NEW!!: Shhh… All Star Movies Resort SECRET MENU in Walt Disney World!!!

Wanna know a secret? Then come with me to World Premiere Food Court at All Star Movies Resort for an AMAZING one!!

The Food Courts at the All Star Resorts — Sports, Music, and Movies (which is the Resort we’re visiting today) — are pretty fun places. Since the All Stars land in the category of Value Resorts, they don’t offer a Table Service restaurant. So that means the Resort Food Courts are extra big and packed with options to feed the huge numbers of guests in these sprawling Resorts.

That said, the menus tend to cater to the masses primarily with safe bets like pizza, hot dogs, and the like. While the All Stars Food Court counterparts — Pop Century’s Everything Pop and the Art of Animation Resort’s Landscape of Flavors — raised the bar in providing some more unique options, the All Star Resort Food Courts… well, let’s just say they’ve never exactly been what you might call a place of intrigue.

Until now… thanks to the arrival of a few SECRET MENU ITEMS at World Premiere Food Court! And seriously, this is pretty darn cool!

World Premiere Food Court

World Premiere Food Court

Our stealth, on-the-scene reporter snuck in to the food court in a trench coat and fedora.

World Premiere Food Court

World Premiere Food Court

Okay, she walked in like normal. Turns out trench coats and August in Florida don’t mix. Anyhoo… should YOU choose to tackle this mission on your own, here’s a big hint:

Roxy Counter

Roxy Counter

Report to the ROXY counter. Once there, our roving reporter asked a Cast Member about the Secret Menu Items. And here’s what happened…

Secret Menu Item Briefcase

Secret Menu Item Briefcase

A Manager walked out with a briefcase. And in that briefcase were a few, beautiful, old school-style VIEWMASTERS.



And clicking through the Viewmaster is how you find out what the Secret Menu Items are (just like the old dessert menu at 50s Prime Time Cafe!)


But if you don’t mind, then please read on…

I’ll give you a minute to decide.

Okay, TIME’S UP! The Secret Menu Items are — pause for added suspense and drama:

  • Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds,
  • Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog,
  • AND A CINNAMON BUN AND CANDIED BACON CHEESEBURGER (and if anything gets ALL CAPS over Poutine, you KNOW it’s a big deal)!

The Cinnamon Bun Burger is… honestly, a bit to my surprise… EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS IT IS!

Cinnamon Bun Burger

Cinnamon Bun Burger

When it came up on the Viewmaster, we figured it might be an all-sweet, dessert-y twist on a burger. But, NO. It’s a straight up Cinnamon Bun — with icing, no less! — split in half and surrounding a beef patty topped with cheese and BACON!

Cinnamon Bun Burger

Cinnamon Bun Burger

Okay, there’s a bit more sweetness to add. That bacon? It’s candied.

Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon

And that’s white American cheese paired with it. In all the hubbub, I forgot to mention… it comes with french fries and coleslaw.

Full Cinnamon Bun Burger Entree

Cinnamon Bun Burger with Fries and Coleslaw

But you know what those are all about. What you want to know is… how did that burger work out? Actually, it was pretty good!

Cinnamon Bun Burger

Cinnamon Bun Burger

The always-a-hit sweet and salty combo is helped along by the fact that the light and airy bun is a nice pair with the hearty, dense fillings (which, yes, include the typically overdone Disney food court burger patty — but it wasn’t a hockey puck this time, and it was good enough that it doesn’t take away from the overall dish).

Cinnamon Bun Burger

Cinnamon Bun Burger

It’s also surprisingly easy to eat, since the cinnamon bun smashes down easily. It’s every bit as messy and sticky as you might anticipate, but the sheer fun factor makes up for that.

Additionally, we couldn’t possibly resist a dish of Poutine, now could we? No real secrets here in regards to how the dish is comprised… which, when it comes to Poutine, is a VERY good thing!

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds

French Fries are topped with a hearty helping of rich brown gravy and plenty of warm cheese curds.

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds

Of course, they aren’t the thick-cut fries we love with Poutine (the way they’re served at The Daily Poutine). Just the regular thin-cut food court fries. But still. Gravy. Fries. Curds.

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds

And the flavor and fun are all in there, and the fact that the curds are warm is appreciated. YUM!

Oh, and while we didn’t get the mac and cheese dog, you can get that at several places around Disney World. Here’s the gist. It’s pretty great, too. :

Mac and Cheese Dog Bacon Close-Up

Mac and Cheese Dog Bacon Close-Up

I just gotta say it… WAY TO GO, WORLD PREMIERE FOOD COURT!! You’ve pulled off a SUPER fun surprise with tasty items, too! All you parents out there … don’t you think this could be a cool way to surprise and astound the kiddos with a fun vacation memory? (And, of course, you could always split a dish as a group if maaaaybe you don’t want your child eating their own entire CINNAMON BUN BURGER ;) ).

Oh! Before we sneak out… we don’t want to keep the prices a secret. The Cinnamon Bun Burger is $14.99, the Poutine is $7.99, and the Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog comes in at $12.29. Pretty much on par with the regular food court entrees.

Allright, that’s it from World Premiere Food Court! I’d let you in on my next destination, but… it’s a SECRET ;) .

What do you think of the Secret Menu Items at World Premiere Food Court? Don’t keep it a secret — please comment below!

All Star Movies Resort SECRET MENU in Walt Disney World!!!


