News: BaseLine Tap House and Grand Avenue Opening This Fall in Hollywood Studios

What? ANOTHER new Hollywood Studios main drag? Welcome GRAND AVENUE!!

We have LOTS to look forward to at Hollywood Studios, with Toy Story Land opening in 2018 and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (that’s the official name for Star Wars Land!) in 2019. But let’s face it… we’ve got some time to wait for those big, new adventures at the moment.

Toy Story Land Construction Walls

Toy Story Land Construction Walls

So it may be good to know that we have something new to look forward to much closer on the horizon: this fall, the new Grand Avenue area — celebrating “the spirit of present-day Downtown Los Angeles” — is coming to Hollywood Studios!

The area (essentially what remains of the former Streets of America) will showcase vintage office buildings and warehouses in representation of different parts of LA. And the new BaseLine Tap House will be a big part of the scene!



Featuring ales, lagers, and cider from California (along with California wines on tap), BaseLine Tap House will be housed in a brick building that pays homage “to the building’s former life as the Figueroa Printing Company, a mom-and-pop print house that had ties to the Disney studios in nearby Burbank.” Look for vintage printing equipment and exposed walls to make up the atmosphere inside, while a shaded terrace will offer outdoor seating.

Along with the California specialties listed above, cocktails and small bites will also round out the menu. Tapas will include a Bavarian pretzel with mustard and beer-cheese fondue, a charcuterie board with California cheeses, and spiced almonds



… which, if you recall, sounds suspiciously like what Writer’s Stop served in its final days when it ran as a defacto lounge easily accessible for guests awaiting their Advance Dining Reservations at Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant.

Writer's Stop Lounge Menu in Final Days

Writer’s Stop Lounge Menu in Final Days

Does Hollywood Studios need another bar?

Well, with Brown Derby Lounge, Tune-In Lounge, and pop-up bars all around the park, like, all the time…probably not. But currently that area of the park offers Mama Melrose and Sci-Fi Dine-In — both table service spots that really do require a reservation. While Pizzerizzo is back there, its menu is painfully limited, so if you’re visiting with an adult group or would prefer something other than bad pizza, it will be nice to have options in that area of the park.

While an opening date has yet to be announced, we DO know the space will open at 11:00 am daily once in operation.

So get ready to raise a glass — and enjoy a little bit of the west coast out east — on Grand Avenue when the BaseLine Tap House opens this fall!

What do you think of this upcoming addition to Hollywood Studios? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Rebecca B says

    Thanks for posting this! Do you think maybe you could post a map with this spot circled? There had been so many changes in Hollywood Studios that I no longer have a very good sense for where anything is. Thanks!

  2. Essie says

    I hope all of these alcohol additions don’t cause increased problems with inebriated guests, like the weekend drunks at the EFAWF. As for Grand Ave., I’ll always miss House Guys Merchandise and the OSL!

  3. Doombuggy says

    YES!! They absolutely need another bar. It was a sad day when High Octane closed and this seems like it will be a nice replacement that is a more comfortable atmosphere for adults.

  4. Mkay says

    Hollywood Studios does not need anymore adult beverage places, there are enough places to buy alcohol. To many drunks walking around the park now. Family places do not need to mix kids with adults who drink!

  5. Gigi says

    I’m really looking forward to this. The Tune In Lounge is always so crowded and the Brown Derby Lounge doesn’t offer much comfort from the Central Florida heat. Sounds like this will be a nice place to take a little midday break.

  6. Ret says

    And for this, we’ve lost the Streets of America, the Writer’s Stop, etc. This will be another new place I’ll have to avoid – the smell of beer and wine seriously bothers me. I hope this isn’t a sign of more places like this throughout the Studios. Say it isn’t so, please!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    Personally, I think that Hollywood Studios could do with less drink carts, and more themed places to consume adult beverages. I think this is a fantastic idea, and it’s carrying through California/Hollywood theme. Perhaps this is a sign that we’re not losing the facade of the Chinese Theatre. This is all just great news all around.

  8. says

    Disney is going where the most money is to be made…booze.I agree, the Food and Wine Festival is pretty much a drunks paradise.(look at some of the teeshirts…Drunk#1..Drunk#2..ect.)sign of the times.

  9. Jane says

    Disney does not need anymore drinking spots. No one wants to be around obnoxious people who have been drinking. I am disappointed that Disney is heading in this direction encouraging drinking in the parks.

  10. Tom says

    Thanks for the “heads up” concerning the Baseline Tap House I am looking forward raising a glass or two there.

  11. Sandra G says

    This looks quite interesting to us, because we’ve never been able to get into Tune Inn lounge and the menu at the Brown Derby patio isn’t appealing to our son. This would allow us to relax with an adult beverage while our son has some fancier non-alcoholic items to choose from. I can see us ordering one each of the featured snacks! While I do worry about unpleasant encounters with drunken guests, I think having another place to get some wine and beer and upscale noshes isn’t going to add much if anything to that problem. In our experience, Epcot is much worse, what with the loud and pushy drink around the world groups.

  12. Doombuggy says

    I have to say that we’re really a little stunned by all of the ‘Drunken Guest’ comments. We go to food & wine every year and aside from the very large Drink Around the World groups (which, I might add, we see throughout the year….bachelor parties…bridal showers etc…so NOT just F&W and yes, they can be obnoxious…but sometimes really funny if you chit chat with them) we do not see clearly inebriated guests.

    We actually see lots more people clearly hammered at Chili’s, Applebee’s and local restaurants than we do at WDW…and we go pretty often and spend the bulk of our time at Epcot.

    Not trying to start a debate, but some of the negative comments about people enjoying a drink at WDW are a little ridiculous. Would you get hacked off at a restaurant because they serve beer, wine or have a bar and not take kids there? Do you not visit Animal Kingdom? (because I’ve seen more alcoholic options go in there than any park yet)

    I have to agree with WDW Weekly, because WDW absolutely does need more themed places to enjoy an adult beverage. The pop-up carts just aren’t enjoyable. (Though I’ve talked to some great cast members at them). Adult-only families need a place too…Maybe with less children running around…Maybe a bit quieter than others. Nomad Lounge was a perfect place for this and La Cava de Tequila was too.

    (Though on my last trip, we were enjoying drinks, chips & queso in La Cava and a family with children was next to us drinking…of all things….water. The kids were unruly, the parents…inattentive and I ended up being kicked multiple times by the child who was being allowed to walk all over the booth)

    So…it goes both ways. WDW is a family destination. Families with kids AND families without kids. WDW will do what they have to do to make everyone happy and there are lots of places for families with kids to go. It’s very refreshing to see them add locations that are more adult oriented.

  13. Margie Fuchs says

    I don’t drink beer and I’m really not much of a wine drinker either but the snacks listed sound really good. I would go for the food and drink cider or water.

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