Review: Yak and Yeti Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Since its earliest days, I’ve always enjoyed a stop at Yak and Yeti Restaurant.

Yak and Yeti is located in Animal Kingdom’s Asia (you’ll pass it on the corner on your way to the Maharajah Jungle Trek) in the fictional village of Anandapur. Like Tiffins and Restaurantosaurus — and pretty much any restaurant in Animal Kingdom — theming is key here, with decor that is immersive and memorable. While you dine, you are surrounded by images and icons of Asian culture. Even the brightly painted exterior mimics that which you might see on the colorful village streets of Northern India or Nepal.

And as for the food? It’s also usually — dare I say it? – consistent here. Consistently GOOD. If you’ve been reading DFB for any length of time, then you’ll know that is a compliment I rarely bestow, as it’s so rarely earned in any Disney World Table Service restaurant.

So… I headed to Yak and Yeti ON MY BIRTHDAY, because I reeeeally wanted those firecracker shrimp on my special day. Did my most recent visit likewise measure up?


Once you’re on the right continent in Animal Kingdom, the bright purple stucco exterior that makes up Yak & Yeti Restaurant is accented by arched windows, intricate corbels, and beautifully carved doors.

Yak and Yeti Restaurant

Yak and Yeti Restaurant

The backstory here is that the owner of this building in Anandapur is a man named Arjun, a former merchant who’s turned his opulent home into lodging for travelers. These details account for the eclectic mix of statues, wall hangings, and furniture. The bar area you see below features examples of these details.



There is seating both downstairs and up, with tons of framed images and elaborate mirrors everywhere you look.

Downstairs Seating

Downstairs Seating

This is the view looking down into a first floor seating area from the upstairs. It’s such a warm contrast of colors, with a massive carved art piece on the far wall.

Be Sure to Pencil in Extra Time Just to Look Around!

Be Sure to Pencil in Extra Time Just to Look Around!

And evidently Arjun had a thing for light fixtures, because there are too many different designs to count! We love the lamps here so much that we actually did a whole DFB post about them!

Unique lighting!

Unique lighting!

Statues reflect gods and idols from a variety of religions, like this take on the Buddha.

Decor at Yak & Yeti!

Decor at Yak & Yeti!

You’ll definitely want to take some time to wander the restaurant before you leave. It’s a really cool place.


But at some point, you’ll want to look away from the decor and peruse the menu. It’s Asian fusion or pan-Asian, as you might expect from an Anandapur merchant who’s traveled the world. Crowd favorites like Wok-Fried Green Beans and Pot Stickers are good bets for those who desire something familiar. Among the items I’ve tried before are the Chicken Tikka Masala (YUM!) and Honey Chicken.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

Menu photos give you a colorful idea of what some of the newer items look like. Sriracha Fish Tacos and a Korean Fried Chicken and Waffle put a North American twist on Asian flavors.

Menu Photos -- Sriracha Fish Tacos and Korean Fried Chicken and Waffle

Menu Photos — Sriracha Fish Tacos and Korean Fried Chicken and Waffle

And Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese and Grilled Ribeye Steak take guest favorites and give them nudge toward Asia (just a wee bit ;) ).

Menu Photos -- Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese and Grilled Ribeye

Menu Photos — Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese and Grilled Ribeye

If you’re so inclined, there are tons of drink options here. We checked out the Wine and Sake list, but you’ll find many other specialty drinks as well. And since you’ve traveled allllll the way to Asia, you might as well linger over a drink, right?

Drink Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Drink Menu — Click to Enlarge

Although the Small Plates menu features plenty of tempting choices, there’s really only one choice for me, and that’s the Firecracker Shrimp. Now, you may be thinking, “Wait. I remember this dish. Didn’t you have it the last time you went to Yak & Yeti, AJ?” And the answer is: YEP! Like I said, it was my BIRTHDAY. And on my birthday, I go eat all my favorites.

Firecracker Shrimp

Firecracker Shrimp

This is a TON of crispy fried shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce. And once you get started on these, too? You’ll be done for. The Asian slaw underneath and the pungent green onion really do elevate the dish (and give you something to mop up any residual, yummy sauce).

Don’t miss it!

Having enjoyed a tried-and-true, it was time to try a more recent addition to the menu. Lucky for me, one of those recent additions is a Mac-and-Cheese entree: the Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese, featuring well-prepared shrimp and scallops and a wallop of sriracha sauce generously drizzled over the top. The cheese sauce is made with a strong and creamy havarti, which is able to stand up to the hot sauce.

Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese

Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese

Garnishes include parmesean panko bread crumbs, julienned vegetables, micro-greens, and cilantro (which you can go ahead and remove if, like me, you just CAN’T when it comes to cilantro).

Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese

Sriracha Seafood Mac and Cheese

I’d heard a few bad reviews of this dish, but for it it was A-OK. The vegetables and micro-greens in the dish are a welcome contrast to the heavy mac and cheese. It all comes together wonderfully!

I also went with the Soy Glazed Ribeye. This lovely steak is seasoned with a peppery soy sauce, then topped with a warm shitake mushroom and pepper relish. Underneath the large steak is corn and edamame succotash. There was tremendous balance in this dish between the carefully seasoned steak, the complex relish, and the fresh succotash.

Soy Herb Glazed Ribeye

Soy Herb Glazed Ribeye

Sadly, you can’t see the wasabi mashed potatoes which are plated behind the steak. But that spiced-up starch offered a terrific foil for the richness of the other flavors.

And overall this steak was a KILLER. I loved it. The spices and flavors were on point and I ate MUCH more of it than I’d intended.

