Disney’s Hollywood Studios Woody’s Lunchbox Menu Maybes

If you follow the happenings at Shanghai Disney Resort, then you may know that Toy Story Land will open there on April 26th. But Shanghai Disney guests are already enjoying the Land’s Counter Service option in advance of the opening. Welcome to the Toy Box Cafe!

Toy Box Cafe ©Disney

Toy Box Cafe ©Disney

The window-service stations are housed by what used to be the original packaging for Buzz Lightyear and Mrs. Potato Head! (Lotso’s packaging provides a counter as well.)

Toy Box Cafe ©Disney

Toy Box Cafe ©Disney

And the menu? It’s a mix of both Shanghai traditional and western offerings that also celebrate the beloved Toy Story characters in their unique and fun-filled presentations! Alien Spicy Seafood Pizza, a Baked Sweet Potato with marshmallow, and bubble waffle with strawberry ice cream (inspired by Lotso’s fragrance) are on the list.

Toy Box Cafe Alien Pizza and Baked Sweet Potato ©Disney

Toy Box Cafe’s Alien Spicy Seafood Pizza and Baked Sweet Potato ©Disney

SO fun, right?!

Surrounding the Toy Box Cafe in Andy’s backyard are oversized toy chairs and tables as well as lots of favorite childhood toys. Now, that may ring a bell with Disney World aficionados, too, as the Toy Story Land coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer will also be filled with beloved toys like Andy’s very own Tinkertoys. At the Studios, they will surround Woody’s Lunch Box, the Counter Service restaurant coming to Toy Story Land in Orlando.

Woody's Lunch Box Concept Art©Disney

Woody’s Lunch Box Concept Art©Disney

Now, here is what we know about Woody’s Lunch Box so far: Disney has partnered with Mini Babybel®, declaring it the Official Snack Cheese of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line. And Mini Babybel is directly partnering with Disney for Woody’s Lunch Box, so we expect to see the snack cheese featured in some way.

Mini Babybel Cheese

Mini Babybel Cheese

We also know that old-fashioned soda floats will be served alongside full meal options. According to the official Walt Disney World website, these meals will feature “classic American fare” as well as “other Toy Story-themed specialties.”  My guess is that American fare implies maybe burgers, hot dogs, and the like (especially since these tend to go hand in hand with soda floats). But, hey, that could also mean…. well, basically anything! And who isn’t intrigued by the promise of “Toy Story-themed specialties” like maybe an alien-shaped pizza?

So it’s time again to do some Disney daydreaming! What would you like to see on the menu at Woody’s Lunch Box? Are your thoughts inspired by what you’ve seen so far from the Toy Box Cafe menu in Shanghai Disney?

And while we’re at it… let’s take a look at ALL the new restaurants that you might want to try in Disney World in 2018, including Woody’s Lunch Box!

Let us know what you’d like to see when Woody’s Lunch Box opens along with the rest of Toy Story Land this summer!

Share your thoughts and ideas about Woody’s Lunch Box and Toy Story Land with a comment below!


  1. Dan Kondziela says

    One can only dream that some old Studio Catering Co. favorites pop up. Oh, how dearly I miss the Sloppy Joes! Please, anything but the usual burgers and pizza.

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