Review: Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Time to go back in time and dine with the Founding Fathers… . Or, at the very least, settle for the next best thing: dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern in Walt Disney World.

Liberty Tree Tavern has long held a special place in my heart — and in many of yours as well, I know. If you’re one of many longtime Tavern devotees, you already know that for years this Magic Kingdom Table Service has offered an a la carte menu for Lunch, while dinner has featured an All-You-Care-to-Enjoy meal served family style.

Both of those things are still true. But some notable changes to both the lunch and dinner menus took place just a couple months ago. For instance, Lunch still offers a la carte options (with some returning favorites among them), but you can also order the All-You-Care-to-Enjoy Bill of Fare, if you wish.

And the changes to Dinner? Well, there was only one. But it was a pretty darn big one, and I had to experience it for myself.

Liberty Tree Tavern Sign

Liberty Tree Tavern Sign

So please join me, my fellow citizens… .


Liberty Tree Tavern is nestled in the heart of Liberty Square in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It’s just a stone’s throw from Frontierland and down the Disney block from Fantasyland, but its unique personality ignites its own special brand of nostalgia.

Outside View

Outside View

The Tavern fits right in with its sturdy columns, moulding details, and distinguished dormers. We even spy some wrought iron, for good measure.

Stepping inside, the scene is no less stately. And it’s one of the places you can really get a taste of history and education along with your meal.

Inside Liberty Tree Tavern

Inside Liberty Tree Tavern

Sounds a little dull? Not at all, actually! In fact, I almost think that the crazy amount of detail surrounding you — from cozy fireplaces, to period style furniture, to the knick knacks, portraits, and artwork on the walls — is some of the best in Magic Kingdom, honestly. It’s like you’ve been invited to dine in the 18th century home of a well-to-do family at the birth of the nation.

Cloaks and John Paul Jones Portrait

Cloaks and John Paul Jones Portrait

And here’s the real kicker: thanks to the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, Liberty Tree Tavern is completely and totally on trend at the moment :) .

It’s a great game: see how many nods to Founding Fathers you can find. Look! Here’s a Ben Franklin-approved key hook. (And let’s all note that quote as well… .)

Keys and Benjamin Franklin Quote

Keys and Benjamin Franklin Quote

How many historical figures can you name in the portraits below?

Framed Pictures and Paneling

Framed Pictures and Paneling

You see, that’s the whole gist. The six individual rooms of the Tavern celebrate many of the figures you’ll recognize from your history books: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, and Paul Revere.

Mantel in the George Washington Room

Mantel in the George Washington Room

You may be seated near this lovely mantel in the Thomas Jefferson room, simultaneously showcasing detail and simplicity.

Thomas Jefferson Mantel

Thomas Jefferson Mantel

The details go on and on, even tucked into little corners of the room, like this one in the Benjamin Franklin room.

Desk and Printing Blocks

Desk and Printing Blocks

There’s so much to see. But I’m sure you’re getting hungry, so let’s all pull up a stately wooden chair and see what the colonists are serving up these days.


If you’re in the mood for Thanksgiving eats any time of year, you’ve found your place at Liberty Tree Tavern!

Well, okay… there IS a bit more to it than that. But first, logistics: the Bill of Fare is All-You-Care-to-Enjoy served family-style, featuring Declaration Salad and the Patriot’s Platter. It also includes your non-alcoholic beverage.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

Oh, and that change to dinner that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. You see, the previous dessert for dinner was Johnny Appleseed Cake (or Tart. Or Bread Pudding. Depending on when you visited).

But now? Dessert at dinner is Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. And it’s only one of my all-time favorite desserts in all of Disney World (and possibly yours, too)! It used to be available only during lunch, but NOW you can try it at dinner, too! Naturally, we’ll be checking it out later in the post.

On the menu above, you can see the beverage options that are included with your meal, but you can also get some specialty drinks here (at an additional cost). Ariel or Pirate Punch for the kiddos comes with a glowing Ariel or Pirate Skull Clip-on Light.

