News: Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Food and Wine Festival Debuts at Disneyland Paris

“We’ll always have Paris…” And if YOU Have Disneyland Paris on your immediate travel itinerary, then you’ll be thrilled to learn about Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris. It’s the first-ever Food and Wine Festival for Disneyland Paris!

©Disneyland Paris

©Disneyland Paris

Running from September 8th (TODAY!) through the 24th, the Rendez-vous will celebrate the flavors of France in honor of the park’s 25th Anniversary. Guests will be able to visit six Chalets (a la the Epcot Food and Wine Festival’s Marketplace Booths) in Walt Disney Studios Park.

©Disneyland Paris

©Disneyland Paris

Each of the Chalets will feature flavors from a different region of France:

Chalet Bretagne

“Surrounded by the sea, this region abounds in cuisine featuring sumptuous salted butter. And as its cider makers will tell you, no visit is complete without a sweet or savoury crepe.”

– Eat: Galettes, Kouign-amann…
– Drink: Sweet or dry cider, Red or white wine

Chalet Alsace

“Germanic influences give this region a special flavour, best enjoyed with local white wine. Savour a mouth-watering plate of Choucroute, the Alsatian recipe for happiness.”

– Eat: Choucroute (delicately seasoned sauerkraut and sausages), Pretzels…
– Drink: White wine, Champagne

Chalet Bourgogne and Lyon

“World renowned for its vintage red wines, this region has a deep-rooted tradition of simple, flavoursome dishes and lively dinner tables.”

– Eat: Bœuf Bourguignon (tender beef), Escargots en croustade…
– Drink: Red wine, White wine, Champagne

Chalet Bordeaux

“Raise a toast to world-class vineyards and authentic seasonal cuisine. Here, every dish can be paired with a regional wine.”

– Eat: Agneau de Gironde, Cannelé…
– Drink: Red wine, White wine

Chalet Savoie

“Discover traditional Alpine recipes passed down through generations. These delicious dishes feature Savoyard cheeses, sophisticated charcuterie and potatoes.”

– Eat: Raclette sandwich (soft melted cheese), Tartiflette (creamy potato, cheese and onion tart)…
– Drink: Red wine, White wine

Chalet South of France

“Enjoy a taste of the sunny South. Bringing to mind spectacular scenery, sun-drenched vineyards and sandy beaches, this authentic food is made to be shared.”

– Eat: Assiette de charcuterie, Tropézienne…
– Drink: Rosé wine, A selection of soft natural wine

I’ve got just ONE WORD: Oui!

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