Review: Haunted Mansion Dole Whip Special Occasion Cake at Napa Rose in Disneyland

If you follow our Disneyland correspondent Heather Sievers on her Instagram, you know she’s got a bit of a thing for the Haunted Mansion. (And hey, don’t we all :) ? )

Well, lucky for us, Heather’s friends and family treated her right for her recent birthday by ordering a totally epic specialty cake for her birthday dinner at Napa Rose at the Grand Californian Resort in Disneyland.

It’s the Haunted Mansion-themed cake, and It. Is. EVERYTHING.

Haunted Mansion Cake

Haunted Mansion Cake

Let’s just break this thing down for a minute. First is the perfectly eerie purple frosting with black Haunted Mansion wallpaper accents and Haunted Mansion-approved script, written by some of the greatest ghost writers the literary world has ever known, I presume… 

Haunted Mansion Cake

Haunted Mansion Cake

The sides of the cake? They mimic the wallpaper that’s the very quintessence of Haunted Mansion decor. And look at the roses! So much detail in those petals and leaves.

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Sides

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Sides

But the decorations on top completely take the cake, as they say… they’re two White Chocolate HITCHHIKING GHOSTS and the HATBOX GHOST, all bursting through the Mansion gates to wish Heather a Happy Birthday while she’s here in her corruptible, mortal state.

Hitchhiking Ghost

Hatbox Ghost

The ghostly blue paint job that gives the ghosts their spectral quality is pretty amazing.

Hitchhiking Ghosts

Hitchhiking Ghosts

But we’ve kind of saved the best for last because this cake… my friends, it’s DOLE WHIP flavored! Pineapple cake is layered with pineapple cream, and it is mind-blowing.

Inside the Haunted Mansion Cake

Inside the Haunted Mansion Cake

So, remember, if you need to order a specialty cake from Napa Rose, they can totally hook you up BIG TIME! The artistry and flavor creates the complete package from top to bottom.

Have you ordered a specialty cake at the Disney Parks? Tell us about your experience in the comments! 

Thinking of ordering a cake in Disney World? We’ve got all the details for you in our Cake FAQ!!


  1. Essie says

    Omgosh, that has to be one of the most awesome birthday cakes EVER!!!!!! The HM in WDW is my fave in the MK! Happy Birthday, Heather!

  2. Roe says

    OMG! The Haunted Mansion is my all time favorite. I would love that cake for my birthday next year. Will WDW offer this cake in the “very” near future?

  3. says

    We ordered a Haunted Mansion cake in October 2015 for my son’s 11th birthday! It was a great ending to a delicious meal at California Grill!

  4. Allison says

    We’ve ordered cakes on our last two trips (both times marble cake with cream filling with fresh raspberries) they’ve both been delicious and delivered to our rooms at the Grand Californian. If our waitlist ever clears for September I definitely want to order a cake to celebrate my friends’ first time!

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