Patriot's Slush Description

Patriot’s Slush Description

And the yummy Patriot’s Slush can be served in a super-snazzy Souvenir Tavern Keeper’s Collector Mug (which has a bit of a copper Mule look to it these days). Fun!

Come to think of it, aside from the dessert change-up I mentioned earlier, there is one more change that has come to Liberty Tree Tavern’s menu. In December, four additional Magic Kingdom Table Service restaurants began to serve beer and wine (previously only served for dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant). Here are the selections at Liberty Tree Tavern:

Alcoholic Beverage Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Alcoholic Beverage Menu — Click to Enlarge

And now, as the Founding Fathers most certainly said: “LET’S DIG IN, ALREADY!!”

Dinner starts with the Declaration Salad: a bowl of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and slightly tangy vinaigrette. It’s a refreshing and light way to start the meal.

Declaration Salad

Declaration Salad

Good thing it’s not very filling, because you’ll need PUH-LENTY of room for what’s next.

The Patriot’s Platter is a truly impressive spread. We’ll go down the list one by one, but for now, just take a moment to enjoy the view…

Dinner Spread

Dinner Spread

And, remember: the name of the game is All-You-Care-to-Enjoy. If you and your dining party run low on anything (including the salad!), you can just ask for more!

The Platter presents three kinds of meat: Roasted Turkey Breast, Pot Roast, and Carved Pork Roast. (In the past, that Pot Roast was replaced by Prime Rib, so maybe don’t hold your breath on this one.)

Patriot's Platter -- Pot Roast and Turkey Breast

Patriot’s Platter — Pot Roast and Turkey Breast

The Turkey Breast is, of course, most reminiscent of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. All year long!! This had great flavor, and while I’m not a huge turkey fan most of the time, I went for seconds on this.

Accompanying it, the tender Pot Roast is doused in savory brown gravy. And though the Carved Pork Roast has no dedicated sauce, it retains its juiciness and offers terrific flavor with its crisp browned edges.

We really enjoyed all of the meat options on this visit, but the turkey and pot roast were the winners.

Patriot's Platter -- Pork Roast and Pot Roast

Patriot’s Platter — Pork Roast and Pot Roast

The three meats surround a mound of Herb Stuffing, dotted with soft onions and herbs and loaded with flavor. It’ll take you right back to Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Patriot's Platter -- Herb Stuffing -- Up Close

Patriot’s Platter — Herb Stuffing — Up Close

All truths told, though, if you’re anything like me then you agree that Thanksgiving is really all about THE SIDES.

Warm Yeasted Rolls are served with Whipped Honey Butter.

Yeast Rolls with Whipped Butter

Yeast Rolls with Whipped Butter

The creamy, satisfying Mashed Potatoes are delivered in a generous portion, complete with red potato skins.

Mashed Potatoes -- Up Close

Mashed Potatoes — Up Close

Naturally, with mashed potatoes, roast turkey breast, and yeasted rolls, one must have a flood of Gravy.

Fortuantely, there’s a boat for that.

Gravy Boat at Liberty Tree Tavern

Gravy Boat at Liberty Tree Tavern

Now, maybe not all traditional turkey dinners come with our next addition — but they should. This Macaroni and Cheese is all carbs and cheese and love in a bowl. I used to love that Liberty Tree Tavern served Stouffer’s mac and cheese (what can I say — I’m a comfort food kid who grew up in the 80s), but now they clearly note on their menu that the mac and cheese is made in house from scratch.

Liberty Tree Tavern Mac and Cheese

Liberty Tree Tavern Mac and Cheese

The Seasonal Vegetable during our visit was a great corn creation featuring green and red peppers. This was the only down side for me…because I was really looking forward to the yummy green beans I had gotten used to at Liberty Tree Tavern dinner, and corn didn’t really scratch that itch. This version was fine, but wasn’t my favorite.

