Disney World Refillable Mug Price Increase

OK, nobody’s surprised on this one, right? Anyone? Anyone? Yep, the Refillable Resort Mugs have price-hiked again.

Refillable Resort Mugs

Refillable Resort Mugs

The current Length of Stay price for the Mugs is $18.99.

Refillable Mug Pricing Sign

Refillable Mug Pricing Sign

As the name implies, the Length of Stay price is the same regardless of whether your Resort stay is one night, two weeks, or any length of time in between. Guests are entitled to unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from self-service beverage locations at Disney resorts for their length of stay.

To read all the specifics and FAQs for the
Refillable Resort Mugs, click here!

Remember, while the Refillable Resort Mugs are included for guests on the Disney Dining Plan, all other guests pay out of pocket, so there is a lot to consider to make sure the purchase is right for you and your traveling group. Be sure to read all about how the Refillable Resort Mugs work before you make your decision.

And, if you do purchase the Refillable Mugs, be sure to fill ‘er up!

Do you typically purchase the Refillable Resort Mugs on your Disney World vacation? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Amy A says

    Can you answer this? I’m planning a 15-day stay in 3 different resorts. Can I get the mug for the 15 days? And is it good for my entire stay even if I switch resorts? They are 15 consecutive days.

  2. Patsy says

    When people check-in, most times everyone is thirsty, so they all buy a drink.
    Add these prices up and you will see how much you pay.
    Now you go for dinner and buy drinks, add these to you earlier purchase. WOW!!!
    I now have more then paid for the refillable mug.
    Now I have free drinks the rest of my stay.
    This is a no brainer now is it!?!

  3. Nadya says

    We have stayed for 21 nights and had the refill mug for the entire stay across 2 resorts-should be no problem for 15 days.they can add the extra days at your resort if you ask.

  4. Mary says

    We used the refillable mugs the last time we were there. They were great. Wish they would have a refill spot in the parks, especially in the hot summer. Is the mug only good during the stay for which it was purchased or can it be used on additional purchases?

  5. says

    Purchased them on my last trip to Disney. We loved them. Wish we could refill them in the parks as well, especially in the hot summer. Even if you had only one in each area. If you purchase them for a visit, can you use it for the next visit as well?

  6. Edward says

    For this price, they should be gold plated. A ridiculous price for a plastic mug. Disney at times is getting out of control.

  7. J says

    Under $20 still…you can’t beat doing the mug…between coffee/pop/regular (and iced) tea…. any stay over 1 or 2 days should be worth the money!!!!
    I have seen some people EASILY get their monies worth in a day or 2 just in pop alone!

  8. J. Leicher says

    We have been to Disney many, many times, and each time bought a mug. Can they be reused for another trip. We are on mug overload.

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