Spotted: New Epcot Starbucks “You Are Here” Mugs and MORE at Fountain View

We’ve checked out the new Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios Starbucks “You Are Here” Mugs  and Mickey Tumblers at Creature Comforts, Main Street Bakery, and The Trolley Car Cafe, respectively. Today, our stop is Epcot’s Fountain View, where the Mickey Tumbler similarly features beloved park icons — from yesterday and today! — in honor of Epcot’s 35th Anniversary.

Epcot Mickey Tumbler

Epcot Mickey Tumbler

I LOVE the nod to the Universe of Energy dinosaurs on Mickey’s foot! And there’s Figment! Horizons made it!! And Kitchen Kabaret get some love, which does my heart good. Spaceship Earth makes up Mickeys cute face… it goes on and on.

And, just like the other in-parks Starbucks locations, there is also a new “You Are Here” Mug.

New Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

New Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

The new Epcot mug features World Showcase, including the IllumiNations torch and fireworks, Friendship Boats, and, of course, the country Pavilions.

New Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

New Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Oh, and those Epcot 35 Mugs are still up for grabs, too.

Epcot 35 Anniversary Starbucks Mug

Epcot 35 Anniversary Starbucks Mug

For now, anyway!

Limit 5 per Guest

Limit 5 per Guest

So, which one — or ones ;) — will you be picking up?

Do you collect the Disney Parks Starbucks mugs? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. says

    I picked up DHS, MK and AK mugs last week. I had planned on picking up one from Epcot on my way back through Future World, but I ended up going out the back exit. I’ll get the Epcot one next weekend! I love the Starbucks mugs – I have the first set, too.

  2. Essie says

    I have no chance what so ever of getting to WDW anytime soon because I’m taking care of my elderly Mother, but I LOVE the YouAre Here Mug!

  3. Essie says

    Is there anyway of getting Are You There Mugs if you can’t get there? I don’t have a smart phone or Disney app. Thanks, AJ.

  4. Nicole says

    Question: can you still purchase the original mugs or are they only selling the updated ones in the parks now?

  5. DFB Sarah says

    Nicole, we’re pretty sure that only the new, updated designs are available. But you could ask the cast members just to be sure.

  6. Richelle says

    I was wondering if you had the current price of the “You Are Here” mugs and the Tumblers too if you have it. THANKS!!!

  7. Sista Maldonado says

    Are any of the Disney/Starbucks merchandise available for purchase on line?? I live in Texas and would love to buy some of the cups and tumblers. Thank you!

  8. DFB Sarah says

    Sista, we have not seen these available through official Web sites for Disney or Starbucks. But you might have luck with other retailers.

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