UPDATED: Ale and Compass MENUS and Opening Date at Disney World’s Yacht Club Resort

The upcoming Ale & Compass Restaurant at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is opening on November 21, 2017!



While the Disney World website displays November 26th as the first date you’re able to make an Advance Dining Reservation for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner at this spot, we’ve been told that in fact November 21st will be the grand opening! This location will be the flagship offering of the new Ale & Compass dining concept for the Deluxe Resort.

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

The Ale & Compass Lounge will reopen from its current refurbishment and will likewise join The Market at Ale & Compass to complete the concept.

So… wanna know what you’ll be eating at this “gastropub-inspired restaurant” focused on New England comfort food :) ? Let’s take a peek at those menus!!

Breakfast Menu

For starters let’s check out what’s for Breakfast, where Salted Caramel-Apple French Toast, a Cornbread Waffle and a Smoked Trout Spread make for some unique offerings.

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

The almost-complete Breakfast Cocktail menu lists a couple of Bloody Marys, including one with a Lobster Claw for garnish. And the other features “Yacht Club Vodka.”

Disney World Menu screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

And here are the morning eats for the kiddos!

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Lunch Menu

Lobster and Corn Chowder is a potential starter for your New England comfort food Lunch

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Entrees — or Main Plates — will feature a selection of savory Pies from the restaurant’s centerpiece, the Hearth Oven. And a Grilled Plant-based “Bacon Cheeseburger” is an option for our vegetarian (and possibly vegan) friends.

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Desserts feature a Black Walnut Pavlova, among other choices. And I wonder what those mix-ins will be with the puddings! But…um…why is “curd” in quotes on that lemon meringue pie? And why would I want pickled blueberries with it? Hmm… .

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

I wonder if the refurbished Ale & Compass Lounge will feature similar Cocktails, like the Spicy Pomegranate Margarita?

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Kids’ options include both Mickey Check Meals (for healthier selections) and regular entrees.

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Can I try one of the Mini Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches from the Kids’ Desserts, even if I’m older than 9 years old, please :) ? (Note, we’re guessing this will be changed to macaron on the Disney menu, soon. It’s usually Disney’s MO to put “macaroon” on the menu and then later change it to macaron.)

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Dinner Menu

The dinner menu expands on the Lunch Starters list with options for those Hearth Oven Pies.

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Main Plates look to feature a signature Coastal Clambake and what looks to be another vegan item, the Protein Bowl.

Disney World website screenshot

Disney World website screenshot

Currently, the Dinner Cocktails, Desserts, and Childrens’ selections match the Lunch offerings.

The Ale & Compass Restaurant will accept the Disney Dining Plan. Will you be making a reservation to dine there? I know I’m looking forward to it!

Are you excited about the new Ale & Compass Restaurant? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Cheryl D says

    I was so excited to read this, and then SO disappointed. I was born and raised in New England, and this menu doesn’t represent us at all. Some of the items sound just plain gross! I know I won’t be eating there unless and until they completely rework the menu. Yuck!

  2. Kaz says

    At least it has two interesting vegetarian options.

    White Clam pie seems to be a nod to Pepe’s here in New Haven.

  3. Gigi says

    Any idea if the Grilled Plant-based “Bacon Cheeseburger” will be the Beyond Meat burger? (*crosses fingers*)

  4. jen says

    What exactly is “clam pie”? Like a pizza but with clams? and its it 1 or 2 credits on the dining plan?

  5. DFB Sarah says

    Jen, based on the description of the Clam Pie and the other pies listed, our best guess is a kind of pizza with clams on it. We’ll see what we can find out for sure when the restaurant opens! As for the DDP, the Disney World webpage for Ale & Compass Restaurant shows one credit for all meals except 2018 breakfast. We think this is possibly an error but we’ll look into it.

  6. Mary says

    We loved Captains Grille and have been waiting {no so patiently} for Ale and Compass to open. It won’t be open for our Early November Trip, which was disappointing – until I saw the menu. I can’t say we won’t try it for our other trips but … the menu does not appeal to us.

    They used to have a short rib with risotto and creamed corn – was fabulous – it’s not on this menu. And the items really aren’t too exciting, for our tastes. The appetizers also would not draw us in.

