Review: Via Napoli in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Via Napoli, how do I love thee? Shall we count the ways?

Seriously, I would, but it would take too long. Since this Table Service restaurant opened in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion seven years ago, I’ve been among its biggest fans. I love the decor, with those massive pizza ovens named for Italian volcanoes, the huge open space with arches and chandeliers, and the colorful frescoes on the walls and ceilings.

Oh, and did I mention there’s PIZZA involved, too? Via Napoli easily tops my list for serving up the Best Pizza in Disney World. It’s pretty much become one of those spots I visit whenever I have an excuse to do so.

On my most recent visit, we started with a couple of drinks. And there is no shortage of options at Via Napoli. There are cocktails, signature drinks, and, of course, lots of vino.

Via Napoli Drink Menu

Via Napoli Drink Menu

And have you ever checked out the Daily Drink Specials? Who doesn’t love a Wine Flight?

Via Napoli Daily Specials

Via Napoli Daily Specials

On my visit, the Limoncello Mule was available for a limited time.

Limoncello Mule at Via Napoli

Limoncello Mule at Via Napoli

I’d seen this on social media and HAD to try it. Mules are so trendy right now, and I think they’re delicious, so win-win.

The Limoncello Mule is comprised of Skyy Vodka, Limoncello, orange juice, pineapple juice, peach puree, lime juice, and ginger beer. And if the description isn’t enough to sway you, check out the garnish!

Limoncello Mule

Limoncello Mule

The Limoncello Mule is as delicious — fruity, tart, tipsy — as it is cute. Hello, Mickey!

But diners do not subsist on cocktails alone at Via Napoli! There are plenty of tempting options all over the menu.

Via Napoli Food Menu

Via Napoli Food Menu

But it’s honestly difficult to veer from some of our tried-and-true favorites.

Pasta e Fagioli is a classic… and, yes, it’s available at pretty much every Italian restaurant I — and likely you — have ever been to.

Pasta e Fagioli at Via Napoli

Pasta e Fagioli at Via Napoli

But I do really enjoy it here. The broth is heartily savory, and it is packed with white beans, small noodles, and veggies. The folks at Via Napoli sprinkle a little grated parm on top for a little something extra.

So the soup is a solid start. But the next starter… well, it’s a bit more indulgent. Check out the Bocconcini, and allow me to translate for you. That’s Fried Mozzarella there, folks!

Fried Mozzarella at Via Napoli

Fried Mozzarella at Via Napoli

These always remind me of the Fried Cheese Curds that used to be available at Liberty Tree Tavern. And it was a sad day when those vanished from the menu. So this option at Via Napoli — which, by the way, you’ll find listed under the Children’s Entrees — most definitely scratches that itch. Just look at it…

Fried Cheese Yummyness

Fried Mozzerella

Rich, gooey, and melted just right, the already terrific curds are perfect with the paired marinara. But it’s the light golden breading that differentiates these from your typical Mozz Sticks. Plan accordingly, because you may want to pick up a couple of orders. (If you get one for just yourself, you’ll be fending off your tablemates once they get a load of these.)

Pizza is, of course, a must. And though a large Pepperoni Pizza doesn’t sound all that exciting when you consider all of the options in World Showcase, this is hardly your typical pie. Check out the curled, crisped, and spicy Old World pepperoni pieces that get all crunchy in the volcano pizza ovens and that creamy mozzarella cheese. (And yes, my husband couldn’t wait to try a piece before I took the pic. ;-D)

Large Pepperoni Pizza at Via Napoli

Large Pepperoni Pizza at Via Napoli

But, as always, it’s the ever-so-slightly charred thin crust that really makes the pizza at Via Napoli a special experience. The flour to create it is imported directly from Italy, but even more so it’s the water that makes the difference (it’s sourced from a spring that is similar to those in the Campania region). It’s Via Napoli’s own work of art, fired for just under 2 minutes in the volcano ovens.

And, hey, here’s a tip: a large pepperoni is going to run you $33.00. Polish this thing off between two people (or more, if you load up on some Fried Mozzarella), and if you split it down the middle that’s $16.50 apiece. And THAT is what lands Via Napoli on our Top Disney World Meals Under $20 list!

