Review: Churro Cotton Candy (with a Churro!) in Downtown Disney at Disneyland

Heather Sievers, our Disneyland correspondent and the queen behind @DiningInDisney, knows how to have fun with Disney food. She’s hooking us up with Disney Frankenfoods, which are mash-ups between two (or more!) complementary Disney foods. Today we have one of her most recent food combos — a Churro Cotton Candy Churro!

Churro Cotton Candy is found in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney. You can find tubs of cotton candy in unique flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Pina Colada! These tubs are super convenient; it’s a lot easier to keep your cotton candy fresh throughout the day when it comes in a tub rather than a bag.

Cotton Candy Tubs at Disneyland

Cotton Candy Tubs at Disneyland

Heather went straight for the Churro Cotton Candy. But she also knew it wasn’t quite complete. Because what could go better with Churro Cotton Candy than an actual Churro? So she grabbed one of those, too. Wrap that cinnamon-sugar stick in the spiced spun sugar, and BA-DAH-BING!

You’ve got yourself a Churro Cotton Candy Churro!

Churro Cotton Candy Churro

Churro Cotton Candy Churro

Who needs a cardboard stick for Cotton Candy when you can wrap it around a Churro? The combination of textures and flavors and the funky appearance make this an artsy food mash-up winner!

What’s your dream Cotton Candy flavor? Let us know in the comments! 


  1. Jakie says

    The Blackberry Merlot is EVERYTHING!! But how can I order it from Texas? My daughter and I fell in love with it while on vacation. Problem is…we now crave it! :)

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