New DFB Video: GET THIS at Magic Kingdom!

It’s a trip to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for a visit — and our latest DFB Video!

You Guys, there’s magic in the words MAGIC KINGDOM. Amiright? Who doesn’t instantly break out in a smile just thinking about visiting?

Get this at Magic Kingdom Thumbnail

But then, the FOOD! The SNACKS! The TREATS! Gaaahhhhh! I mean, where do you even start??

We’re gonna make it easy on ya, with our list of GET THIS in Magic Kingdom.

Think of it as the ultimate Disney scavenger hunt. It’s fun and delicious! These are the snacks and treats you simply cannot leave without having. We cut to the chase and tell you exactly what to have and where you’ll find it so that you can plan the best Disney Eating Day Ever. Dole Whip? Check. Waffle Sammie? Check! See all of our picks in our latest video!

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So — tell us now: what are your must eat treats in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Share below in comments!


  1. Essie says

    AJ, Gaston’s cinnamon roll wasn’t like the Main St. Bakery’s, but now it is??? At first they were round and nothing like the half loaf and not as much icing. But they are now like the original half loaf again? I’m sooooo happy! I can’t believe this wonderful news! Thank you so much!

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