New Video: 20 MORE Disney Snacks You Have to Try!

Hey Guys! Remember when we told you all about the 20 Disney Snacks that you HAVE to try? Well, today we’re back with 20 more in our latest DFB Video!

Fruit galore!

Nutella and Fruit Waffle


Ah. Disney Snacks. There are some crazy amazing ones to choose from! From sweet to savory, with a couple that are both, we can’t get enough.

But do you know where the best ones are, both in terms of value and taste? We do! Follow along as we share which snack at the Joy of Tea kiosk has us coming back for more. We’ll tell you where to score our favorite counter service dessert in Animal Kingdom. And where can you get that amazing waffle with fresh fruit and Nutella that you see above?¬†Check out the video to find out!

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So check out the video and then let us know: Which of these snacks will you trying on your next trip to Disney? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Essie says

    I loved this report; its very well done and has so many great snacks that I don’t think I could even pick out as few as three favorites! Good job, Joey!

  2. Hannah says

    THANK YOU!!!!! This was great. The first time I tried School Bread, because of all I’d heard, I took my first bite and thought…”What’s the big deal?” Then I took my second bite….ahhhh…there it is. The filling makes the whole thing. A total favorite.

  3. Dave says

    My Fav at Kringle Bakery Og is the Rullekake!!!!!! But I am not turning down any School Bread, Troll Horns, or Berry pastry puffs though!

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