If you do decide to forgo a pizza, though, you might want to opt for the Piatti Alla Parmigiana con Pollo, or Chicken Parmesan. The Via Napoli version is served with roasted potatoes.

Piatta Alla Parmigiana con Pollo

Piatta Alla Parmigiana con Pollo

This is usually wonderful, but on this visit it didn’t quite live up to expectations. But since this is the first time that Via Napoli has disappointed me, I’ll try it one more time before I put the kibosh on this one.

Nosh or Not?

You’ll definitely want to make that coveted Via Napoli ADR if:

  • You love pizza and want to try authentic Italian pie.
  • Via Napoli’s location fits in your World Showcase strategy.
  • You’re not a super adventurous eater, but you want to immerse yourself in a World Showcase dining experience.

You can skip Via Napoli if: 

  • You’re not a big fan of pizza or Italian food in general.
  • Spending a lot of time in World Showcase isn’t in your strategy.
  • You’re an adventurous eater and don’t think pizza is the World Showcase dining experience you’re looking for.


The verdict remains the same: I’ll always make room in my trip for Via Napoli. It’s become a little bit like home, even though it’s still “new” (relatively speaking, that is!) among World Showcase Table Service options. It’s also become one of my go-to choices for recommendations for friends planning a trip to Epcot. So if you still haven’t experienced a meal at Via Napoli, trust that it comes VERY highly recommended, and may just become part of your Epcot traditions as well.

Is Via Napoli on your list of World Showcase must-visits? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Kylie says

    I was at Via Napoli in July and the chicken parm was served with spaghetti, not potatoes. I was relieved. I never quite got the chicken parm plus potatoes thing haha.

  2. Katie says

    I was just at Via Napoli last week; it is also one of my favorite places at WDW. My mom and I went for lunch and shared a pizza and the arancini. Both were delicious, as always. I also had the white wine flight and enjoyed all the selections. We had the best server – Fabio – he was so much fun and kept checking to make sure we finished everything on our plates. We tried not to eat too much so we could still enjoy some food from the booths at the Food and Wine Festival. We had a great afternoon at Epcot.

  3. Debbie Ajak Mogle says

    This restaurant if awesome have been there many times food and service the best in Epcot Italy! If you never tried this place I HIGHLY recommend!

  4. Rachael says

    I LOVE via napoli. the spicy sausage pizza is a favorite but the traditional margarita with prosciutto…YES PLEASE!!! I didnt know they had tried mozzarella and seeing its burratta mozzarella makes it even better Im totally going to have to try that when we visit in a few weeks.

  5. Gigi says

    Everyone says what a great value Via Napoli is, but I just have the hardest time seeing it. I guess it depends on how many people are sharing pizza vs. getting their own. Any idea what size the individual and large pizzas are (10″? 12″? etc.) Your large pizza is only cut into 4 slices, each of which look comparable to a standard slice. Is that a fair assumption? I get that it’s not frozen industrial pizza, like in the rest of the parks, but the prices seem really inflated (even for Disney!) Maybe I’m reluctant to try it because I don’t want to be disappointed. We have a some really good Italian/pizza places in Philly that may have spoiled me :)

  6. Mary says

    We had eaten there a few years back and said we would never go again. There was 3 of us each ordered something different and we all received our dishes one at a time. Had to eat or it would have gotten cold and the space for each of us to get our food was so long we each ate alone not as a family! One person ordered the chicken parm was told he could not change up the potatoes for pasta because that was how they ate it in Italy. So he asked for a side of pasta and was give a nasty look but did bring it to us.

  7. Tricia says

    Seeing these pictures makes my mouth water! Love Via Napoli! I don’t find it expensive because we find that two pies feed our family of 8. Delicious! We always get calamari too. One of the best restaurants in Disney

  8. Hannah says

    G[g[….thank you! We went to Via Napoli not long after they opened. We had a Margarita Pizza that had very little ANYTHING on it. About 4 slices of tomato and so much of the crust was showing where the cheese and sauce should have been. I felt very ripped off, especially for the price. Had a great beer that you can’t get anywhere else on the property but as far as value….I don’t think so. I know someone will remind me it wasn’t Pizza Hut, it was Disney…I am aware. I have been eating at Disney since 1993 and aware of the prices and many places I love at WDW, especially Epcot…this is not one of them.