I rarely leave Yak and Yeti without ordering dessert. The Fried Wontons are always a big winner and that mango pie, tho… but hadn’t had the New York Style Cheesecake in a while. The sauces are a Mango and Strawberry Coulis, and it’s further topped with Whipped Cream.

New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

This was probably the only “meh” of the meal. It’s fine, but it’s no Junior’s. Definitely go with those Cream Cheese Won-Tons or the Mango Pie.

Nosh or Not?

You’ll want to make a reservation at Arjun’s place if:

  • You love Asian-fusion cuisine and want to try this Disney version of it.
  • You have an affinity for East Asian art and decor and would like to immerse yourself in it.
  • You’re looking for a respite from the heat and want a seriously great Table Service meal in Animal Kingdom that doesn’t require the same bucks as Tiffins and Tusker House.

You might want to skip this dining experience if:

  • You or your traveling party aren’t big fans of Asian cuisine, or crave more familiar fare.
  • You’ll be spending most of your Animal Kingdom time tackling the lines in Pandora and don’t want to worry about an Advance Dining Reservation.


Yak and Yeti is a terrific table service dining option in a park that’s in the middle of a food renaissance. And while you might find yourself spending a bit more time in Pandora (and a bit less time in the other lands), Yak and Yeti is totally worth the beautiful stroll over to Asia. Plus, you’ll be queuing up for Expedition: Everest anyway, right?

Although, now that I mention it, perhaps you should plan to eat at Yak & Yeti after you take on the Yeti ;) !

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Are you a Yak and Yeti fan? Tell us about your experiences at this unique restaurant in the comments below! 


  1. Kaz says

    This restaurant had such great potential to be a destination for vegetarians, but their offering is so bland…

  2. Scott says

    I know I’m the outlier, but the food at Yak & Yeti has always left me underwhelmed. It’s like I’m at the Anandapur Olive Garden or something. I consistently pass on this one.

  3. Nicole H says

    Let’s face it… there’s nothing like Junior’s. It is the yardstick by which I measure all cheesecake, and nothing ever, EVER measures up. *Sigh*

  4. Cathy says

    Just ate here over labor day weekend and it did not disappoint. I love the seafood curry! Mom had the coconut shrimp and was quite happy with her meal. The service was friendly and good. The manager stopped by our table when she found it was my birthday from my Landry’s membership and we had a lovely conversation.

  5. Hannah says

    We have only been here a few times but it has been a favorite. A big disappointment is it looks like they have completely taken away the flat iron steak. We had it several years ago when they served it with the tempura shrimp. It was one of the best meals I have ever had……ever. Sad to see it gone.

  6. Diane says

    The Korean Beef was AMAZING there! Very flavorful and SO tender. And the dessert wontons, yum! Definitely visiting there again.

  7. Essie says

    I’ve eaten here twice and I really liked this restaurant. Both times I had the crusted Mahi Mahi. The first time it was excellent, unbelievably good. The second time it was just meh’

  8. Essie says

    I see that its no longer on the menu! I’d def try the salmon or shrimp next visit. I didn’t like the wonton dessert, but the mango pie is heavenly. The atmosphere here can’t be beat. It’s the first restaurant I’ve ever eaten in where I actually felt like I was in a foreign location. It’s a fun experience!

  9. Mike says

    I always include the Yak and Yeti for a meal when I go to WDW, be it lunch or dinner. I like the atmosphere there the food is good and the Mango Pie is fantastic.

  10. Catherine H says

    As per Kaz’s comment – there is a surprising lack of vegetarian options, particularly for an Asian restaurant. An uninspiring noodle dish looks to be the only main / entree. Such a shame as overall the menu looks interesting.

  11. Mark says

    Went a couple years ago. Decent enough meal, but did not make us want to go back. They did give passholders a 10% discount. Assume that us still true.

  12. Alison R. says

    I love Y & Y! I actually don’t have it scheduled for our upcoming trip because we wanted to try and focus on all of the new CS options that have popped up over the last few years….but I’m regretting it now and wondering if I can sneak it in somewhere!

  13. Sarah says

    I’m also sorry to see the steak and shrimp off the menu. I liked the preparation of that steak a lot better than the new iteration sounds- I’m not a big pepper fan. I’d still go back though- we love Yak and Yeti.

  14. Lori says

    The theming is amazing but the food rarely goes beyond pretty good. The mango pie is great but the dessert won tons are ridiculously overrated and meh. The lack of vegetarian options is really vexing given how many great ones there are in these various cuisines.

  15. Lee & Robin says

    We’ve been there once, and likely will never go again. The food was just ok, the firecracker shrimp being the only thing we really liked about our meal. One thing we didn’t like about our meal was the seemingly constant pressure from our waiter to buy into the Landry’s loyalty program. I get that he was probably required to try to sell it to us, but you’d think after telling him no for the third time he would have gotten the hint. Sadly, he didn’t, and proceeded to ask a 4th time. I actually joked that he might chase us out of the restaurant to ask again (thankfully, he didn’t). Most of the food we had and the aggressive waiter left a bad taste in our mouths (both literally and figuratively).

  16. Bill says

    One of the best appetizers in all of WDW is at Y&Y – their ahi tuna nachos! They say it’s for two but could easily satisfy 4! Y&Y is in our top 10 TS Park restaurants.

  17. Ronald says

    Last time I visited (2015) I had the fish tacos and the duck, both were heavenly, looking forward to planning another visit in a few years (what with it being on the other side of the Atlantic and all that).

  18. Kendall says

    For me, the food at Yak & Yeti leaves a lot to be desired. Stuff sounds good but turns out pretty boring and bland. It reminds me of a combination of bad chain restaurants. Oh and I tried the firecracker shrimp, per DFB’s suggestion and could not eat it because it tasted like fried batter doused in mayonnaise. It was so gross.

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