Spotted: New Disney Parks Starbucks Tumblers and New Magic Kingdom Ceramic Tumbler

Man! Just when you think your Disney Parks Starbucks Tumbler collection is complete… they bring out EVEN MORE! Our latest trip to Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery revealed these new Disney Parks Starbucks Cold Beverage Tumblers.

Disney Parks Cold Beverage Tumbler

Disney Parks Cold Beverage Tumbler

Park and attraction icons decorate the brightly colored tumbler and — just like in the parks! — Tinkerbell even makes an appearance.

Disney Parks Cold Beverage Tumbler

Disney Parks Cold Beverage Tumbler

While in the Bakery, we also FINALLY got to grab a pic of the Magic Kingdom Mickey Ceramic Tumbler. We’ve seen the new Magic Kingdom “You Are Here” Mug, but the new Tumbler has been hard to catch. Just like the Mickey Tumblers at Epcot’s Fountain ViewAnimal Kingdom’s Creature Comforts, and Hollywood Studios’ Trolley Car Cafe, Mickey is formed by those signature Magic Kingdom experiences. From Jungle Cruise boats to Hitchhiking Ghosts to the Partners Statue, the Magic Kingdom Tumbler seems especially packed.

Magic Kingdom Ceramic Tumbler

Magic Kingdom Ceramic Tumbler

No wonder it’s been selling out like crazy!

Well, best as I can tell we’ve covered all the new “You Are Here” Starbucks park mugs and tumblers… until the 2017 Disney Parks Starbucks Holiday Mugs show up, that is ;) .

Is your Disney Parks Starbucks collection complete? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Essie says

    I love the ‘ You Are Here’ mugs, but I didn’t really care for the ceramic timber designs….until now! I really like the MK ceramic tumbler. The artwork is very well done and it has so many of my favorites on it!

  2. DFB Sarah says

    Susie, we haven’t seen them for sale by Disney or Starbucks, but you may have luck finding them through other online stores.

  3. DFB Sarah says

    Julia, we have not seen the mugs available for purchase through Disney or Starbucks. Other marketplaces online might have them if you do a search.

  4. Jennifer Bable says

    The cold tumblers are 24oz and you can only get them inside the Disney parks Starbucks locations. The Starbucks at Disney Springs doesn’t carry them!
    You can purchase on Amazon or EBay but they are more expensive!

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