  9. Lori says

    I agree, Hannah and Gigi. The prices here are insane. The food is good but it’s ridiculously overpriced for what it is. It might be worth it for people who don’t have anything like this back home but it’s a terrible value for the dollar ($10 for a decent side salad is nuts), especially for people who live somewhere with good Italian food and pizza.

    I live near a major city with good Italian restaurants, including ones with wood-fired brick pizza ovens. The closest one near us has excellent wood-fired 12″ pizza napoletana with one topping for $14 and a huge, perfectly dressed Caesar salad in a chilled bowl for $5. Via Napoli’s 10 inch plain is $18 and toppings are $3.50 each. You practically need to take out a second mortgage to get a 1/2 meter signature pie, house salad, and some cocktails.

  10. Giovanna says

    Via Napoli is as close to authentic Italian pizza as you can get in the U.S. Go for the true Italian classics, such as Margarita Pizza in order to get the most out of the experience.

    But if your standard for authentic pizza is New York or Chicago or anywhere else in the US, this will not be what you expect. The Italian-American pizza is quite different from what you get in Italy.

    Via Napoli tastes like you are in Southern Italy. The pizza is amazing.

  11. Essie says

    I love pizza! This does sound very expensive. Do they have a walk window where you cash get a slice?
    I love the pizza in the Wolfgang Puck’s Express in the Marketplace. It’s always been wonderful!

  12. Claire says

    My mother contracted food poisoning after eating there, which ruined our trip. We haven’t been back to Disney since.

  13. Patricia C says

    I’ve never been here, and it looks delish and the prices don’t scare me…but…re: your bullet-point list at the end there — I want to meet the person who doesn’t like Italian food in general!! :D

  14. says

    As always love your reviews. I have been dying to try via napoli and your review makes me even more excited for it. Just have to convince my other half that we can split a pizza to make the cost somewhat reasonable.

  15. Lisa P says

    I wouldn’t mind the high price so much if they didn’t ALWAYS skimp on the toppings. Look at how much area of the pizza in the photo has no cheese on it.
    We hardly ever go there, mostly because it’s so loud in the main hall and poor value.

  16. John Hammond says

    Not only would I say it’s the best pizza at Disney, I would say it’s the best pizza in the south east.

  17. Nicole H says

    We used to absolutely LOVE Via Napoli, until our last visit. It took, I kid you not, over an HOUR to get our pizza, with nary an explanation (or even a visit at all) from the server. When the pizza finally came, it was so undercooked that the middle was terribly soggy. We mentioned it to the server, who didn’t propose any solution, but we wouldn’t have wanted to wait for another pizza anyway given how long the first one took. Our drinks were never refilled, and the server was hardly around to even ask her for a refill. AND one of our appetizers just never showed up. We were heartbroken, but we won’t go back. At least for a long while.

  18. Shayne says

    I lerve the pepperoni at Via Napoli (and Naples in Disneyland)! I wish I could just order a bowl of pepperoni to munch on. We love Via Napoli and eat there on almost every trip, though I have to say that the last couple of times we’ve been (summer 2017 and summer 2016), the service seems to be slipping a little. Hoping these were just flukes and that it will return to Disney standards on our next visit.

  19. Cate says

    We loved this place when it was Alfredo’s. The pasta was awesome. Now it has gone down hill and is too expensive even if it is Disney.

  20. Heidi B. says

    We absolutely love this place – you are right, the pizzas are phenomenal (we have been to Italy and yes, they are close to the “real” thing – but we also love the Candele and order it almost every time we are there!

  21. Dana Seccombe says

    I’ve only been there once and loved it! The pizza was fabulous! Tasted my friends eggplant parm and it was heaven too. The amarone sundae, although simple is fantastic!

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