News: Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto Closures and Renovations for Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

HUGE NEWS out of Disneyland today, my friends! It has just been announced that Pixar Pier — which is coming to Disneyland Resort’s Disney California Adventure Park — will bring serious changes for favorites Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto — including closures and renovations. While we’ve known that Pixar-themed changes are in store for Paradise Pier for a while, now we have more of the scoop!



Pixar Pier will be made up of four new neighborhoods representing four Pixar stories. The highlight of The Incredibles neighborhood will be the new Incredicoaster (transforming the current California Screamin’, which will close on January 8th).

Toy Story and Inside Out will also be represented in their own neighborhoods and will include a new family-friendly ride in the Inside Out area (opening season not yet announced).

Several Pixar stories will be represented in the fourth neighborhood, which will bring a new look to Mickey’s Fun Wheel (each gondola will feature a different Pixar character). The Games of the Boardwalk will likewise be re-themed with Pixar characters. January 8th is again the closing date for Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Games of the Boardwalk, and Sideshow Shirts so the spots can begin their transformation.



Also part of the transformation? Ariel’s Grotto — which offers Princess character meals — and my beloved Cove Bar will become a new lounge and grill. Though each spot will close on January 8th, Cove Bar will reopen for a brief time in April before it closes permanently for renovations.

The View from Cove Bar

The View from Cove Bar

Guests hoping to reserve a World of Color Dining Package after January 7th will still be able to choose from Carthay Circle Restaurant or Wine Country Trattoria.

Wine Country Trattoria

Wine Country Trattoria

But that’s not all! The rest of Paradise Pier — which includes Paradise Gardens, Silly Symphony Swings, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Goofy’s Sky School, Golden Zephyr and The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure — will become a whole new land, too: it will become Paradise Park.

Look for Pixar Pier to open to open during the Pixar Fest celebration, which begins April 13, 2018.



The Fest will feature the new “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” fireworks, the returning Pixar Play Parade and “Paint the Night” Parade, and more.

So, are you ready to welcome Pixar Pier to Disney California Adventure? ‘Cuz it’s getting ready to welcome YOU!

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  1. Rosie says

    This is so upsetting. California screaming is the highlight of this theme Park. Why change something amazing!

  2. Kelly says

    We are headed there in late January. Any word on if/where they’re moving the princess breakfast/lunch?

  3. DFB Sarah says

    Kelly, the only date we have seen so far is January 8 for the closure of Ariel’s Grotto. We would recommend calling Disneyland dining reservations ((714) 781-DINE) to find out more about how the closure will impact your reservation. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!

  4. Lisa says

    So, if this whole area is to be centered around Pixar, why in the world is the Pixar Play Parade moving to Disneyland?That makes absolutely zero sense!

  5. Monica says

    I’m so excited for this upgrade. I love that Disney keeps investing in the parks. I love being a pass holder

  6. Jamie says

    Will the Paradise Pier closures effect World of Color? I thought California Screamin’ and Mickey’s Fun Wheel were integrated into the show.

  7. says

    Jamie — Good question. I know Mickey’s fun wheel will remain in tact, so I imagine that will still be in the show. Not sure about California Screamin’.

  8. Maggie says

    I guess I feel mixed about this: there’s nothing inherently “Disney” about the theming of Paradise Pier, which I always felt was kind of a branding/theming mistake. However, maybe because I’m ‘old school,’ I have a hard time feeling like Pixar is very ‘Disney,’ so I’m not sure I’ll feel it’s any more ‘Disney’ themed after (very short! 4 months?) renovations. Then there’s the fact that so much of Disneyland is boarded up while Star Wars Land is completed and now Disney is shutting down a bunch of DCA, too? My family will be there first week of February and I’ll know we’ll have a wonderful time, but I also wonder if it won’t feel like DCA is boarded up for winter…

  9. Andy says

    Thanks for the update AJ! Any update on when the permanent renovations would be complete on the Cove Bar and Ariel’s?

  10. DFB Sarah says

    Hi, Andy! What we have seen from Disney about the Pixar Pier opening is Summer 2018 — always subject to change, of course! We can’t wait to see what they do!

  11. Freya says

    Is there any details on where the princess character dining will take place whilst Ariel’s grotto is closed? Will princess dining be available somewhere else? We are going in early May 2018. Will it all be re-opened by then

  12. DFB Sarah says

    Freya, unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about either of your questions! We know that Pixar Fest will take place for a limited time starting on April 13, and during that time, Cove Bar is expected to reopen temporarily (before closing permanently and being re-imagined). Pixar Fest is going to entertain guests with a new nighttime show and parades — but the Disneyland Web site gives the timeline as “spring”. And in all of this, there’s no mention of Ariel’s Grotto or a princess meal elsewhere. Sorry we can’t be more helpful! If we see info, we’ll add it to the blog!

  13. Craig says

    So Confused lots of mixed answers to the original article/post…
    DFB Sarah says…” Cove Bar is expected to reopen temporarily (before closing permanently and being re-imagined).”

    Article says… “Cove Bar will reopen for a brief time in April before it closes permanently for renovations.”

    So is the Cove Bar coming back under a different look? Or gone completely. It is a great stop to relax when kids are pulling you each way.

  14. DFB Sarah says

    Hi, Craig! It’s confusing, right? So Cove Bar and Ariel’s will reopen for a week in April during Spring Break. Then they’ll close permanently and be renovated into a new restaurant and lounge.

  15. Dianne says

    MY family and I will be there first week of April for spring break, will Paradise Pier pretty much be closed for that time?

  16. DFB Sarah says

    Dianne, a number of attractions will be closed at that time. Restaurants and attractions that are scheduled to be closed include: California Screamin’, Cove Bar, Ariel’s Grotto, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Sideshow Shirts, and the games on the boardwalk.

  17. Maria says

    So will everything be back up and running during the summer? I was thinking of going late April, but now planning on going maybe August or September if a bunch of stuff is going to be closed. :/

  18. DFB Sarah says

    The official world from Disney is that Pixar Pier will open in summer 2018. But they haven’t released any set dates that we know of — and opening dates are often pretty fluid when it comes to these things. Hope you’re able to experience everything!

  19. Patricia says

    So are they permanently closing The Little Mermaid- Ariels Undersea Adventure ride?

  20. DFB Sarah says

    Patricia, we have not heard that they are closing Ariel’s Undersea Adventure — only Ariel’s Grotto restaurant.

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