DFB Video: What I Wish I’d Known BEFORE I Went to Disney World

Happy Weekend! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re taking on a huge (and helpful) subject: What I Wish I’d Known BEFORE I Went to Disney World!

I'm Going to Disney World!

You’re Going to Disney World!

No matter whether you’re planning your first trip to Disney World or your twentieth, there are always a TON of factors to consider when it comes to planning your vacation. In fact, Disney World vacation planning practically has its own language. (Do the terms “ADR” or “FastPass+” mean anything to you?). While a lot of these tips will be especially helpful for first-time visitors, even repeat guests can always gather more information when it comes to Disney vacation planning to make your next experience even more magical. So please join us while we discuss all sorts of helpful hints for your next trip to Disney World!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your best Disney trip planning tip? 


  1. Jenny says

    Another tip, the new Fuelrod battery system is totally worth it. You buy an external battery and cords for $30 to recharge your phone/etc once and then you can exchange drained ones endlessly all over the parks (in both DW and Disneyland) for charged ones for free. We used one for our party of five adults over and over again throughout the days. The Disney apps are power sucks and if you want to use them and be able to take pictures and so forth without your phone dying by five PM, it’s a super good investment.

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