Corn -- Up Close

Corn — Up Close

Sooooo…my server was THE BEST EVER, and when I asked him if there were any green beans in the kitchen (they’re served at lunchtime), he came back with this! Check out this epic bowl of Green Beans. These are tossed in a salty garlic oil or butter that adds a lot of flavor. I loved them and actually put a pretty good dent into the bowl! ;-D I do love my green beans.

Liberty Tree Tavern Green Beans

Liberty Tree Tavern Green Beans

Oh! And did you know that you can request Cranberry Sauce to round out all those Thanksgiving vibes? It’s not on the menu and doesn’t come automatically, but they have it. Just like during the holidays, the tart cranberries help to cut through the heavier savory dishes.

Cranberry Sauce -- Upon Request

Cranberry Sauce — Upon Request

Think of it as a palate cleanser between servings of meat.

So now that we’ve enjoyed AAAALLLLL of that… HERE it is, at long last! My dream ending to dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, formerly available only during lunch: OOEY GOOEY TOFFEE CAKE!!

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

In case you haven’t experienced it for yourself — either with lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern or by making it on your own — you might be surprised to learn that Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is not actually a cake. Though it’s difficult to see, what with being covered by a mound of vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, and buttery toffee bits, the base itself is more like a warm, thick, soft — and yes, gooey on the inside — chocolate chip cookie filled with toffee. It is so completely decadent, and one of the more memorable desserts not just in Magic Kingdom, but in all of Disney World, in my opinion.

One thing to note: the portion size of the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake was much, much smaller for dinner. Like tiny in comparison to what I’m used to at lunch. What you see is what we were served for two people?!??!?!???! Presumably, this is because the meal you’ve just had is huge compared to the a la carte lunch options, and you may not have much room. But you’re gonna wanna make room. So remember: when the meal is All-You-Care-to-Enjoy, you can care to enjoy as much of this as you want, with a simple “please” and “thank you” and a tip of your tri-corner hat!


Liberty Tree Tavern offers comfort food wrapped in a history lesson, and I love it for that. What I appreciate, too, is that the recent changes to both the lunch and dinner menus seem to reflect guest preferences. (I know I’m not the only one who has been clamoring for the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at dinner! Plus those lunch changes include the return of some much-loved and missed a la carte meals). Though changes don’t come often to Liberty Tree Tavern, I think these recent ones have made a Magic Kingdom classic only better.

Nosh or Not?

Dinner At Liberty Tree Tavern Is Great For:

  • Comfort food fans
  • Picky eaters (because Liberty Tree Tavern also serves kid-favorites like burgers and fries at lunch, they usually have these items in the kitchen if needed)
  • Meat-lovers
  • Those looking to maximize their dining dollars
  • Families

Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern Might Not Be Best For:

  • A romantic date night
  • Light eaters (since this is a prix fixe meal, you’ll be paying the same price no matter how much you eat)
  • Vegetarians or vegans (though the chef will always make a suitable meal for you)

Does Liberty Tree Tavern rank among your favorite restaurants? Let us know in the comments! 


  1. says

    Liberty Tree has long been one of our favorites, and we were disappointed that it was closed for referb during our last trip. Some of the reviews I have read since it re-opened have lead me to believe that it may have lost some of what made it great before.. but this review makes me excited to try it again when we are there in September, especially for the new desert.. I really liked the Johnny Appleseed cake before.. but everything I have read about this new desert offering is night and day better!

  2. Hayden says

    Is there a kids menu available at Liberty Tree? That food looks amazing, I have yet to dine here, it is now on my list.

  3. Jill Curtis says

    Can you just go in and ask to get the ooey gooey toffee cake to go? Or can you be seated just for the dessert?

