Get it! Gaston’s Tavern Now Gives a Cup of Icing for Guests Who Want All the Good Stuff!

You already know that Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is, well, magical. From sunrise to sunset and beyond, it’s beautiful from almost any angle.

Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle

And now our icing wishes have come true (naturally!) at Gaston’s Tavern.

Because when you ask for extra icing, they no longer scoop a little somethin’ somethin’ on top — they hand you a cup full of love — er, icing.

Gaston's Cinnamon Roll with Extra Icing

Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll with Extra Icing

Pardon me while I just daydream about pouring that icing directly into my mouth… Although, unless one wishes to be called a Beast, one must use a spoon, yes? Or put it on the cinnamon roll, as it’s intended. ;) See it in action on an instagram video here!

Gaston's Cinnamon Roll

Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll

No one icings like Gaston, obviously. But if you want to try your hand at his cinnamon rolls, we’ve got the recipe for ya

Are you a cinnamon roll fan? Tell us where you get your favorite at Walt Disney World! 


  1. DebC says

    From the very first time we ate on of these, we couldn’t finish it and wound up throwing at least half of it way. The dough just seems so dry, like it’s missing a lot of shortening in the dough. Even lots of icing didn’t help with the taste to me; that just makes it way too sweet. It must be something in the making of the dough because I’ve noticed it a lot in different rolls and breads. They look wonderful, smell great, but just don’t have a good taste to me.

  2. Angela from Ohio says

    We love to get a cinnamon roll and a chocolate crossiant from Gaston’s as an afternoon snack. Ask for a to go box and take it to eat in Liberty square as you watch a Great Moments in history with the muppets

  3. John says

    ….must have been a transmission error that day

    …..we wanted to agree with DebC
    ……we were so disappointed in the cinnamon roll
    ….it does look great….it smells great
    ….but every time we have tried it, it has been dry, kind of tasteless, almost stale tasting
    We use to think it was just a bad day or a bad batch….but we have tried them now on more than six different occasions and each time they have been so disappointing
    ….always kind of dry and tasteless

  4. Melissa says

    Good to know. Now I might be willing to try it again. My first and only experience with Gaston’s cinnamon roll was that it was huge, dry and room temp. I ate the top and tossed the rest. Extra icing would help a lot. Just wish the Tavern served some decent lunch options. Right now it is basically a rather uninspired bakery aka a half hearted attempt to make up for turning Main Street Bakery into a Starbucks. Stock it with BOG cupcakes, french onion soup, some sandwiches and you’d have a winner.

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