Spotted: New Animal Kingdom Starbucks Mickey Tumbler and “You Are Here” Mug at Creature Comforts

HOW CUTE is the new Starbucks Mickey Tumbler for Disney’s Animal Kingdom?!?

Animal Kingdom Mickey Tumbler

Animal Kingdom Mickey Tumbler

You’ll find it at Creature Comforts, the Animal Kingdom Starbucks location. And much like when you’re in the park itself, the more you look, the more you see… from Mickey’s animal print ears and legs to the Tree of Life tucked on the bottom of Mickey’s shoe, to attraction logos and more, Mickey is ALL Animal Kingdom from head to toe!

Other Side of Animal Kingdom Mickey Tumbler

Other Side of Animal Kingdom Mickey Tumbler

New Starbucks mugs are cropping up in all of the Disney Parks recently. These park-specific tumblers are hot off the presses in addition to refreshed designs for the ever popular “You Are Here” mugs. You may have already seen the new Epcot mug that was released this past Sunday in honor of the park’s 35th Anniversary.

Epcot 35 Anniversary Starbucks Mug

Epcot 35 Anniversary Starbucks Mug

And here is Animal Kingdom’s new “You Are Here” design.

New Animal Kingdom "You Are Here" Mug

New Animal Kingdom “You Are Here” Mug

New Animal Kingdom "You Are Here" Mug

New Animal Kingdom “You Are Here” Mug

We’ll be back with a look at more of the new mugs and tumblers soon. But for now, we’re too busy having a WILD (and caffeinated ;) ) TIME at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Do you collect the Disney Parks Starbucks Mugs? Please let us know about your collection with a comment!


  1. Rebecca B says

    I can’t wait to pick up my new Animal Kingdom “You Are Here” mug in January. I picked up the new Hollywood studios one on my last trip, but since they didn’t come out until my last day there, I didn’t get a chance to get over and pick up the Animal Kingdom one yet. It might be that I just can’t tell from the picture, but it doesn’t look like the new mug features Pandora as much as I thought it would. Are those triangles supposed to be floating mountains? If not, is there any Pandora on there? I’m a little baffled by the new designs since I would have thought the only reason to release new mugs would have been to feature new lands, but it seems like this one doesn’t really.

    The Hollywood Studios one is weird because I would have thought, if you’re going to go to all of the trouble to release a new mug, you would want to include something from your new headliner land. But, Star Wars land isn’t far enough along to be included on the mug, so it features green aliens from Toy Story. Maybe they’ll release yet another design when Star Wars Land is closer to opening? Not sure, but they’re still cute, so I’ll be adding them to my collection.

  2. Essie says

    I’ve seen a lot of Starbuck WDW mugs that I liked, but for some reason, I don’t care for the artwork on these.?.?

  3. Rachel says

    Rebecca – it took me a minute….but I think those triangles are bats sleeping upsidedown…..which doesn’t really fit with the rest of the mug in my opinion….or maybe I’m wrong……

  4. Kirsten says

    I think you’re right Rachel, they’re bats as everything on the mug is from the Asia part of the park and there are bats in the Jungle Trail.

  5. Roz says

    I love the new tumblers. I will be back at WDW in December. Will all four parks have the tumblers at that time ? I want one of each ! I Love Them and Starbucks !!!!!!

  6. Jodie says

    Sheesh – just when I thought I was caught up on my purchasing! Two years ago I bought one of each mug and one of each mini-mug ornament. So the dilemma… I’m going next week – do I buy four more? Hope my budget can take it!! We hadn’t planned on going to the Studios at all this trip but we do have park hoppers, so do I make a special trip?? Definitely a Disney Dilemma!!

  7. Lisa says

    Jodie, we have all the original mugs and ornaments too so were trying to decide what to do when we were in WDW last week. Of course we decided to buy them all. I’m not crazy about the AK design but the other ones are really nice. But, I couldn’t not buy the AK mug! It was hard to decide between the new tumblers and the mugs though. Just be sure to allow enough extra space in your suitcase in case you decide to get them all!

  8. Sara says

    I just purchased the Animal Kingdom tumbler on my trip. Got it home and noticed that it was marked Hand Wash only. I can’t figure out why, as it is ceramic and looks like their other mugs. Does anyone know if it really can go in the dishwasher? Is it a paint issue?

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