DFB Video: Best to Worst — Magic Kingdom Restaurants RANKED!

Hey Guys! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re getting down to the serious business of RANKING Magic Kingdom restaurants!

magic kingdom restaurants ranked

With so many new and classic Magic Kingdom restaurants to choose from, it can be nearly impossible to know what’s what! That’s why we’re here to help! We’re reviewing all the greats (and the not so greats) in this video and ranking the Magic Kingdom restaurants best to worst.

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So check out the video, and then let us know where we ranked your favorites! 


  1. Chelsea says

    My husband and I have been to Be Our Guest twice now, once for lunch and once for dinner and both times we had phenomenal experiences. The service was fantastic and the food was so good! I dream about the Potato Leek Soup. No recipe I can find fits the bill for that pot of gold. Since it was our Honeymoon we did get a little “grey stuff” with some mickey sprinkles and a candle which was really sweet. It was a little expensive but hey, it’s a Disney trip. The theming is just on point too. You really feel like you’re in the Beast’s castle. On our next trip we have a reservation for breakfast so we’re hopeful that’s just as good too. It is much too difficult to get a reservation here, I’ll agree with that.

    I can see its placement down low because of the price, but I think it’s worth it for the delicious food and experience itself (if you love Beauty and the Beast!) to try at least once!

  2. Lee & Robin says

    We absolutely loved the menu at Tomorrowland Terrace when we were there last Dec. It was such a pleasant surprise! The dipped chicken strips, pulled pork banh mi sandwich, and the smoke sausage sandwich were all excellent. I don’t think they can be found anywhere else on site either. I agree that a big downside is that the location is rarely open, but we feel it is certainly worth it when it is!

  3. Essie says

    Great videlog, AJ. I agree with a lot of your thoughts. I used to love the Castle and Pinocchio’s, but the food is too iffy any more. I adore BOG, but only for lunch and Columbia HH is a must every visit. So is Crys. Pal for breakfast due to their crunchy puffy, French toast! I’m looking forward to my first visits to the Plaza and Skipper Canteen on my next trip!

  4. Jenny says

    As a vegetarian family, I would say the order for us has been:
    1) Be Our Guest– 2 good vegetarian soups, 2 good vegetarian entrees (no dessert, alas), great theme
    2) Tony’s– yeah, it’s not so great Italian but there’s a bunch of choices and dessert options
    3) Cosmic Rays– veggie burger gets edible once you hit the toppings bar!
    4) Pecos Bills– fair number of options of not so great vegetarian Tex-Mex
    5) Pinocchio– Flat breads and salads are not very good at all, but at least they have them
    6) Crystal Palace– buffet food is super bland and SUPER expensive but again, there are some options
    7) Liberty Tree Tavern- One option at lunch. Don’t even try it at dinner.
    8) Columbia House– nothing with protein there for vegetarians, don’t go.

    We will be hitting up Plaza for the first time in a few weeks and haven’t tried Jungle Cruise restaurant yet, but both of these seems like they might have some decent vegetarian options.

  5. Melissa says

    Hey AJ! Loved the video. I just subscribed to the DFB newsletter so that I could access your MK List but am having a hard time finding this? Help! I would like to see your must-have food items in the Magic Kingdom.

  6. Sarah G. says

    Hi, Melissa! Thanks for your comment and for subscribing to the newsletter! You should have gotten a link to the Magic Kingdom list in your email. If not, let us know! The sender is Disney Food Blog. Thanks again for watching!

  7. Melissa says

    Hey Sarah G. I double-checked my email this morning but there was no link to the MK list. Thanks so much for your help!

  8. Carly says

    Ever since it opened, I have thought Skippers Canteen as one of the best restaurants down in DW period. However, they are starting to seriously skimp on the portions…. and also no longer offer bread at the table (which was different, with a good honey dip, and delicious)!

  9. says

    This is for all my vegetarians and vegans out there! I don’t think Disney is equipped just yet with enough vegetarian / vegan options at their restaurants which is a shame! However; there are 3 gems out there that i visit every time i go to Disney. As a DVC / Annual Pass holder i am there quite often!
    1. Tusker house at Animal Kingdom – This is a character dining buffet restaurant which many options for us to eat. An added plus is that you have have the Chef personally walk you through the restaurant and show you what is vegan and vegetarian and trust me you will leave full and happy. The food is DELICIOUS! I have only gone for lunch & dinner not sure if they offer breakfast service.
    2. BOMA- Boma is located at Animal Kingdom Lodge and is also a buffet. This is African inspired dining, which might sound scary to some but trust me it not! There are options for every one to eat, you can also have a crew member walk you through your options so you know what you can eat. Def try to the coconut rice! YUM!
    3. Sanaa at Animal Kingdom- This is an Indian table service restaurant that has tons of options as well. Food is delicious, you can indicate how spicy you want your food in case you are not into hot food! Delicious!


  10. Lori says

    Skipper Canteen axed the bread service because they were throwing 60% of the bread away. It just wasn’t getting eaten by many people.

  11. Jenifer says

    I agree mostly with your list, but I love Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen. While the service was not great, the food was amazing! I never can eat an entire meal, but I ate all of my entree and dessert! I had the steak with mashed plantains and a wonderful Brazil nut pesto sauce. My dessert, the coconut bar, had an amazing presentation and unique flavors….

  12. Joan Gowan says

    I’ve always loved Liberty Tree Tavern, but unlike you, I am relieved they don’t have character meals. We took our kids to character breakfasts way back in the dark ages, but as an adult I don’t want to pay a premium for all the chaos. Call me a curmudgeon, but my greatest disappointment in Disney dining was when they added characters to that wonderful restaurant in Norway.

  13. Alycia says

    My BFF and I went to MK last April and ate at the Diamond Horseshoe. We were expecting sandwiches and basic stuff like the Golden Horseshoe at DL and were pleasantly surprised to find it was all you can eat BBQ like Big Thunder Mountain Ranch (R.I.P.) used to be! We loved our lunch there. I actually thought the food quality was slightly better than BTMR was.

    I also treated her to dinner at Be Our Guest (she loves Beauty and the Beast) and had a fantastic time. We were among the last seatings that night so we got the close the restaurant out. I definitely think the best part of Be Our Guest is the atmosphere, but the food was good too.

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