News! New Steak (With NO Mac and Cheese) Debuts at Mama Melrose in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Update: As of January 2018, mac and cheese has returned! See our note at the end of this post! 

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been a guest go-to for years, and the Strip Steak with Mac and Cheese has — by far — the most fans (yours truly included).

Strip Steak and Mac and Cheese at Mama Melrose's

Strip Steak and Mac and Cheese at Mama Melrose’s

Which is why it pains us to report that the steak has changed. And the Mac and Cheese? It’s disappeared, and has been replaced with… a bed of potatoes. (Whaaaat?!) The new dish is a Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Fingerling Potatoes.

New Mama Melrose Steak!

New Mama Melrose Steak!

We know a lot of you will be just as bummed as I am. DFB reader Eric L. says that the steak was good, but the potatoes paled in comparison. [Cut to me, weeping just a little…]

Update: Well, power to the people — because the Four-Cheese Macaroni is baaaaaack at Mama Melrose! Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappear again! 

Mama Melrose January 2018 Menu

Mama Melrose January 2018 Menu

What do you think about this change? Let us know in the comments! Please! We need to commiserate! 


  1. Louisiana Mike says

    That’s just craziness!! It’s the Mac-n-cheese that keeps us coming back. I’m glad we decided not to make ressies for our upcoming trip in two weeks. Hey, Disney!! While you are at it, why don’t you get rid of the cheddar cheese soup at LeCellier, and the butter chicken at Sanaa…

    Not Happy!!!!

    Louisiana Mike

  2. Larry Barbour says

    Disappointed in the menu change at Mama Melrose. The steak with mac and cheese is the reason I go to Mama Melrose. It was GREAT!! I I will be at Disney World in March and have a dining reservation at Mama Melrose. I will have to rethink whether I want to keep it.

  3. Katie says

    I noticed the change when looking at the menu about 2 weeks ago. My family has never been to Mama’s and the rave reviews of steak with mac and cheese were a big part of why we were going to finally try it. Between that change and no more appetizer for the Fantasmic package starting in January I decided to change my reservations. Back to Sci Fi it is where they do have steak with mac and cheese.

  4. Lisa says

    This place is a hit or miss for us. First time we went it was an almost magical experience for us. The wait staff was excellent the food was great and atmosphere was wonderful. The second time I ordered the same item, the pork. It was not as good the atmosphere even seemed different. The wait staff was good but not like the other time we went. I don’t know if I will be going back to this place for a while.

  5. laura taylor says

    So they’ve gone to a cheaper cut and easier cheaper side to prepare.
    Very disappointed. And I’ll have to mourn it’s loss when im there in a couple weeks at mommas

  6. Sue Smith says

    First, they change the Penne a la Vodka, and now the steak!!!! I guess they don’t want us to go there anymore!

  7. Melina Rodriguez says

    Cant you just ask for a substitution? Ask for the stake but replace the potatos with mac? I know at Sanaa (I think, it was on of the AKL restaurants) the same thing happened and you can still ask for the mac and cheese

  8. Heather says

    I had been looking forward to this meal for MONTHS! Imagine my surprise when we arrived for our ADR’s on 12/1 and it wasn’t there. I even asked if they could make a side of the Mac and cheese but no go. Our server said it had been off the menu for “about a month” and the NY Strip was coming back but she didn’t know about the Mac and cheese.

    Totally disappointed in our entire meal at Mama’s. :(

  9. says

    We were there a 3 weeks ago for the first time. We were very impressed and I did have the steak that many have raved about. I rarely order steak and the cut and flavor was excellent. I actually left most of the mac and cheese, so for me, when I return, as long as the steak is prepared the same way, the new edition will be welcomed.

  10. RICK GILLAR says

    I just had the OLD Steak with the MAC + CHEESE in Sept. and even called over the Manager to tell them how GREAT it was and tasted !!! Was looking so forward to going Back for it next AUG. !!! Is there anything people
    can do — write – call – tell the managers, etc/ — to get it BACK !!!! ??? Maybe if a lot of people COMPLAIN, they could bring the OLD one back again !?? WHAT can We do ?

  11. Ric says

    Seriously…what are they thinking(or are they) One of the best combos (if not THE best combo) and they go and change it….DUMB>>>DUMB>>>DUMB!

  12. MIke V says

    C’mon Disney,…….
    Now I’m not gonna sit and say that potatoes are a picture of health but ENOUGH of all this eat good stuff.
    Stop dictating to me what I should eat and who does not like some yummy cheesy heart attack mac n cheese.
    I’m on vacation when I am there and I will do what I want…..

  13. says

    Ric — Not the first time, and probably not the last! I get that change needs to happen, but I much prefer when they still make the original available to people if they request it (like Jiko does with their mac and cheese).

  14. says

    Rick Gillar — Yep, you can surely send a message to guest services. I know the servers at Mama’s are already complaining as they’re totally aware that the steak with mac was a bestseller.

  15. says

    Melina — Yes, at many restaurants you can do this, but they don’t have the mac in the kitchen any longer. There IS a pasta on the menu that uses the same four cheese sauce, so you could ask for that as a substitution but your mileage may vary.

  16. says

    Heather — I feel your pain. Glad to hear at the least the Strip is coming back. Maybe the mac will follow suit when they hear the feedback from guests.

  17. says

    We have reservations at mama’s in June but changing te steak and removing the Mac and cheese may be enough of a reason for us to change those.This dish was the sole reason we booked this restaurant.

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