  1. Mary says

    All 3 secret menu items sound yummy and I’ll probably try all 3 , but I’ll use a fork and knife to ear the cinnamon bun burger. LOL

  2. Donny says

    That looks great…especially being from Montreal, Quebec..home of the poutine, that would be a must try for me. What about Music and Sports? Are they going to have secret items?

  3. Lori says

    I’m so sick of this stupid secret menu nonsense everywhere. Put what you have on your menu and be done with it.

    A greasy burger, cheese, and candied bacon on an iced cinnamon bun? That’s just flat out disgusting. Poutine and bacon and cheese sauce on everything is gross enough.

  4. Taryn says

    @Molly — nothing vegan because vegans make up less than 2 percent of the total population of Earth. A tiny, tiny fraction of people. It would be a waste of time, energy, and money to try to force vegan items onto every menu, secret or not, to appeal to such a small segment of guests that come each year. Like it or not, it is much more difficult to make vegan food that is as fun, indulgent, and elaborate as mainstream food. Disney does an exceptional job making sure that there are more than enough options available to vegans. Far better than any other destination I have ever visited. And I am vegan, so I know what I’m talking about.

  5. veronica roberts says

    Sorry but I think all three are disgusting . Disney should be embtassed serving this slop. Most people today are trying to eat a little healthier . How well do you think these items would be received at any of the moderate or deluxe hotels .

  6. Mary says

    Can’t say any of this is appealing. We have sensory food issues with the kiddos, and I can’t eat anything greasy..this looks gross..sorry disney, you missed on this one

  7. Dolly says

    Thanks for the secret lo-down. Personally, I can’t wait to try the trench coat and fedora bit (I’m going in January) to get my greedy little hands on the cinnamon bun burger. You should have seen my eyes light up when I read your ALL CAPS and saw the delightfully whimsical photo of my new favorite dish. However you are, as always, correct in your assessment of the quality and overcooked tendencies of the burgers. How about swapping out the beef patty for thick sliced turkey with that candied bacon? Now that I could relish!! Hey, it’s dinner and a dessert without the wait. Thank you again for my hope of a good day.
    P.S. Big fan, can you tell?

  8. Gigi says

    @Taryn – individuals with celiac disease only comprise 1% of the population, but restaurants don’t consider that population to be a “waste of time, energy, and money.” I think it would be just as difficult to make “fun, indulgent, and elaborate” food for celiacs as it is for vegans. Any type of food/ingredient restriction poses some issues when developing a recipe or menu.

    I get the point you were trying to make, but your tone leaves something to be desired. Especially when you indicate that you are also vegan. Nobody is “forcing” anyone else to eat vegan, gluten free, etc. But if you’re going to use the argument that the vegan population is too small to worry about, then you should also argue that restaurants shouldn’t bother with gluten-free items. Or nut-free (only 0.5% of the population).

  9. Melissa says

    @Gigi- Quite honestly comparing someone with celiac disease and someone who is vegan are two completely different things. Being vegan is a choice while celiac is an actual medical condition. Disney has vegan options on the menu as well as gluten free options. So I’m not sure where your complaints arose from.
    As for things being nut free, well that is also medical. So are you saying that Disney or any other restaurant should not have nut free options? I hope you do realize that nut allergies are very dangerous and can be deadly. Again comparing actual allergies to being vegan is an absurd concept.
    You shouldn’t be trying to compare medical issues with a choice in eating habits.
    As a side note, there is nothing that says the 3 menu items are even gluten free and given the ingredients they probably aren’t. You should not just assume.

  10. Gigi says

    @Melissa – I am aware that a lifestyle choice (veganism) is very different from a medical condition (celiac). I made those comparisons because the argument that Taryn used for not including a vegan option is because vegans only represent a small portion of the population. I was trying to illustrate the absurdity of this comparison by indicating the percentages of individuals with celiac and nut allergies. I absolutely agree that medical conditions which require individuals to eschew certain foods should be taken very seriously. But, in using Taryn’s logic, since these individuals only comprise a “tiny, tiny fraction of people”, restaurants shouldn’t be expected to offer them any choices.

  11. says

    Hi , personally I love the look of something that’s supposed to bring a bit of fun and an experience but it just goes to show how different we all are . Each to their own but it never ceases to amuse me how people get quite upset stating that it’s disgusting , slop . Should be embarrassed to serve it ! We all chose what to eat if we don’t like that type of food we can go somewhere else if we like it fill your boots . Totally get if you have food intolerances etc but if it’s just because you want to eat healthier there are plenty of other options . I can’t wait to try the cinnamon bun with patty candid bacon and cheese. Just because it’s different I might love it , I might hate it but I look forward to trying it and having some fun whilst ordering .

  12. Emma says

    How long until this gets removed because now people know all about it and demand to be served this or their trips are RUINED? I give it 3 months. I see there’s already people complaining about how a secret menu won’t work for them.

  13. says

    It’s a cute idea! The food isn’t for me, but if you’re ordering from the secret menu, then chances are you’ve heard about it and know what food is on it. It’s a cute experience if you want to order one of these items!

  14. CrzyMom says

    I’m all for trying new food items. For those lashing out about how unhealthy this is, they do have healthy choices on the menus. As for me, I can’t wait to splurge a little and try that burger. Do we know if these items can be ordered if you have a meal plan?

  15. Julie says

    I just looked up poutine because I had heard of it but did not know what it was. This is what Wikipedia says, “Poutine is a dish originating from the Canadian province of Quebec consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy.” So saying the menu item is poutine with brown gravy and cheese curds is redundant. It should either be just poutine or french fries with brown gravy and cheese curds.

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