News: Citrus Swirl Orange Float at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Disney World

WOW! Just two weeks ago we broke the news that Vanilla Dole Whip had returned to Aloha Isle.

And now we’ve got MORE news regarding another Adventureland iconic snack…

It’s the Citrus Swirl from Sunshine Tree Terrace!

The tart orange slush (like frozen OJ) swirled with vanilla soft serve just got a MAJOR update.

Because you can now get a Citrus Swirl Orange Float!

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Here’s the deal: you won’t even see this on the Sunshine Tree Terrace menu… yet.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu

But it IS on the official Disney World online menus.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Online Menu

Sunshine Tree Terrace Online Menu

And you’ll notice — as you can tell in these pictures — that the Citrus Swirl Orange Float is the Citrus Swirl floating in a glass of bubbly orange soda.

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

So it’s an extra ORANGE BLAST from my friend and yours… the Little Orange Bird!

Little Orange Bird Plush

Little Orange Bird Plush

Now THIS is Florida in a glass, for sure! And remember… you can request it TODAY even though it’s not on the menu yet!

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Cheers from Adventureland!

Will you be ordering a Citrus Swirl Orange Float? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. dave says

    This is my one daughter’s absolute favorite, sad part is just mom/dad going in a few weeks, should I send a pic of me enjoying this to her is the Q?

  2. says

    OMG That looks amazingly delicious! I’m usually more of a chocolate girl, but something about Adventureland makes me crave citrusy sweet things!

    I hope they still have it next time my husband and I do – we won’t be able to get back until at least a year from now! :(

    (I can’t complain, we just went on our honeymoon in May…but it feels like forever!!)

  3. Essie says

    I love frozen cokes, but I’d certainly give this a try. The citrus swirl isn’t my fave, but with the orange soda, it sounds very refreshing for a hot summer day.

  4. Amy condit says

    Wow! This is great! I Know the Orange Bird had something to do with it-he comes up with fantastic menu items! Thanks for posting his photo, too!

  5. Nicole H says

    I LOVE Citrus Swirls. They’re a must-have for me every trip. But this I just can’t imagine liking. One of the best things about the Citrus Swirl is that real orange taste, which I think would be overwhelmed by the cloyingly sweet artificial orange flavor. I do think it might be ok with Sprite to give it some fizz, but even that might be a bit much for me.

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