News: Disney Villain Desserts at Epcot through Halloween

In this spookiest of seasons, you may crave some sweets served up with a side of… evil. So now through Halloween, you’ll find three Disney Villain-themed desserts at Sunshine Seasons in The Land Pavilion in Epcot!

Sunshine Seasons sign

Sunshine Seasons sign

The Ursula dessert has a vanilla cake base topped with bubble gum mousse. It’s covered in a Black Mirror Glaze and completed with a fondant shell necklace and Ariel’s contract.

Ursula Dessert

Ursula Dessert

The Cruella De Vil dessert is a chocolate and meringue cake with cream cheese filling.



And the Queen of Hearts chocolate cupcake is topped with strawberry cream cheese icing, along with a crown and a not-quite-fully-painted red and white rose :) .

So… name your poison! Which Villain dessert would you choose?

Will you be stopping by Sunshine Seasons for a Villain treat? Please let us know with a comment!

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  1. Essie says

    Although I don’t like the Queen of Hearts, I’d def choose her dessert! The choc cupcake and strawberry cream cheese icing under that choc ganache sound too good too miss!

  2. Janet says

    I love your cupcake updates! I had the Ursula cupcake at Sunshine Seasons yesterday and was happy to get it but was disappointed with it mostly because of the look of it. It was impossible to read the contract, so most people I’m sure would have no idea what that was. The decorator had carelessly scribbled the “Poor unfortunately soul,” and I’d forgotten what it’s supposed to say. The woman behind the counter didn’t know, so I went back to dfb to take a look. Thank you for that great photo! The mystery was solved, so my sister and I could proceed with the tasting. Ick. It didn’t taste good. We both enjoyed the unusualness of the bubble-gum flavor (sister guessed it, while of course I already knew from dfb), but it was in purplish whipped-creamy layers instead of the filling I’d expected. I’m not sure exactly what I’d expected but did not like the fluffy texture of that grey stuff. It’s grey!

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