DFB Video: Cinderella’s Royal Table vs Akershus Royal Banquet vs Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast

Happy Friday, friends! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re discussing all things Disney Princesses!

Rapunzel at the Bon Voyage Character Breakfast

Rapunzel at the Bon Voyage Character Breakfast

To be more specific, we’re talking about three of the most popular Character Meals where Disney Royalty come directly to your table to greet you as you dine. But when you’re trying to determine which one is best for you (and possibly your little princess or prince), how do you narrow it down between Cinderella’s Royal Table, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, and the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast? Well, that’s exactly what today’s video is designed to help you find out!

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So check out the video and then let us know: which dining experience would you choose to meet a Disney Princess? 


  1. Mike says

    I have eaten at all three, Dinner at Cinderellas and Akershus, breakfast at Trattoria. The meal was very good at all of them, no complaints about food. I think that the interaction among the Princesses and guests is greater at Akershus and they stay around longer. Also you did not mention that if you are on the dinning plan Cinderellas is 2 credits while the other two are just 1. Personally (our party is all adults) I enjoyed the meal at Cinderellas, while my daughter and niece preferred the breakfast at Trattoria.

  2. Sharon Merrill says

    I have eaten at Cinderella’s Royal Table and Akershus. Cinderella’s is more expensive, they also tend to push you through the meal as they need to turn over tables fast. We had lunch, it is 2 table service credits. The baked chicken with vegetables in the sauce was marvelous and the Lemon sorbet with blueberries was tangy and refreshing. Akershus has better princess interaction. However when we went the princesses were exactly the same at both. We went to both during the week that we were there and we got no extra autographs as we had already gotten them at The castle lunch. We had breakfast at Akershus. You forgot to mention the Norwegian Koltbordt which is the buffet with the extra cheeses, fish, small breakfast salads and the lingonberry muffins-yum!. The interaction with the princesses is much better at Akershus. My grandchildren did the parade with Snow White and my grandson got Dopey’s kiss from Snow White and he wore it proudly on his forehead all day. There is another Princess meal at 1900 Park Fair at The Grand Floridian. This is for supper and has Cinderella, The Prince, the two stepsisters and Lady Tremaine. The interaction is great and it is a buffet. Also it is only one meal credit. It is not as well known but these characters are a hit. Please review this.

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