Review: Abracadabar Spiced Fries!!! (seriously. get these.)

What’s a Disney foodie to do when the parks close, but she’s still raring to go? Hit the BoardWalk, baby!

And while you can pretty much always count on seeing me sitting in the back of Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar editing photos til 2AM, there’s another bar on the BoardWalk that is so fun and unusual that you’ve got to check it out at least once!

Abracadabar opened just over a year ago, and it’s been enticing guests ever since. The backstory is that this was the gathering place for BoardWalk magicians and entertainers decades ago — and that the magic is still in the air. (I mean, you’re at Disney World so Disney magic is everywhere already! But this is magic magic!)

You can experience the Abracadabar magic nightly (the bar opens at 4PM), and it’s accessible via the BoardWalk and via hallways to both Flying Fish and Trattoria al Forno, so you can start or finish your meal here easily!


The exterior of Abracadabar fits with the BoardWalk theming while also giving a hint to the vintage magic you’ll find inside.



Inside, the glamour of an old magicians’ haunt awaits. There’s lots of rich wallpaper and heavy draperies. Dark wood molding and paneling anchor the space.

Inside AbracadaBar

Inside AbracadaBar

The floor is a bit of an optical illusion (it’s all M.C. Escher up in here), which offers a little lightness to the otherwise dark space.

AbracadaBar Flooring

AbracadaBar Flooring

The walls are adorned with magicians’ props, including a variety of keys and locks, playing cards, and even straight jackets. Basically, you’re getting schooled on magic while you drink some ‘creative concoctions.’

Magic Props

Magic Props

We toured Abracadabar over on our YouTube channel recently — check it out!


The drinks at Abracadabar are dubbed “Curious Cocktails,” and their names alone give you all kinds of Houdini vibes. We’ve really enjoyed Pepper’s Ghost on a past visit.

Curious Cocktails menu closeup

Curious Cocktails menu closeup

On this visit, I went for The Sour Assistant, which “does all of the work, but gets none of the credit!” The components are fairly straightforward: Breuckelen Distilling 77 Whiskey and House-made Sweet-and-Sour. But the combination is smooth and powerful.

The Sour Assistant

The Sour Assistant

How cool are all those cocktail picks/magician’s swords sticking into the garnish? Just like knives in a box.

The app options at Abracadabar are creative, too, plus they’re tasty. But if you’re looking for a little more, you’ll find a few choices on the appetizer menu — these are mostly from the app menu at Flying Fish, FYI.

Abracadabar Eats

Abracadabar Eats

With so many interesting choices, I went with the spiciest-sounding bite of the bunch: Thrice Spiced Fries. I figured heat + cheese + sriracha couldn’t really fail. And I was correct. These thick-cut French Fries are stacked artfully, then covered in tangy Sriracha Aioli, crumbled Feta Cheese, and loads of chopped Parsley. And they are AWESOME!

Thrice Spiced Fries

Thrice Spiced Fries

The spices on the fries themselves were mildly hot (and well-balanced), but the addition of Sriracha Aioli put these over the top. The Feta had a nice cooling effect. Overall, these were terrific bar food and a must-eat as far as I’m concerned!

Nosh or Not?

You definitely want to make an appearance at Abracadabar if:

  • You love classic magic and want to see the props and artwork.
  • You are staying in the BoardWalk Resort area and want to try something different.
  • You just watched IlumiNations and don’t want the party to end!

You’ll want to skip Abracadabar if:

  • You aren’t planning to be in the BoardWalk Resort area and don’t think a bar is worth the trip.
  • You’ve got kiddos in tow. This bar isn’t anti-kids, but I’m not sure they’d be thrilled with it.


Abracadabar is such a fun and cool place to check out — particularly if you are fascinated by magicians of old. With innovative drinks and eats, it’s easy to try something completely new-to-you, so it can be an exciting place to go if you want a grown-ups night out. And those spicy fries? Yes.

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Have you hit up Abracadabar? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 



  1. CATHLEEN says

    II did visit AbracadaBar on my last trip. I went at opening to there weren’t many of us. The waiter was nice. I went because I always wanted to try Absinthe, I had an Elixir. I was not impressed with the drink but I plan to go again and try something else.

  2. MIke V says

    So are you paying 50 cents per fry?
    Are these large fries, I know you say think-cut, because the picture does not do it justice.
    This looks like a very small app for $11.

  3. Katie says

    Went for the first time last November and my biggest complaint, if I had one, was the lack of solid snack options. These look amazing! Can’t wait to try them when I’m there again in a couple months!

  4. Lianne says

    There are no snacks now on the official disney menu and allears just shows olives, cheese etc…we aren’t travelling from the UK until next year but so had my eye on this place for an evening of cocktails and small plates. Hopefully the bar food will be back for our holiday. The fries look amazing, and the other options sound good, so do the cocktails!

  5. Nancy says

    Fries are okay but I really excited about that pork belly app what they serve at Flying Fish. I see at least 2 of them in my future.

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