Confirmed! Food and Wine Festival Early Booking Date and Discounts For TiW and DVC Members, and Annual Passholders

Food and Wine Festival Updates 2016 Info Graphic SquareDid you see ALL THE NEWS about the 2017 Epcot Food and Wine Festival that just dropped yesterday?!

We’re talking Food Booth Menus, Eat to the Beat Dining Packages, Special Events, and more!

Early Booking Date Confirmed

And speaking of Special Events, it has been confirmed that Disney Vacation Club Members and Tables in Wonderland Members are eligible for early booking for this year’s Festival. While the general public can book all events July 20th at 7:00 am EST, DVC Members (as well as the previously confirmed Tables in Wonderland, Annual Passholders, and, we believe, Golden Oak Residents) can book select Special Events such as Culinary Demonstrations, Beverage Seminars, and “Mix It, Make It, Celebrate It” Workshops and “Party for the Senses” starting at 9:00 am EST on July 18th.

Food and Wine Festival Discount and Perks

These affinity groups are also confirmed as eligible to receive a $2 discount for low-cost events on Mondays through Thursdays.

Additionally, DVC Members who are looking forward to the “Party for the Senses” may book from a block of 50 seats reserved specifically for Members for the September 23 and October 21 party dates!

Party for the Senses

Party for the Senses

After August 4th, remaining spaces will be available for both Members and guests. DVC Members who book from the reserved seating block will also receive a complimentary wine glass designed for the occasion.

So, be sure to check out ALL the information for this year’s Festival to prepare for early booking starting July 18th, and general booking starting July 20th!

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Which Epcot Food and Wine Festival event are YOU most excited about booking? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Alan S. says

    Will the early reservation dates include the ability to book the meal special events, such as the Food/Wine pairings?

  2. Rachael says

    so all early booking begins at 8am EST or just DVC? I know DVC has to call member services but what about annual passholders, does the 7am EST time you posted still apply? Party for the Senses will not escape me 2 years running!!!

  3. Leslie says

    Does this mean Visa Chase card members cannot book early or are we still waiting to find out?

  4. says

    Leslie — We are still waiting to find out. We are attending a media event tomorrow, and this is one of the many questions we plan to ask :-). Stay tuned.

  5. says

    Rachael — According to our information, early booking is confirmed for DVC, Tables in Wonderland Members, and Annual Passholders for 9:00AM ET on July 18. General booking is open on July 20 at 7:00AM ET. Good luck!

  6. says

    Alan S. — There has been no official word on these events being included in the early booking option. Early booking is supposed to only include Culinary Demos, Beverage Seminars, Mix It, Make It, Celebrate It! Workshops, and a limited number of Party for the Senses spots.

  7. David Bell says

    Is the Parisian Breakfast included in the events that Annual Passholders and DVC members can reserve on July 18?

  8. says

    Does anyone know if DVC Members who bought after April 2016 pn the resale market are excluded from the early booking and discounts? Not sure if this is considered a “Membership Extra” and thereby exclude new purchasers. Thanks in advance!

  9. Karen says

    The 3rd category is now Guaranteed Seating and no longer General Admission. Does that mean Reserved Seating gives you a table solely for your party while Guaranteed Seating with be larger tables and your party will be seated with other guests? Is this eliminating that General Admission stampede of previous years? Is that block of DVC seats Guaranteed Seating?

  10. says

    David — According to our information from Disney today, everything is available for early booking on July 18.

  11. says

    Kelly — According to the information we received today, Chase Cardmembers are not eligible for early booking because Chase is no longer an event sponsor.

  12. says

    Thanks for the great info. I’m confused. How can we start booking the lower cost events Tuesday morning when they haven’t even released the schedule as far as I can see? Or did I miss something?

    Much appreciated!

  13. Michelle B. says

    Thanks for the info. As usual I expect the phone lines to be mobbed on opening day (s). If you have any influence, can you recommend to Disney that starting next year they space out when things can be booked? IE: On July 18/20 you can only book for the first 2 weeks of the festival, then on July 25/27 you can book for the next 2 weeks, etc. That will help the phone lines, and poor cast members as well.

  14. says

    Caryn — We understand your confusion. Last year, early booking actually opened before all of the lower cost events were released. We promise to bring you the information as soon as we have it.

  15. says

    Thanks, Brooke. Maybe it’s actually intentional to keep the phone lines more manageable for the high priced events. Challenge is that we don’t want to pick our dates until we see the lower cost opportunities.

    Yes, I know I’ll always have the latest and greatest from you. Much appreciated! I was already impressed to see the red lentils with vegan yogurt for Food & Wine Africa. The anticipation builds!

  16. Cindy says

    Am I missing something? As DVC I can book tomorrow morning, but I see no schedule posted for beverage seminars. Will I be calling and asking the CM to read me the events that will be happening on my dates? This seems time consuming and inefficient.

  17. Cindy says

    Yay! We have a schedule :) already making my choices – super excited for the duck and venison seminars. Thanks so much DFB!

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