Review: ALL! THE! CHEESE! at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom

Question: If you go to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and skip Casey’s Corner, were you ever really there?

Well, I can’t speak for everybody. But in my case, the answer is: Nope! Especially now that plastic cheese is back.

Wait. That’s not right. PLASTIC CHEESE IS BACK! You know how I love this King of All Condiments — ooey, gooey yellow cheese that comes on rib-sticking favorites like Chili Cheese Nachos.

Well, by now you know that Plastic Cheese disappeared for a while. We found some from time to time, but it was never enough. And we still couldn’t dunk our Corn Dog Nuggets in it whilst gazing lovingly at Cinderella Castle from the quaint patio of Casey’s Corner.

Thank goodness those dark days are over! Welcome back to Casey’s Corner, home of amazing hot dogs and even more amazing plastic cheese!


Casey’s is quintessential Main Street, U.S.A., fulfilling Walt’s vision of a Main Street reminiscent of one of his childhood home in Marceline, Missouri. It’s got tremendous architectural detail, from intricate molding to fabulous window casings.

Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner

Inside the small ordering area are lots of decor pieces harkening back to a simpler time. Oh, and there’s lots of classy striped wallpaper, too (which I kind of love).

Casey's Decor

Casey’s Decor

Casey’s celebrates Casey at the Bat, so there are baseball details throughout, highlighting America’s pastime.

Atmosphere Details at Casey's Corner

Atmosphere Details at Casey’s Corner

Mudville Banners

Mudville Banners

The ordering area, unsurprisingly, continues the theme, right down to the beautiful wood moldings overhead.

Casey's Ordering Area

Casey’s Ordering Area

You’ll also find a well-appointed toppings and condiments area, complete with sauerkraut, ketchup, and onions.

Condiments and Toppings

Condiments and Toppings

Indoor seating is available these days, for those desperate for air conditioning. (I say “these days” as a reference to the ol’ small bleachers that once occupied this space).

Indoor Seating

Indoor Seating

But when the weather conditions cooperate, it’s even better outside. It can get crowded out there, and the ducks and other birds do make the rounds.

Outdoor seating by Hub refurbishment

Outdoor seating by Hub refurbishment

But the view? You’d be hard pressed to beat it.

Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle


On my most recent visit, I wanted to (continue to) test my theory that more cheese is always better. So before I ordered up a cup of “Cheese Sauce” – that’s the official name of plastic cheese — I ordered a Mac and Cheese Hot Dog.

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

Yep, the Mac and Cheese Hot Dog is back in all its glory! Like all Casey’s hot dog creations, this one starts with an All-Beef Hot Dog on a Potato Roll. (FYI: Foot-long hot dog options are served on a regular roll — sans potato.)

Casey's Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

Casey’s Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

That salty centerpiece is topped with a massive amount of gooey Mac and Cheese, plus a sprinkling of Bacon! This is a knife and fork kind of hot dog, folks. Or, at the very least, several napkins.

So much mac. So much Cheese. So much hot dog.

So much mac. So much Cheese. So much hot dog.

It really is an awesome combination of savory flavors and textures: salty hot dog, creamy mac and cheese, and BACON. Delicious in every way.

Now, tremendous mac and cheese dog indulgence aside, it was time for the real star: Plastic Cheese. And, guys, it’s only $1.00 for a decent amount of cheese! I ordered mine with Corn Dog Nuggets (just the entree, minus the side of fries). I tried this combo (with queso blanco!) at Pecos Bill’s recently, and it’s so good!

Corn Dog Nuggets with PLASTIC CHEESE

Corn Dog Nuggets with PLASTIC CHEESE

The Nuggets are wonderfully golden brown, crisp on the outside and full of corn meal batter and mini dogs on the inside.

One big cup of plastic cheese!

One big cup of plastic cheese!

And right beside it, a fabulous yellow pool of cheesy goodness!

Now that I’ve provided guidance on the Cheese Consumption, you should know that Casey’s serves up Odwalla Lemonade Slushies — with a Mickey Straw! These frozen lemonade drinks (and there are many, many frozen slush-style drinks in every park) are crazy refreshing. To drink it while relaxing in the Hub eating Corn Dog Nuggets and Plastic Cheese?

Frozen Lemonade with Mickey Straw!

Frozen Lemonade with Mickey Straw!

Please. Can I just do this everyday with my buddy, Mickey?

You gotta have one! Or ten!

You gotta have one! Or ten!

Nosh or Not?

Casey’s Corner is a must for you if: 

  • You’re looking for a classic American quick service meal in the Magic Kingdom.
  • You don’t mind staring down a line for the best hot dogs ever.
  • You love dining in the middle of all the Magic!

Casey’s Corner is a skip for you if:

  • You’re more into burgers (Cosmic Ray’s), Mexican food (Pecos Bill’s), seafood or healthier options (Columbia Harbour House).
  • Waiting in line isn’t your thing (they’re just about ever-present here, folks).
  • You’re making a beeline for all the attractions, so you’re not spending that much time on Main Street, U.S.A.


Casey’s Corner is simply iconic — and I have to stop in every time I visit the World. Plus, you can’t really get a more convenient location, right in the center of everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer. The fact that they serve up totally delicious (and Plastic) food means that even though it may not be a must-do every time for you, it’s a must-do at least once in the Magic Kingdom.

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Are you a Casey’s die-hard fan? Tell us about your love of all things Casey’s in the comments!


  1. Essie says

    Every once in a while I like a good Chile cheese dog, like every ten years or so, and nothing beats hot, crispy fries and plastic cheese with a fountain Coke!

  2. Mrs B says

    Can’t wait to get back to Caseys!! Now if we could only get them to put a layer of that Mac n cheese on TOP of the mini corn dogs….oh my word! YUM!!!

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