Must-Have!! The Halloween Time Headless Horseman Straw and Clip in Disneyland

We are still having SO! MUCH! FUN! at Halloween Time in Disneyland! Some of the incredible (and creative!) eats include the Car-achnid Pot Pie and the Spoke-y Cone Macaron. But the Halloween treats in Disneyland aren’t only of the edible variety. You may have spotted the apparition that is the Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket already.

But hold on to your HEADS ’til you see this next item, as we present: the Headless Horseman Straw and Clip.

Headless Horseman Clip and Straw

Headless Horseman Clip and Straw

No, you’re not mistaken; the clip totally lights up! In not one, but TWO places! Check out the eerie glowing jack-o-lantern! And the horse? He means business. (You can see it in his eyes!)

Close Up

Headless Horseman Straw and Clip

Our Disneyland correspondent Heather Sievers (who loves all things Halloween and can be found over on Instagram @DiningInDisney) snagged a straw-and-clip so we could all admire its spooky perfection. Look at the details! The mane! The tail! The pumpkin head held aloft as the Headless Horseman takes his midnight ride!

Headless  Horseman Clip

Headless Horseman Clip

And — thanks to the clip — you can consider all the places you can easily carry him with you.

Heather raves about how well made this is, and that’s largely due to this thoughtful detail. See, the pumpkin head and the horse’s eyes light up independently. In fact, you can set them to blink quickly, slowly, or not at all. But the best part? There’s a foam circle surrounding the buttons that control the lights. So there’s no bumping it into the blinking mode accidentally, thus depleting precious battery life!

Here’s the button for the horse’s eyes, which is tucked underneath the horse.

Horse Button

Horse Button

The pumpkin’s button is likewise buffered (on the backside of the pumpkin). GENIUS!!!

Pumpkin Button

Pumpkin Button

We keep mentioning the souvenir as a straw-and-clip, and here’s the combo you actually receive (which you can see in action on the beverage pictures above).

Clip and Straw

Clip and Straw

But at home? That’s where you can get even more creative. Heather clipped her Headless Horseman to a sweet vase of black flowers for the season. Love it!

Headless Horseman Collage

Headless Horseman Collage

The Headless Horseman Clip and Straw is a great buy for $4.99 (sans beverage), considering how well made it is. Heather picked hers up at Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner in Disneyland. Here’s the interesting thing, though… originally, this item was only supposed to be available during Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland park. BUT! Heather purchased hers on a non-Party evening! So, you may likewise luck out.

That said, they should also be located at Counter Service locations around Disney California Adventure throughout the day… IF they’re not sold out.

Just BEWARE, because…

“Once you cross that bridge, my friend, the Ghost is through, his power ends!” He’ll only be haunting the Disneyland parks through October 31st!

Do you buy holiday-specific merchandise when you’re in the parks? Tell us about your favorites in the comments! 


  1. Essie says

    Boy, I’d sure love to have one of them, but I can’t even get down to WDW (I live on the East Coast), because I’m taking care of my elderly Mother. I haven’t been to Disney World since 2012 and won’t get there for a while, but I wouldn’t trade my Mom for the World. It looks very well made and the price seems fair for today’s prices.

  2. Kimberly says

    It would have been really cool if they gave these out for the Return to Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman meet-and-greet event at Fort Wilderness.

  3. chesyrcat says

    I can confirm you can get these outside of the Halloween Party. I picked up one at Clarabelles Ice Cream today in DCA.

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