  4. says

    Jill — I’d say that your chances of getting just dessert are better at lunch service, when there’s an a la carte menu available. Regarding to go, it’s not normally an option, but you never know! Never hurts to ask. :-)

  5. Donna Jaworski says

    I love this restaurant! We always go during our annual November visit. It’s just like Thanksgiving! I used to love when they had the Character Dinner here when my girls were little many years ago. The only thing I don’t like is that the restrooms are upstairs and anyone who is unable to get up the stairs has to go find a restroom outside of the restaurant.

  6. Tricia says

    I’ve never been because I am a vegetarian, but you’ve talked that toffee cake up so much on your blog I think I need to go try it. I was considering a lunch there so I can order a-la carte, but I’m curious if you know what the vegetarian substitutions for the meats are if I was to do the dinner as well as which of the normal sides are not vegetarian (like if there’s chicken broth in the mashed potatoes or bacon on the green beans, etc.) Thanks!

  7. Deborah Reid says

    Liberty Tree Tavern has always been one of my favorites! When we go to the Magic Kingdom we either eat lunch or dinner there every time we go! Food is always good, servers are always pleasant and attentive. They go above and beyond to get you what you ask for. Will always return to the Liberty Tavern any time of the year. Always get a feeling of returning home!

  8. Ann says

    Does anyone know what the usual options for Vegetarians are for dinner? I have always wanted to have the toffee cake (who wouldn’t based on that description!) but have stayed away because I didn’t want to be stuck paying that much just for salad and sides.

  9. Marc says

    I miss the apple butter with the rolls! We’ve been plenty of times (including back in the day when you got a free glass from the dining plan; we have 8 of them!). I’m with AJ, I like the green beans and would feel a tad disappointed with the corn.

  10. says

    Mike V — Thanks! We played around with the concept as a team. AJ felt it would give readers a really good idea at a glance if a restaurant would be a good fit. We’re glad to hear that it’s helpful.

  11. Essie says

    We ate there once when it was a character meal and we loved it. And they didn’t even have the gooey toffee cake then! I’d go back just for that, because our meal was great! I’d rather have those yummy green beans, too. Also, I agree that that Ben Franklin quote is something more people better wise up to.

  12. John says

    In all my trips to Disney, we’ve never had dinner here, but we’re planning a surprise trip for the kids in November, and we wanted to do all the “classics” we haven’t squeezed in on a trip yet. We’ve got this scheduled for an early dinner – just before Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Really looking forward to it after this review ! Of course, it’ll be a couple days after Thanksgiving, but I figure it’ll be just like the Thanksgiving Leftovers we won’t be home to eat !

  13. Joni says

    So glad the ala cart is back not a fan of the all you can eat
    Love the pot roast for Lunch !!!!!

  14. says

    John — Seriously, LTT for dinner and then Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? Y’all are the best parents ever. That sounds amazing! :-D

  15. John says

    We really are, Brooke … lol. Not only that, but our day starts at 8am, when I’m taking the 17 year old on the Backstage Magic tour. He’s a huge Walt Disney fan, and has been dying to see the Utilidoors since he was 9. On his 16th birthday he got a IOU gift certificate for 1 Backstage Magic Tour. Reading that Liberty Tree review, though, that might end up being the highlight of the day – that really does look amazing.

  16. John says

    Whoops … I meant the Keys to the Kingdom Tour … not Backstage Magic. That one is next :)

  17. says

    John — If I didn’t think that we were probably the same age, I’d pretty much ask you to adopt me! (And yep. The LTT love here goes deep. It’s the first place I ever ate at WDW, and our whole team just loves it.) I hope you stop back by and let us know how your visit goes. We’re so glad to know the review was helpful.

  18. Leslie says

    We at here for the first time on Christmas Eve last year. I thought the food was fantastic, but my family was not a huge fan. We had so much food left over. Our server was fantastic and brought out a bowl of pasta with marinara for my 12 year old and a plate of chicken nuggets and fries for my 9 year old. Another restaurant with a great theme. I would eat here again-maybe without my family next time. ;)

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