News! Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booths Going UP!


I’m talking about the 2017 Epcot Food and Wine Festival! Kicking off on August 31st, the longer-than-ever Festival will run all the way through November 13th!

There will be 35 Festival Marketplace Booths in celebration of Epcot’s 35th Anniversary (in fact, you can check out the full list of menus here!).

Coming Soon! sign

Coming Soon! sign

So I guess with more Booths AND more days than ever, the Food and Wine Festival crew needed some extra time to prepare. Because we are ALREADY seeing the Festival Marketplace Booths popping up all over World Showcase!

So you see, I’m not the only one telling you it’s COMING SOON

Coming Soon sign

Coming Soon sign

That’s actually the only current designation on the signage posted on top of the standing booths. But after years and years of attending the Food and Wine Festival, I’ve gotten to know these buildings pretty darn well! So, it’s now no trouble spotting the Ireland Marketplace Booth. (SUPER excited about the Warm Irish Cheddar Cheese and Stout Dip with Irish Brown Bread here! It’s SOOOO GOOD.)

Ireland Booth

Ireland Booth

And here is Patagonia — home to the popular Beef Empanada! — and New Zealand.


Patagonia Booth

New Zealand

New Zealand Booth

See what I mean? Let’s visit a few more. Hello, Belgium!

Belgium Booth

Belgium Booth

Can’t you taste the Belgian Waffles already?

And good to see you again, Greece! I’m definitely intrigued by the Bougatsa this year.

Greece Booth

Greece Booth

Farm Fresh is already up (the same booth is also used as the Florida Fresh Outdoor Kitchen for Spring’s Flower and Garden Festival.

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh Booth

So, yeah, as you’re trippin’ around World Showcase, be sure to make way in the path for these recent additions in preparation for the Festival! I suppose it’s only a matter of time before spots like the Chocolate Studio start popping up in Future World.

Honestly, it feels a little like spotting the first Christmas decorations of the season ;) , because — in my opinion — the Epcot Food and Wine Festival truly is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ready to Start Planning??

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We’ll have the details FIRST!

Are you excited to see Marketplace Booths in World Showcase already? Please let us know with a comment!

Read ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Epcot Food and Wine Festival on our extensive guide pages here!


  1. Jen says

    Thanks for posting! I am going in October and this will be my first time going to this. I had no idea the Food & Wine Festival existed, never mind how big of a deal it is! I am so excited to experience this! yaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. Heather says

    I’ve still got three booths that they haven’t announced where they will be located on my list for my Food and Wine trip. Thailand, Coastal Eats and Flavors from Fire.

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