NEWS: Club 33 Sales Have Started for Walt Disney World Resort

Last year we brought you the news that the legendary Club 33 was coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in the form of four lounges – one in each theme park.

Club 33 Seating

Club 33 Seating

And finally, Club 33 membership invites have begun! Note that you do have to be invited to apply at this time.

The reported membership price is $25,000 for a joining fee, with annual dues of $15,000. Members will be able to access all four Club 33 lounges at Disney World, but will not automatically be members at Club 33 in Disneyland.

While it’s not confirmed where the lounges will be located in each park, the Magic Kingdom location will likely be in the Adventureland Veranda, which is currently under construction.

Adventureland Veranda construction

Adventureland Veranda construction

Disney has not announced an opening date for Club 33 at Disney World, but the speculation is that they will open this year.

Wonder what it’s like to dine at Disneyland’s Club 33? Check out our #OnTheList Club 33 dining experience!

What do you think about Club 33 coming to Disney World? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Shayne says

    So what exactly does one have to do to get on the invitation list? We visit at least one, if not both, US parks annually. We have at various times been annual passholders in both parks and currently hold WDW APs. We are DVC members, with home resorts in both Florida and California. We subscribe to every Disney electronic communication known to mankind. We are Disney Visa Rewards cardholders. And somehow my invitation was lost in the mail….

    Not sure I could afford the membership fee, but I’d like to at least have the option! :D

  2. Frank says

    I am quite sure there are many extremely wealthy families vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort. I am also sure, among these families,, some may be willing to pay such a fees. However, has the Disney corporation lost complete prospective as to the financial situation of most families vacationing at WDW? I guess Disney has more “high rollers” in attendance than most of us realize and that their cries for a Private Dining venue could not be ignored without hurting the Disney corporation’s bottom line. I understand, if I cannot afford it, why bother wasting any of my energy to voice an opinion? Well, I am exhausting my energy because if you take a look at all the families in the parks and all those they feature on virtually every commercial or print advertisement, is it not becoming increasing obvious that the public actions of the Corporation does not match the image such advertisements want all of us to embrace?

  3. Christina says

    Golden Oak homes start at only 2m – by Brooklyn standards, thats cheap! I’d buy in, for sure. Seems like they’re trying to enhance the luxury experience of the development with the added perk (And revenue from paying for) a 33 membership.

  4. says

    This is easy. Offer a temporary membership and certificate for an extra fee of $120 to $150 a day. There could be a special section for these folks so that nothing is taken away from the usual rich member. Everyone including Disney makes out.,

  5. JC says

    Anyone know if any potential perks/ passes of membership extend to immediate family (children) or just the membership card holder and spouse? (Especially if visiting park as a family)

  6. Joshua says

    It seems that Club 33 is not open to annual passholders and you have to pay $25,000 to become a member (including the annual dues of $15, 000). That is CRAZY expensive!!!!

  7. David W. says

    One would have to live there in order to get your money’s worth. Sorry no meal is worth that price. Don’t forget to add the tip.

  8. Conrad says

    Anyone know why WDW club 33 membership is less then the Disneyland one? Doesn’t sound right, since WDW has a lot more to offer and two extra restaurants/ lounges?

  9. Corey says

    What I’m reading, Conrad, is that these won’t be full restaurants. Just a bar and lite fare, unlike California where it’s a full restaurant and a lounge.

  10. Debbie says

    We’ve been annual pass members for 20 years or more but it seems like every year Disney is catering more to the Uber rich. DISNEY PLEASE STOP THIS!!!!! Don’t you realize you are outpricing more and more families every year?

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