News: Chef Mickey’s Relocating to Contemporary Resort Convention Center in Late November through December

Earlier this summer, it was anticipated that Chef Mickey’s would be relocating to the Contemporary Resort’s Convention Center from late July to mid-August for maintenance of the popular Character Meal location. However, that maintenance was cancelled… for a time.

Chef Mickey's

Chef Mickey’s

Now the temporary relocation is back on. Chef Mickey’s will be relocating to the Convention Center from late November through December 2017. 

Screenshot from Disney World website

Screenshot from Disney World website

Guests who already have Advance Dining Reservations for affected dates should be receiving an email directly from Disney regarding the relocation.

If you don’t have a reservation for Chef Mickey’s but are still interested in lining up a buffet Breakfast, Brunch, or Dinner with Chef Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto, the usual means of reserving still apply.

Chef Mickey at -- where else?!? -- Chef Mickey's!

Chef Mickey at — where else?!? — Chef Mickey’s!

You can book through the Disney World website or by calling (407) WDW-DINE. (Please note: the dates affected by the relocation are not designated on the Disney World website.)

Will you be dining with Chef Mickey and the gang later this year? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Jennifer says

    Disappointed that Chef Mickey’s will be relocated during our visit – I had looked forward to enjoying the ambiance of the Contemporary. Do you know about the decor of the convention center or sites to be seen from there ?

  2. Barry Ripley says

    We have a reservation for our traditional departure breakfast on 19 December. Have to wait and see if we’re affected.

  3. Jennifer says

    We have a reservation in December. We haven’t received an email yet. Any idea on what the convention center experience will be like? Almost tempted to cancel and look for something else.

  4. Jaci says

    I am also looking to hear if anyone has dined at Chef Mckey’s when it was in the convention center in the past?

  5. Valerie says

    I am going December 7th- I received the email about the change. I am debating on keeping the reservation
    Or cancelling it. I love the environment of chef Mickey and wondering how this will change.

  6. says

    We have reservations for the Dec 7 th but haven’t heard anything yet. Disney is magic. It has to be good as well as decorative.

  7. Alison says

    Have a reservation on 12/7…no email yet. Where is this located compared to the normal location?

  8. DFB Sarah says

    Alison, Chef Mickey’s is located at one end of the fourth floor of the Contemporary Tower. The convention center at the Contemporary is accessed from the same end of the Tower — but on the second floor. Hope this helps!

  9. Gary says

    Very disappointed that Disney would do something like this during any holiday period. Very poor timing with huge holiday crowds arriving during the entire period.

    Really does not reflect well on executive leadership to allow this to happen, at this time of the year.

  10. says

    We did learn the start date for the relocation is Tuesday, Nov 28 (day after our reservation) which explains why we didn’t get any notifications!>)

  11. Laura says

    I doubt Disney would move us without keeping up the great appearances somehow! Please let us know once you’ve been!! I need a review. Probably wont change my 12/11 res. I’ve been trying for years!

  12. Beatrice says

    Are there any updates as to when this relocation will start? I have an ADR on 11/26. I’ve called Disney Dining twice and they can’t say anything other than “late” November. I’m curious since I’m less than 3 weeks from my reservation and we don’t think we want to dine in the temporary location. I never received an email from Disney but I did come across two people (one with 11/26 and one with 11/27) that did receive emails and makes me wonder if the 11/28 start date someone reference in the comments has changed?

  13. DFB Sarah says

    Beatrice, the information from Disney still indicates “late November”, and we haven’t heard anything more specific. Your best bet is probably to keep calling to check. At some point, the folks in Reservations will have the information. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!

  14. says

    Disney reservations doesn’t really know an exact date. I chatted with Rainbow today and was told that this Saturday, Nov 18, when I have reservations, was not listed as a date that it was to be relocated. The “My Disney Experience” app shows the restaurant icon over the convention center, not the resort itself. I hope it’s not moved yet.

  15. says

    Following up, I was able to easily get a reservation today for this Saturday for breakfast- maybe due to someone’s plans changing or a realization that the restaurant has moved. IDK.

  16. Susan says

    Just returned from a fun Holiday Weekend in the World! Wanted to have a visit with our friends at Chef Mickey’s and the Polynesian Concierge hooked us up! Imagine our surprise when we arrived and followed signs, and more signs, and more signs, to and through the conference center to the Fantasia Ballroom area. They tried to do a nice job by making it “merry” but the whole vibe of Chef Mickey’s was just way off. And at that price point, the food wasn’t the great quality as it usually is. The venue seems like it holds more which might make it easier to get a table, but it was a much longer dinner than usual as well. It took a very long time for the characters to make the rounds in this giant banquet room. And with the high ceilings and low lighting generally was not good for taking great pictures. Looking forward to the return to the regular venue!

  17. Mikey says

    Hi DFB,
    Have you heard any reviews on Chef Mickey’s at the convention center location?
    Heading into town next week and I haven’t heard anything about the new location.
    Thanks !

  18. says

    Susan — Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I feared that would be the situation. It is temporary at least, but that doesn’t make YOUR experience any better. :-(

  19. Jaci says

    We ate at Chef Mickey’s in the convention center on November 30 for brunch. It was in the Fantasia Ballroom. We found it a bit chaotic. Lines at the buffet were really long and my daughter missed Donald Duck because we were on line and he visited the other child at the table. When I told a staff member she seemed overwhelmed and then I spoke to the actual staff member who was with Donald and she said they would come back and they never did. Overall, the room was very loud, very chaotic, and as always the food was bad. We definitly preferred Chef Mickeys in the normal spot!

  20. Jennifer says

    I think we will cancel our reservation for the 19th. I had a feeling the temp location would not be great. After seeing this I think I would be upset to pay for the experience and have it not be great. We were able to get a reservation at ‘Ohana during our trip and we can go back to Chef Mickey next trip.

  21. says

    Jennifer — I would 100% recommend ‘Ohana’s character breakfast over Chef Mickey’s temp location. Good choice.

  22. Mikey says

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! We have canceled CHEF MICKEY’s And are looking to make a new reservation at 1900 or O’HANA.

  23. April Bruce says

    Anyone know if Chef Mickey’s has returned to their renovated loction?? Have reservations the last week of January and curious if they are still located in the Convention Center.

  24. DFB Sarah says

    April, we can confirm that Chef Mickey has returned to his location! Word on the interwebs is that the renovations were primarily in the kitchen and that diners won’t notice too much that’s different. Let us know how it is when you go!

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