation to go to a neighboring resort if you wanted something more.

  27. Cinderdeb says

    Obviously the people that are complaining about the food tent has never eaten at Caribbean Beach for breakfast. They are giving you a whole buffet of amazing choices for a Quick Service price on Disney dining. That is unheard of! I have stayed at Caribbean Beach 12 times, but always hated deciding what to eat at breakfast!! I would love to be there during this renovation!

  28. Julie says

    Does anyone have any idea how they are handling food allergies and intolerances?

  29. kristan says

    Hey, just a quick question about the $75.00 a night gift cards. You stated that it is only for stays between May 1st – June 30th?’ I made my reservation January 29th and am not arriving until the end of September. I never got any notification about receiving the gift cards, but have spoken to the Disney Travel Company on three occasions and was told that I would get them, the only qualification was booking before March 20th. Now you have me worried, as we absolutely need these to offset our expenses. I am just trying to figure out where you got that info.

  30. Lee says

    I usually buy milk and bread from the resort when we get there. Does anyone know if there will be a spot to buy basic groceries?

  31. Luis says

    They are turning the new refurbishment into Disney Vacation Club.
    I was at Martinique last week and I asked the front desk if they were turning the newconstruction into DVC because the rumors are that Disney is going to do that to existing resorts and I was answered yes they are to both.
    Also when you call on the room phone to clean the room they ask if you are DVC before they give you a answer.

  32. Meredith says

    So glad to see this post!!! I have been looking for an update since the refurbishment bagan. These appear to be great options, far beyond what I was even imagining. We are staying at CBR starting June 10 and were notified of the refurbishment in February. Since then Disney Cast Members have, as they usually do, gone above and beyond answering questions and offering compensation for the (what appears to be) slight inconvience. So Neil, unless you are staying at CBR during this time, you really have no idea or reason to comment on the level of compensations being offered. Looking forward to another MagicalDisneyVacation!!

  33. debbie kimmings says

    Hi, we are coming from the UK, just wondering if there will be any toasters on site to cook your own bread for toast on a morning? we tend to not use a quick serve for breakfast (although we will be trying the buffet as it looks fab, but dont want to dawdle at the hotel when there theme parks to visit ! :-) . we generally just have some toast and then get some lunch later in the parks.
    we’ve stayed at CBR 3 times before and i dont think it will matter too much, and the $75 gift cards more than make up for it. cant wait, 12 weeks on Tuesday :-).

  34. says

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how Disney have not only compensated for any inconvenience with the gift card, but also provided a mini mart and made an effort to provide food options and a buffet breakfast. Definitely a win win, thanks Disney!!

  35. Sandra G says

    We were staying at All Star Music when the food court there was closed. A grab and go area with a spot to refill beverages was set up in the arcade, and a food truck was brought in for breakfast and dinner. We actually liked the QS breakfast from the food truck, getting huge croissants stuffed with eggs, bacon and cheese two days in a row. While it is true that there were two other food courts within walking distance, we would have been fine with dining elsewhere so long as we had some option for morning food and coffee. It does look as though they have a nice set-up even though it is not what people were expecting when they booked.

  36. Tricia says

    Do we know if there will be markets in other areas of the resort besides Martinque?

  37. says

    Tricia — Yes. Disney has indicated they’ll be opening grab and go markets in the Aruba, Jamaica, and Martinique areas of the resort.

  38. Ret says

    I’m so tired of posters such as Neil who are so seriously negative and insulting toward posters who have a positive outlook and are looking forward to their vacation. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, so it would be nice if the naysayers would kindly refrain from insulting those of us who feel differently.

    I agree with all of those who posted positively and are looking forward to a great vacation at CBR. The dining options which will be available during construction are amazing and the island markets are a welcome convenience. In particularly, thanks to Lindsey regarding the situation in general, and the breakfast buffet; we also were at the resort in February and agree that the breakfast buffet will be amazing.

  39. Melissa says

    Does anyone know if activities like pirate adventure cruises, fishing and bike/surrey rentals will still be available? Just wondering for our “rest day”. I have heard great things about the main pool activities for kids and movie nights and that they’re doing a great job with those things so far during construction.

  40. Tasha says

    I was becoming nervous about the construction but this has put me at ease. Not only do we still get a breakfast offering but we get one that is a buffet and quick service and they have Mickey Waffles! This along with more availability for drink refills and the gift card makes for a terrific vacation for my family.

  41. Sue says

    Have just got back this morn it has been wonderful plenty of food in the buffet breakfast and eve meal could not use all our Disney dinning plan up as also lucky enough to get the Disney gift card because we booked so long ago everyone was so helpful ,the rooms spotless ,the buses brill,we could not fault it-we all (9) off us said we would definitely like to go back in the future just to see How the refurb has gone. After saying all that we had no problems with the works going on because we were lucky enough to be far away from it (Jamaica) block but the day before we left the diggers had moved closer to that area. But from a very satisfied although tired holiday maker, well done Disney. Xxx

  42. Maureen says

    We stayed from 14may to 31may it was a nightmare we stay at this hotel for the last 6years but this year was a disgrace eat out a tent only chicken or turkey no ferryty if a fire Brock out we have no chance the room were dirty had to phone to get clean towels metal fences up all over the place buliden getting demolished it a bulden site and to make it wires this will not finish till 2019 I booked for next year befor I went now I know how bad it is I will be changing hotels

  43. kristin says

    For a quick serve option, this buffet looks GREAT! It’s the same options as table service that charge $30+ for breakfast. Who cares about the surroundings? Eat your breakfast and go to the parks.

    If you’re that affected by the construction and food options, switch resorts. When we called to voice our concerns, they were more than willing to switch us to Port Orleans at no extra cost. If you timed your reservation correctly, like we did, you’re getting $75 a night gift card and free dining. Can’t beat it. If you want to spend oodles of time at your resort and have tons of options, you should probably be considering a deluxe resort.

  44. Amanda says

    We are staying at CBR now and it is a hot mess to say the least. The “construction” is full on demolition. As of now all of Barbados and half of Martinique is leveled. There’s a lot going on here. We tried the buffet this morning. Food was ok for $13 but the whole situation is very disorganized and could be set up so much better. I would advise if staying here ask for the Jamaica village and get to the food early or at the tail end of service. I don’t think we will stay here again until demolition is over.

  45. John Bemiss says

    We booked in Sept 2016 got an email saying they would give us $25 gift card for construction inconvience. Was later given $75/day upon check in. If you booked prior to March 20 2017 you are entitled to the $75/day. The day before we left May 11, they set the food tent up so we never used it. The gift card paid for our food in the parks (lunch and dinner) so I have not complaints. Disney made every effort to compensate. If you are looking to spend alot of time at the resort I would suggest you book in one of the other moderate resorts. We spent most of our time in the parks so construction did not bother us

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