  7. jen says

    Hopefully it’s only one credit, that would be a pretty good value if it’s true! Might be interested in trying it even if it does turn out to be 2. Problem is by the time we’re ready to book another trip our daughter will be over 10, so we’ll be stuck paying adult price for both her and her brother.

  8. Cindy says

    Where will this be in the resort? Is it taking over the Captain’s Grille? Will it be next to the Market? Some of the food sounds good, but what’s with the chorizo?

  9. Sandra G says

    What an interesting menu! And not too pricey for us to pay out of pocket either. If their pies are pizza-like, then clam pie is definitely a New England thing. Chorizo may simply reflect a more mixed population (including Portuguese, Mexican, etc.) and a preference for spicy over bland sausages. As someone who has vacationed in New England for many years, I can attest that not everything is about lobster or even fish. We might have to try this in December.

  10. Dan says

    They got rid of the breakfast buffet? That’s disappointing – Captain’s Grille had one of the best breakfast buffets on property IMO. It looks pretty good and I’ll probably try it, but I’m definitely sad that they got rid of the buffet.

  11. Donna says

    So disappointed to learn that the Captain’s Grill breakfast buffet is gone! It was of our favorite breakfast spots. Don’t think my family will be trying this one.

  12. DFB Sarah says

    Cindy, Ale & Compass Restaurant is taking over the Captain’s Grille space, which is currently being renovated. As for the chorizo, your guess is as good as ours!

  13. says

    Thanks! I wouldn’t have guessed from the name it would have been so veg friendly.

    If you go after it opens, I’d love to hear more about what type of plant-based burger they’re offering. Also whether you can get it at dinner or only lunch.

    I agree with the other woman from New England that it’s a bit of a strange menu. Lobster is bisque, clam is chowder, and corn chowder is something separate entirely!

  14. DeeDisney says

    I booked an Adanced Dining Reservation for Captain’s Grille before the change to Ale & Compass was announced. Does anyone know if my reservation will automatically be transferred to Ale & Compass or do I need to book a new reservation?

  15. DFB Sarah says

    DeeDisney, we haven’t heard whether or not the Captain’s Grille ADR will transfer. Best bet is to call Disney directly so they can either confirm that it’s transferred or help you make a new one for Ale & Compass. Have a great trip!

  16. says

    I don’t know if the Disney reservation system has some kinks to work out for Ale & Compass, I can not touch a reservation for any time in Dec / any size party…. I’ve called Disney about it and they just say it is a popular time, but it is strange there is no availability whatsoever even at odd times.

  17. DFB Sarah says

    Mary, we haven’t heard about any kinks, and all we can say is to keep trying — online and by phone. Perhaps some reservations will open during your trip!

  18. DeeDisney says

    If you’re having issues with obtaining reservations, my guess is that it may be due to transferring the Captain Grille’s reservations over to Ale & Compass which customer service reps on the phone said that they imagine would be done. After posting my comment on 10/25, I didn’t want to take any chances as the reps seemed unsure of the plans so I immediately booked my reservation at Ale & Compass and canceled my Captain Grille’s reservation to be safe.

  19. Susan says

    Also very disappointed that the breakfast buffet at Captain’s Grille is gone! We go to Disney often and usually stay at Yacht or Beach Club and have the breakfast buffet. Had I known about the change, I probably would not have selected the Deluxe Dining Plan for our mid-November trip. Impossible to book at Cape May, and Ale & Compass selections don’t sound too appealing.

  20. Mary says

    Good news! I got reservations there today it seems like a bunch of times opened up, if anyone else is having trouble… check back. Also the candlelight dining package is available and if you don’t see availability try searching on the candlelight dining page and specifically ale & compass.

  21. Deborah says

    Just booked a dinner there for Sunday, Dec 17. We will be staying at BCV, so this is just a short stroll. Can’t wait to try a new Disney restaurant!

  22. Darren says

    Burgers are on the lunch menu but not listed as a dinner offering. If somebody wanted a burger for dinner will A&C accommodate that request? I’ve heard their burgers are pretty good. Will be there in May and thinking this would make for a good arrival day dinner place. Thanks!

  23. DFB Sarah says

    Darren, you could always ask for the lunch menu burger. We have heard of lots of times when chefs were able to accommodate a request of that type. That said, it’s not a guarantee. You could also try calling the restaurant directly to ask ahead of time.

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