News: Captain Phasma Stein Debuts in Disneyland!

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you know that the latest iteration of the Star Wars franchise — The Last Jedi — opens today, and you know the Disney Parks are leaping into the merchandise battle with amazing Star Wars souvenirs. (And we aren’t complaining!)

Our pal Carlye Wisel (find her at!) hooked us up with some pics of a Captain Phasma Stein that You. Must. Acquire.

It comes with your choice of grapes or pineapple — but while we appreciate some healthy eats from time to time, that’s not really why you’re buying it.

Captain Phasma Stein Sign

Captain Phasma Stein Sign

Seriously, you’re going to want to put this on the shelf with the rest of your Star Wars collectibles because it’s so awesome. In fact, it’s centerpiece-worthy. Okay, so at $12.99 it’s not made of chromium, but who cares? It’s shiny, and it’s appropriately intimidating. Plus, it’s Captain Phasma’s head — and you can hold it in your two hands!

Look at these things!!

Look at these things!!

This is a First Order souvenir! You can find it in Tomorrowland locations in Disneyland, and we recommend zooming your way over as soon as galactically possible.

Is Star Wars gear a must get for you? Tell us about your favorite pieces in the comments! 


  1. Daniel says

    The Captain Phasma Steins ….. do you think they are still going to be available in April 2018. That is when my wife and I are going to visit Disneyland. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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