News! Pre-Order Your DOLE WHIP at Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle with Mobile Order

Imagine this: you walk straight up to Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom and walk away with your Dole Whip or Dole Whip FloatWITHOUT WAITING IN LINE. No muss, no fuss.

Dole Whip Float

Dole Whip Float

Well, now you can do exactly that, because Aloha Isle has been added to the list of participating Counter Service locations offering Mobile Order!

aloha isle mobile order select restaurant

Mobile Order gives guests the opportunity to pre-order and pre-pay for their food items via the My Disney Experience app at select restaurants in Disney World parks, and even one restaurant — D-Luxe Burger — in Disney Springs. This allows guests to pickup their food upon arrival, bypassing the ordering queues in the restaurant! (You can read step-by-step instructions to learn how the process works here.)

aloha isle mobile order dole whip float

Thus far, the participating restaurants all offer full Counter Service meals. Aloha Isle is the first snack location to offer Mobile Order. And whenever that particular snack is DOLE WHIP… well, that’s very good news, indeed!

Will you be pre-ordering your next Dole Whip? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Jason says

    Dole Whip melts so fast that I can’t imagine this saving a lot of time. You don’t want to risk it sitting on counter for five minutes, so you’ll have to order when you’re nearly at the counter anyway. But shaving even a few minutes off waiting in line is always welcome.

  2. Essie says

    Mobile order for a dole whip or any snack???? Technology is getting ridiculous. Eventually, people will be so dependent that if a system goes down, everyone will fall over and die.

  3. dave says

    I would assume that when you arrive to pickup an prepaid mobile order they will make it fresh immediately, it won’t be pre made waiting for you melting away. It probably takes 25 sec to prepare one of those so I assume a mobile order cast member will have a specific job of making the mobile orders on customer arrival at the window.

  4. Janet says

    Saving time in any line would be great. But once the word gets out about this app. I would imagine there will be lines there too. Then I’d be concerned about the inconsistency of sizes made due to lines formed ready to pick up a whip. Oh yummy! Or made ahead of time and it becomes too soft & drippy. I will be following the success of this pre order/pay app.

  5. Yvonne says

    Just checked the app and Aloha Isle is not listed. And I don’t have any updates to do. Should it be there now or is it coming?

  6. B Tink says

    I used this on Thursday and it was awesome.
    You select your item and pay at any time during the day. They actually don’t make it right then and there- once you are by Aloha isle you click the “I’m here” button and they will make it for you- so no need to fear it getting melty. :)

  7. Jeff says

    You’re not forced to use the mobile ordering. I have never had a long wait for a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle. If there is a long line, I may opt to make use of it.
    In my humble opinion, even a melted Dole Whip is still delicious!!!

  8. S says

    Ordering from the mobile app was amazing! We were standing in a VERY long line for our whips just last weekend when a cast member pointed out that there was no wait at the mobile order pickup window. I jumped on My Disney Experience and ordered. We were notified immediately that it was ready and basically walked right up to the window to retrieve our whips within minutes! I’m pretty sure several people behind me in line followed suit. It was GREAT!

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